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Checklist of cards from Evolution Saga (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
6 Adge, Emperor of the Gods Creature Very Rare
72 Ail Magnus, Holy Emperor Evolution Creature Common
S2 Aldora, White Knight Spirit Creature Super Rare
20 Ana, Emperor of the Gods Creature Rare
87 Apollyon Worm, the Parasite Evolution Creature Common
52 Aqua Evoluter Creature Uncommon
79 Astral Rush Evolution Creature Common
S10 Auravine, Earth's Grasp Creature Super Rare
63 B-Boy, the Explosive Creature Uncommon
89 Bell Hell De Bran, Battle Reaper Creature Common
S6 Bell Hell De Gaul, Footprint of the Reaper Creature Super Rare
S4 Blizzard Moon, the Enlightened Evolution Creature Super Rare
31 Boleas, Bird of Fire Evolution Creature Rare
S8 Bolshack NEX Creature Super Rare
44 Caladorius, Apocalyptic Beast Creature Uncommon
68 Cemetarian, the Invoked Creature Uncommon
64 Chain Deathmatch Spell Uncommon
106 Chictac Kyun, Spirit Beast Creature Common
82 Commander Innocent Creature Common
38 Coon, Golden Lion of the Dawn Creature Rare
53 Crisis Worm, Evil Insect Evolution Creature Uncommon
3 Crystal Axe Evolution Creature Very Rare
19 Cyber X Xanadu Creature Rare
73 Dabidul, the Wise Evolution Creature Common
25 Dark Zekia, Reaper of Death Creature Rare
54 Death March, Reaper Puppeteer Evolution Creature Uncommon
104 Diamond Cascade Evolution Creature Common
23 Doggmag, Parasite of Decay Evolution Creature Rare
S7 Drag Moon, the Enlightened Evolution Creature Super Rare
69 Duel Tulip Creature Uncommon
86 Emergency Typhoon Spell Common
4 Emperor Gyulum Evolution Creature Very Rare
49 Emperor Himiko Evolution Creature Uncommon
S3 Emperor Kiriko Evolution Creature Super Rare
18 Emperor Neuron Evolution Creature Rare
80 Emperor Tina Evolution Creature Common
78 Evolute Clock Spell Common
70 Evolute Power Spell Uncommon
40 Evolution Blueprint Spell Rare
22 Evolution Burst - Energy Spiral Spell Rare
28 Evolution Burst - Gabra Hand Spell Rare
39 Evolution Burst - Into the Wild Spell Rare
16 Evolution Burst - Laser Net Spell Rare
34 Evolution Burst - Mega Burst Spell Rare
109 Faerie Life Spell Common
99 Fire Smoke Drake Creature Common
57 Fuuma Ravaal, the Reaper Creature Uncommon
93 Fuuma Trinomancer Creature Common
24 Ghoul Ginus, the All-Destroying Fear Lord Creature Rare
27 Gigajoker Creature Rare
56 God Gut Creature Uncommon
10 God Saga Spell Very Rare
13 Gran Zemechis, Holy Dragon Sage Creature Rare
14 Gravitius, White Knight Spirit Creature Rare
95 Guldan, Bird of Fire Evolution Creature Common
26 Gylus, Larval Lord Creature Rare
5 Hades, Emperor of Death Evolution Creature Very Rare
103 Homelos, Amazing Artiste Evolution Creature Common
1 Ikazuchi, Lord of Spirits Evolution Creature Very Rare
67 Inaba Summoner Creature Uncommon
98 Izana Keeza Creature Common
33 Izanomi Heat, Piercing Light Soldier Creature Rare
94 Janeer, Parasite of Decay Creature Common
90 Jinrou Drake Creature Common
101 Ken, Crimson Lord ~Journey's Beginning~ Creature Common
83 King Bluefang Creature Common
66 Kishima Giant (#66) Creature Uncommon
66hc Kishima Giant (#66hc) Creature Uncommon
100 Kooc Pollon Creature Common
42 Kushinada, Light Weapon Creature Uncommon
45 La Jeanne, White Knight Creature Uncommon
46 Latius, Vizier of Mystery Creature Uncommon
48 Legendary Desperado Evolution Creature Uncommon
32 Leonzard Dragon Creature Rare
107 Mad Sakuran, Fairy of Cursed Ice Creature Common
59 Magma Moon, the Enlightened Evolution Creature Uncommon
50 Mani, Emperor of the Gods Creature Uncommon
17 Maxwell Z, the Super-Electric Evolution Creature Rare
110 Mega Innocent Sword Cross Gear Common
92 Moora, Emperor of the Gods Creature Common
8 Nine Edge "Yasha" Dragon Creature Very Rare
97 Parabola Bolappi Creature Common
30 Peryuton, Bird of Fire Evolution Creature Rare
12 Phal Ken, Spirit of Binding Light Creature Rare
43 Phal Reeze, Apocalyptic Sage Creature Uncommon
58 Phantom Bites Spell Uncommon
85 Piccoli Coilinger, Electro-Machine King Creature Common
96 Pildol, Bird of Fire Evolution Creature Common
81 Porcupine Fish Creature Common
15 Positron Sign Spell Rare
35 Rose Sorcerer Creature Rare
84 Roxio, Electro-Fuuma Creature Common
D1 Saint Bolshack, Spiritual Dragon Creature Super Rare
74 Sepa, White Knight Monk Creature Common
65 Shiba, Amazing Artiste Evolution Creature Uncommon
76 Shuu, the Prophet Creature Common
S5 Skull Moon, the Enlightened Evolution Creature Super Rare
75 Sol Habaki, Apocalyptic Sage Creature Common
77 Solar Ray Spell Common
41 Solomonias, the Wise Creature Uncommon
62 Spear Lupia Creature Uncommon
47 Spiral Moon, the Enlightened Evolution Creature Uncommon
36 Takasuki Giant Creature Rare
102 Ten-Ton Crunch Spell Common
S1 Thunder Moon, the Enlightened Evolution Creature Super Rare
S9 Tornado Moon, the Enlightened Evolution Creature Super Rare
51 Tsukumo Spark Creature Uncommon
7 √úberdragon Bash Mikazuchi Evolution Creature Very Rare
29 √úberdragon Valt Evolution Creature Rare
61 Valdrill, Armor of Fury Evolution Creature Uncommon
21 Veil Babylonia, Blue Divine Dragon Creature Rare
91 Venom Dragoon, Insectoid Battle Dragon Creature Common
105 Victor Unigorn, Amazing Artiste Evolution Creature Common
2 Victoria, the Pure Princess Evolution Creature Very Rare
60 Wan Ken, Crimson Lord ~Moonlight Howl~ Evolution Creature Uncommon
71 White Knight Ulphas, Lord of Spirits Evolution Creature Common
37 Wolf Nature, Forest Beast Creature Rare
88 Worm Gowarski, Masked Insect Evolution Creature Common
9 Xenon Da Vinchi, Master of Space Evolution Creature Very Rare
55 Yata Izuna, Eight-Headed Parasite Creature Uncommon
108 Yattar Wan, Adventuring Fox Creature Common
11 Yes Yazalis, Super Divine Dragon Evolution Creature Rare