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Checklist of cards from Kings of the Sea (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
40 Seafarer's Bow Attachment F
21 Support of Harlaw Attachment F
22 Veteran Marauder Attachment F
6 Aeron Damphair Character F
2 Asha Greyjoy Character F
1 Balon Greyjoy Character F
14 Dagmer Cleftjaw Character F
13 Drowned Disciple Character F
12 Drumbeater Character F
4 Euron Crow's Eye Character F
47 Godswood Attendant Character F
46 Jack of All Trades Character F
34 Joffrey Baratheon Character F
7 Maester Wendamyr Character F
37 Myrcella Lannister Character F
11 Priest of the Drowned God Character F
45 Randyl Tarly Character F
33 Robb Stark Character F
35 Robert Baratheon Character F
16 Scurvy Cutthroat Character F
9 Sea Raiders Character F
43 Shadowcat Character F
44 Silent Sisters Character F
10 Stowaway Character F
15 Ten Towers Honor Guard Character F
3 Theon Greyjoy Character F
5 Victarion Greyjoy Character F
36 Viserys Targaryen Character F
8 Wex Pyke Character F
17 Assault of the Kraken Event F
41 Assertion of Might Event F
39 Confession Event F
18 Kingsmoot Event F
20 Risen from the Sea Event F
19 Seasick Event F
38 The Price of War Event F
24 Aeron's Chambers Location F
30 Bay of Ice Location F
26 Bloody Keep Location F
31 Gatehouse Location F
23 Iron Island Fiefdoms Location F
32 Kingdom of Shadows Location F
28 Longship Iron Victory Location F
29 Scouting Vessel Location F
42 Shivering Sea Location F
25 Sunset Sea Location F
27 The Iron Mines Location F
48 After the Mummer's Ford Plot F
53 An Empty Throne Plot F
54 Rise of the Kraken Plot F
49 Siege of Riverrun Plot F
52 Stay of Execution Plot F
50 The Breaking of Oaths Plot F
51 The Promise of Victory Plot F
55 Commander of the Iron Fleet Title F
57 Lord of the Isles Title F
58 Pirate Marauder Title F
59 Priest of the Drowned God Title F
56 The Crow's Eye Title F
60 The Reader Title F