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Checklist of cards from Celestial Edition (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
195 A Legion of One Strategy Fixed
1 A New Year Event Rare
2 A Time for Action Event Rare
3 A Walking Death Event Rare
196 A Warrior's Patience Strategy Rare
19 Acrobat Troupe Holding Rare
197 Advance Position Strategy Common
117 Agasha Ueda Personality Common
198 Aggressive Landing Strategy Common
91 Akodo Sadahige (Experienced) Personality Rare
92 Akodo Sagashite Personality Common
93 Akodo Seiichi Personality Uncommon
594 Akodo Shigetoshi (Experienced) Personality Fixed
595 Akodo Shinichi (Experienced) Personality Rare
96 Akodo Shunori Personality Common
20 Akodo's Grave Holding Common
669 Akuma no Oni (Experienced) Personality Rare
199 Allegations Strategy Uncommon
200 Ambush Strategy Rare
337 Armor of Command Item Common
201 Arrival of the Emerald Champion Strategy Rare
202 Arrival of the Obsidian Champion Strategy Rare
118 Asako Katashi Personality Uncommon
21 Bamboo Harvesters Holding Fixed
22 Barley Farm Holding Uncommon
314 Battle Maiden Troop Follower Uncommon
203 Battle of Drowned Honor Strategy Common
130 Bayushi Arashii Personality Fixed
131 Bayushi Eisaku Personality Rare
132 Bayushi Eisaku (Experienced) Personality Rare
133 Bayushi Jutsushi Personality Uncommon
134 Bayushi Kurumi Personality Common
135 Bayushi Kurumi Personality Rare
136 Bayushi Maemi Personality Uncommon
637 Bayushi Paneki (Experienced) Personality Fixed
138 Bayushi Sakai Personality Common
204 Beloved of the Clan Strategy Rare
315 Berserkers Follower Uncommon
205 Black Hearts, Red Blades Strategy Common
338 Blade of Guile Item Rare
206 Blanketed Forest Strategy Rare
339 Blessed Tessen Item Common
340 Blowdarts Item Common
23 Border Keep Holding Fixed
24 Border Village Holding Common
170 Boshanai Personality Uncommon
364 Castle of Water Spell Common
4 Celestial Alignment Event Rare
1397 Celestial Mempo of the Crab Clan Item Fixed
1398 Celestial Mempo of the Crane Clan Item Fixed
1399 Celestial Mempo of the Dragon Clan Item Fixed
1400 Celestial Mempo of the Lion Clan Item Fixed
1401 Celestial Mempo of the Mantis Clan Item Fixed
1402 Celestial Mempo of the Phoenix Clan Item Fixed
1403 Celestial Mempo of the Scorpion Clan Item Fixed
1404 Celestial Mempo of the Unicorn Clan Item Fixed
5 Celestial Vision Event Uncommon
384 Central Castle Stronghold Fixed
341 Ceremonial Armor Item Uncommon
207 Charge Strategy Common
208 Chasing Osano-Wo Strategy Uncommon
143 Chuda Hiroe Personality Common
144 Chuda Shuzo Personality Uncommon
388 City of Tears Stronghold Fixed
6 Claiming the Throne Event Uncommon
25 Clan Estate Holding Uncommon
365 Consumed by Five Fires Spell Common
209 Control Strategy Rare
210 Convenient Disaster Strategy Uncommon
46 Copper Mine Holding Fixed
26 Corrupt Officials Holding Uncommon
211 Countermove Strategy Rare
27 Counting House Holding Common
212 Courage Strategy Uncommon
213 Courtesy Strategy Uncommon
65 Daidoji Kimpira Personality Fixed
66 Daidoji Sakihiko Personality Common
67 Daidoji Yaichiro Personality Uncommon
68 Daidoji Zoushi Personality Common
645 Daigotsu (Experienced) Personality Fixed
147 Daigotsu Gyoken Personality Uncommon
1074 Daigotsu Gyoken (Experienced) Personality Rare
148 Daigotsu Hirata Personality Rare
149 Daigotsu Setsuko Personality Common
150 Daigotsu Taizo Personality Fixed
366 Dance of the Kami Spell Uncommon
214 Darkness Unleashed Strategy Uncommon
151 Datsue-ba Personality Uncommon
7 Decree of Peace Event Uncommon
28 Deeds and Words Holding Rare
215 Defensive Screen Strategy Rare
186 Desolate Plains Region Uncommon
29 Diamond Mine Holding Uncommon
216 Discretionary Valor Strategy Uncommon
217 Disfavored Strategy Rare
218 Dissolution Strategy Uncommon
342 Doji Armor Item Rare
69 Doji Ayano Personality Uncommon
1091 Doji Ayano (Experienced) Personality Rare
1092 Doji Domotai (Experienced) Personality Fixed
72 Doji Hatashi Personality Common
73 Doji Senta Personality Common
386 Dragon's Guard City Stronghold Fixed
219 Dramatic Assassination Strategy Uncommon
220 Drawing in the Strike Strategy Common
221 Duty Strategy Uncommon
222 Echoes of Disgrace Strategy Rare
223 Elaborate Preparations Strategy Uncommon
224 Encircled Terrain Strategy Common
225 Enough Talk! Strategy Common
367 Essence of Gaki-do Spell Rare
226 Extended Maneuvers Strategy Common
227 Failure of Courage Strategy Common
228 Falling Leaf Strike Strategy Uncommon
30 Family Keep Holding Common
31 Famous Bazaar Holding Rare
187 Farmlands Region Uncommon
229 Favor to the Horde Strategy Uncommon
8 Festival of Cherry Blossoms Event Uncommon
1112 Fields of the Dead Stronghold Fixed
230 Fight As One Strategy Fixed
231 Final Sacrifice Strategy Uncommon
232 Flanked by Nightmares Strategy Rare
368 Flight of Doves Spell Uncommon
369 Follow the Flame Spell Common
188 Forests of Shinomen Region Uncommon
233 Forewarning Strategy Uncommon
234 From Every Side Strategy Common
370 Fueling the Flames Spell Uncommon
235 Fury of the Dark Lord Strategy Rare
49 Geisha House Holding Fixed
343 Gift Armor Item Rare
316 Goblin Chuckers Follower Uncommon
45 Gold Mine Holding Fixed
236 Greater Sacrifice Strategy Common
344 Gumbai-Uchiwa Item Common
317 Gunso Follower Common
171 Gutobo Personality Common
237 Hamstrung Strategy Rare
238 Hand of Osano-Wo Strategy Rare
345 Heavenly Blade of the Crane Item Fixed
346 Heavenly Daisho of the Dragon Item Fixed
347 Heavenly Jumonji-yari of the Lion Item Fixed
348 Heavenly Kama of the Mantis Item Fixed
349 Heavenly Lance of the Unicorn Item Fixed
350 Heavenly Ninja-to of the Scorpion Item Fixed
351 Heavenly Tetsubo of the Crab Item Fixed
352 Heavenly Yari of the Phoenix Item Fixed
318 Heavy Infantry Follower Uncommon
239 Heroic Feat Strategy Common
52 Hida Bachiatari Personality Uncommon
53 Hida Eijiko Personality Uncommon
54 Hida Kaoru Personality Common
1146 Hida Kuon (Experienced) Personality Fixed
56 Hida Masatari Personality Common
57 Hida Ogano Personality Common
353 Hida War Drums Item Rare
390 Hidden Moon Dojo Stronghold Fixed
240 Hidden Scandal Strategy Common
58 Hiruma Aki Personality Uncommon
59 Hiruma Aki (Experienced) Personality Rare
60 Hiruma Gohachiro Personality Common
61 Hiruma Masato Personality Fixed
62 Hiruma Seiko Personality Common
181 Hisao Personality Uncommon
241 Hitsu-do Strategy Common
242 Hold! Strategy Rare
189 Holy Site Region Rare
119 Houhou Personality Uncommon
319 Hurlspit Goblins Follower Uncommon
9 I Am Ready Event Rare
243 I Will Not Die Alone! Strategy Uncommon
97 Ikoma Toraji Personality Common
244 Impeccable Nobility Strategy Uncommon
10 Imperial Ambassadorship Event Rare
32 Imperial Artificer Holding Common
11 Imperial Census Event Rare
320 Imperial City Guards Follower Common
1171 Imperial Decree Strategy Fixed
245 Impressive Resilience Strategy Rare
246 Impromptu Duel Strategy Fixed
12 Inferno Event Rare
13 Inheriting an Heirloom Event Uncommon
247 Insight Strategy Rare
248 Inspire Fear Strategy Fixed
249 Insurmountable Obstacle Strategy Uncommon
43 Iron Mine Holding Fixed
120 Isawa Akihiro Personality Common
1181 Isawa Emori (Experienced) Personality Rare
123 Isawa Kyoko Personality Common
1183 Isawa Kyoko (Experienced) Personality Rare
124 Isawa Mizuhiko Personality Common
125 Isawa Nakajima Personality Common
156 Iuchi Xiong Personality Common
182 Jinako Personality Uncommon
250 Justly Earned Victory Strategy Rare
63 Kaiu Taru Personality Rare
75 Kakita Hideo Personality Uncommon
74 Kakita Hideo (Experienced) Personality Rare
76 Kakita Idzuki Personality Rare
77 Kakita Okirou Personality Uncommon
251 Kata of the North Wind Strategy Rare
172 Kayomasa Personality Rare
354 Keen Blade Item Uncommon
78 Kitsuki Berii Personality Common
79 Kitsuki Taiko Personality Uncommon
1199 Kitsuki Taiko (Experienced) Personality Rare
33 Kitsune Den Holding Rare
104 Kitsune Mizuru Personality Common
252 Knife in the Darkness Strategy Uncommon
253 Know Your Center Strategy Common
47 Kobune Port Holding Fixed
173 Kobushi Personality Uncommon
1206 Kuni Daigo (Experienced) Personality Rare
183 Kuronada Personality Uncommon
378 Kyuden Hida Stronghold Fixed
34 Large Farm Holding Uncommon
254 Last Gift Strategy Common
321 Light Infantry Follower Common
255 Manipulation Strategy Uncommon
44 Marketplace Holding Fixed
152 Master Saleh Personality Common
98 Matsu Fumiyo Personality Rare
99 Matsu Mari Personality Uncommon
100 Matsu Mikura Personality Fixed
101 Matsu Satsune Personality Common
102 Matsu Ushio Personality Uncommon
103 Matsu Yosa Personality Common
1221 Michio (Experienced) Personality Rare
81 Mirumoto Ichizo Personality Common
82 Mirumoto Ino Personality Common
1224 Mirumoto Kei (Experienced) Personality Fixed
84 Mirumoto Minawa Personality Uncommon
85 Mirumoto Satobe Personality Rare
322 Monkey Magistrates Follower Uncommon
105 Moshi Kamiya Personality Uncommon
1229 Moto Chen (Experienced) Personality Fixed
158 Moto Choon-yei Personality Rare
159 Moto Qu Yuan Personality Common
160 Moto Taban Personality Uncommon
256 Mountains of the Phoenix Strategy Common
323 Mujina Gang Follower Common
154 Nagataka Personality Common
257 Never Stand Alone Strategy Uncommon
14 Offered Gift Event Rare
1238 Omoni (Experienced) Personality Rare
258 One After Another Strategy Rare
355 Oni-Daikyu Item Rare
259 Outer Walls Strategy Common
260 Palm Strike Strategy Rare
261 Peaceful Discourse Strategy Rare
262 Peasant Vengeance Strategy Fixed
35 Permanent Encampment Holding Uncommon
382 Pillars of Virtue Stronghold Fixed
176 Pokku Personality Uncommon
175 Pokku (Experienced) Personality Rare
324 Pokku's Raiders Follower Common
263 Power of Innocence Strategy Rare
264 Precise Strike Strategy Fixed
190 Private Shrine Region Uncommon
265 Private Whispers Strategy Rare
266 Ramifications Strategy Uncommon
267 Reinforce the Gates Strategy Uncommon
268 Relief Strategy Common
356 Resilient Naginata Item Uncommon
269 Restoring Order Strategy Common
270 Retribution Strategy Uncommon
15 Return to the Heavens Event Rare
36 Rich Coffers Holding Uncommon
371 Ride Through the Night Spell Uncommon
359 Ring of Air Ring Uncommon
360 Ring of Earth Ring Uncommon
361 Ring of Fire Ring Uncommon
362 Ring of the Void Ring Uncommon
363 Ring of Water Ring Uncommon
271 Rise, Brother Strategy Uncommon
272 Rout Strategy Common
273 Ruthless Advance Strategy Uncommon
37 Secluded Outpost Holding Rare
372 Seeking the Path Spell Rare
38 Seiden Sanzo Holding Rare
274 Selfless Politics Strategy Uncommon
275 Settling the Homeless Strategy Common
380 Seven Fold Palace Stronghold Fixed
387 Seven Seas Port Stronghold Fixed
391 Seven Stings Keep Stronghold Fixed
276 Shame Never Dies Strategy Uncommon
277 Shameful Injury Strategy Common
278 Shameful Tactics Strategy Uncommon
379 Shattered Peaks Castle Stronghold Fixed
126 Shiba Fusaburu Personality Uncommon
127 Shiba Morihiko Personality Fixed
128 Shiba Rae Personality Rare
1286 Shiba Tsukimi (Experienced) Personality Fixed
177 Shikage no Oni Personality Rare
1288 Shikibu no Oni (Experienced) Personality Rare
161 Shinjo Hwarang Personality Common
162 Shinjo Naota Personality Common
50 Shinomen Marsh Holding Fixed
179 Shio no Oni Personality Uncommon
381 Shiro Daidoji Stronghold Fixed
139 Shosuro Mizuno Personality Uncommon
140 Shosuro Tomoko Personality Uncommon
389 Shrine of Champions Stronghold Fixed
39 Shrine to Hotei Holding Rare
279 Silent Rot Strategy Rare
48 Silver Mine Holding Fixed
357 Sinister Bisento of the Spider Item Fixed
280 Sneak Attack Strategy Rare
325 Snow Riders Follower Rare
281 Song of the World Strategy Rare
141 Soshi Ganrou Personality Common
282 Souls of Virtue Strategy Uncommon
283 Spearhead Strategy Uncommon
326 Spearmen Follower Common
51 Stables Holding Fixed
327 Steadfast Bushi Follower Uncommon
284 Steel on Steel Strategy Common
285 Strength of the Bamboo Strategy Uncommon
373 Summon Maseru no Oni Spell Rare
286 Swift Counterattack Strategy Rare
287 Swift Sword Cut Strategy Uncommon
328 Tactical Advisors Follower Common
86 Tamori Wotan Personality Fixed
329 Taoist Archer Follower Rare
40 Temple to Shinsei Holding Uncommon
383 Tetsu Kama Mura Stronghold Fixed
155 Tetsuo Personality Common
394 The Field of the Winds Stronghold Fixed
288 The Height of Courage Strategy Common
289 The Hundred-Hand Strike Strategy Rare
290 The Last One Strategy Rare
16 The New Order Event Uncommon
393 The Shadowed Dojo Stronghold Fixed
291 The Slow Death Strategy Rare
395 The Utaku Plains Stronghold Fixed
292 The Wrath of Osano-Wo Strategy Common
293 Those Who Stand Alone Strategy Common
294 Threat of Execution Strategy Uncommon
295 Tiger Climbing Mountain Strategy Common
87 Togashi Gato Personality Common
1334 Togashi Miyoko (Experienced) Personality Rare
89 Togashi Shiori Personality Uncommon
90 Togashi Taro Personality Uncommon
41 Toku's Grave Holding Rare
296 Tonfajutsu Strategy Fixed
191 Toshi Ranbo Region Rare
297 Toturi's Tactics Strategy Rare
374 Touch of Death Spell Rare
375 Touch of Ice Spell Common
376 Touch of the Infinite Spell Rare
42 Tower of the Ningyo Holding Rare
192 Trade District Region Rare
193 Traitor's Grove Region Uncommon
330 Traveling Ronin Follower Rare
106 Tsuruchi Omori Personality Common
107 Tsuruchi Sanjo Personality Common
298 Turn The Tide Strategy Rare
299 Twice-Cutting Spirit Strategy Common
180 Umi-Bozu Personality Uncommon
300 Unexpected Intimidation Strategy Rare
301 Unfamiliar Ground Strategy Uncommon
302 Unfortunate Incident Strategy Fixed
163 Unicorn War Dogs Personality Uncommon
331 Unproven Guardian Follower Common
303 Unstoppable Force Strategy Rare
304 Unstoppable Power Strategy Uncommon
332 Untested Scouts Follower Common
305 Unwavering Assault Strategy Common
164 Utaku Anhui Personality Uncommon
165 Utaku Keiko Personality Rare
166 Utaku Kohana Personality Common
167 Utaku Kohana Personality Rare
194 Utaku Meadows Region Common
168 Utaku Tayoi Personality Fixed
385 Venerable Plains of the Ikoma Stronghold Fixed
306 Vengeance Cannot Wait Strategy Rare
307 Versatile Army Strategy Rare
333 Veteran Advisor Follower Rare
308 Viper Tattoo Strategy Uncommon
377 Walking the Way Spell Uncommon
334 Wandering Scout Follower Uncommon
335 War Dogs Follower Uncommon
309 We Stand Ready Strategy Fixed
310 Wedge Strategy Rare
311 Weigh the Cost Strategy Common
312 Will Strategy Rare
17 Wisdom Gained Event Uncommon
18 Wisdom of the Keepers Event Uncommon
358 Writ of Restriction Item Uncommon
336 Wyrm Riders Follower Common
313 Yarijutsu Strategy Rare
142 Yogo Rieko Personality Rare
108 Yoritomo Eriko Personality Uncommon
109 Yoritomo Han-ku Personality Rare
110 Yoritomo Joben Personality Fixed
111 Yoritomo Kurei Personality Rare
1390 Yoritomo Naizen (Experienced) Personality Fixed
113 Yoritomo Okitsugu Personality Uncommon
114 Yoritomo Saburo Personality Common
115 Yoritomo Saburo (Experienced) Personality Rare
116 Yoritomo Suwa Personality Common
184 Yukari no Onna Personality Uncommon
185 Zanaru Personality Common