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Checklist of cards from Path of the Destroyer (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
51 Agasha Asai Personality Uncommon
37 Akodo Dosei Personality Common
38 Akodo Masao Personality Common
39 Akodo Nagataka Personality Uncommon
40 Akodo Shunori Personality Rare
4 Akodo's Guidance Celestial Common
138 Apprentice Shinobi Follower Uncommon
145 Armor of Legacy Item Rare
52 Asako Hoshimi Personality Common
53 Asako Misako Personality Common
139 Assault Riders Follower Common
84 Bare Ground Strategy Common
58 Bayushi Hisoka Personality Fixed
59 Bayushi Komiya Personality Rare
60 Bayushi Minoru Personality Common
61 Bayushi Saka Personality Common
7 Bayushi's Guidance Celestial Uncommon
82 Besieged Borderland Region Common
85 Border Ambush Strategy Common
86 Breath of the Heavens Strategy Uncommon
87 Brothers in Harmony Strategy Common
88 Burn the Towers Strategy Common
89 Calm Before Death Strategy Uncommon
146 Chagatai's Armor Item Rare
90 Channeling Jigoku's Essence Strategy Rare
80 Chikara Personality Rare
157 Cleansing the Path Spell Uncommon
158 Consuming the Flesh Spell Uncommon
91 Crushing Strength Strategy Common
23 Daidoji Kirimi Personality Common
24 Daidoji Yorio Personality Uncommon
65 Daigotsu Gahseng Personality Rare
66 Daigotsu Isoroku Personality Uncommon
67 Daigotsu Susumu Personality Fixed
92 Deflection Strategy Rare
93 Deployed Reinforcements Strategy Uncommon
94 Desperate Rush Strategy Rare
95 Desperate Throw Strategy Common
96 Disarm Strategy Uncommon
25 Doji Bukita Personality Rare
26 Doji Shikana Personality Common
27 Doji Tsubota Personality Rare
2 Doji's Guidance Celestial Common
140 Dutiful Apprentice Follower Rare
159 Earth's Embrace Spell Uncommon
147 Eternal Armor Item Uncommon
13 Expendable Resources Holding Rare
97 First to Fall Strategy Common
98 Force of Law Strategy Rare
99 Forging the Gift Strategy Uncommon
8 Fu Leng's Guidance Celestial Common
68 Gakku Personality Common
100 Greater Good Strategy Common
148 Hand of the Jade Dragon Item Rare
149 Hand of the Obsidian Dragon Item Rare
16 Hida Fosuko Personality Uncommon
17 Hida Ikarukani Personality Rare
18 Hida Kitamura Personality Common
19 Hida Suteru Personality Rare
20 Hida Tobashi Personality Rare
1 Hida's Guidance Celestial Uncommon
101 Hidden Route Strategy Rare
21 Hiruma Hidora Personality Uncommon
41 Ikoma Tobikuma Personality Rare
102 Impossible Force Strategy Rare
103 Inspirational Victory Strategy Uncommon
69 Isawa Fosuta Personality Rare
54 Isawa Mizuhiko Personality Rare
14 Kaiu Smithy Holding Uncommon
28 Kakita Kensho-in Personality Rare
29 Kakita Sadaka Personality Uncommon
104 Kata of the Concealed Blade Strategy Uncommon
30 Kitsuki Yodo Personality Rare
44 Kitsune Iwarou Personality Uncommon
105 Last Stand Strategy Uncommon
106 Laughter of the Flames Strategy Common
107 Laying in Wait Strategy Rare
108 Lead by Example Strategy Rare
141 Legion of Toshigoku Follower Rare
109 March Beyond Hope Strategy Common
81 Masserah Personality Uncommon
110 Master the Body Strategy Rare
42 Matsu Benika Personality Rare
43 Matsu Kasei Personality Uncommon
160 Might of the Kami Spell Rare
31 Mirumoto Kondo Personality Uncommon
32 Mirumoto Washizuka Personality Uncommon
83 Misleading Wasteland Region Common
111 Monstrous Might Strategy Common
45 Moshi Chuuna Personality Uncommon
72 Moto Chiang Personality Rare
73 Moto Jin-Sahn Personality Fixed
150 Moto Kang's Sword Item Rare
74 Moto Paisei Personality Common
166 Mountain Watch Keep Stronghold Fixed
112 Nerve Strike Strategy Uncommon
113 Nightshade Touch Strategy Uncommon
114 One Soul's Strength Strategy Uncommon
115 Overwhelming Pressure Strategy Uncommon
164 Palace of Crimson Shadows Stronghold Fixed
116 Pull the String Strategy Rare
117 Seeking the Guilty Strategy Common
118 Selfless Defense Strategy Common
142 Seven Waves Mercenaries Follower Rare
151 Sharpened Naginata Item Common
55 Shiba Ningen Personality Rare
56 Shiba Sakaki Personality Uncommon
57 Shiba Yukihito Personality Rare
6 Shiba's Guidance Celestial Common
161 Shielded by Tempest Spell Uncommon
75 Shinjo Hansu Personality Rare
76 Shinjo Rina Personality Uncommon
143 Shinjo Scouts Follower Uncommon
77 Shinjo Tae-hyun Personality Common
9 Shinjo's Guidance Celestial Uncommon
62 Shosuro Ohba Personality Uncommon
63 Shosuro Sogetsu Personality Common
64 Soshi Yoshihara Personality Rare
119 Speed of the Blade Strategy Rare
120 Spiteful Obstruction Strategy Common
121 Storm-filled Sails Strategy Common
122 Strategic Strike Strategy Rare
123 Strength in Honor Strategy Uncommon
124 Strength in Terror Strategy Uncommon
162 Suitengu's Gateway Spell Rare
125 Sympathy for the Assaulted Strategy Uncommon
126 Synchronized Attack Strategy Common
152 Talisman of Chikushudo Item Rare
153 Talisman of Gaki-do Item Rare
154 Talisman of Meido Item Rare
155 Talisman of Tengoku Item Rare
156 Tempered No-Dachi Item Uncommon
127 Test of Sincerity Strategy Uncommon
128 The Direct Approach Strategy Common
129 The Earth Answers Strategy Common
165 The Fingers of Bone Stronghold Fixed
130 The Fire Answers Strategy Uncommon
10 The Lost Path Event Rare
131 Thorough Preparations Strategy Common
33 Togashi Akagi Personality Uncommon
34 Togashi Kazuki Personality Rare
35 Togashi Satsu Personality Rare
36 Togashi Shintaro Personality Common
3 Togashi's Guidance Celestial Uncommon
70 Torao Personality Common
46 Tsuruchi Mochisa Personality Rare
47 Tsuruchi Nabeta Personality Common
71 Udo Personality Uncommon
132 Unclean Sacrifice Strategy Rare
133 Unshakable Resolve Strategy Common
134 Untaken Strategy Common
144 Untrained Scouts Follower Common
135 Useful Connections Strategy Rare
78 Utaku Hana Personality Uncommon
79 Uzaki no Oni Personality Rare
136 Walk in Shadows Strategy Rare
137 Wall of Honor Strategy Rare
15 Wandering Caravan Holding Common
11 Whispers of the Dying Moon Event Rare
12 Whispers of the Dying Sun Event Rare
163 Wrath of the Thunder Spell Common
22 Yasuki Otsuka Personality Uncommon
48 Yoritomo Eihiko Personality Common
49 Yoritomo Souhiko Personality Rare
50 Yoritomo Utemaro Personality Rare
5 Yoritomo's Guidance Celestial Uncommon