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Checklist of cards from Cross Generation (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
9 ADAM, God of Wordly Creation Evolution Creature Rare
6 Alkaizam, Infinite Lord of Spirits Evolution Creature Rare
22 Alto Colonis, Holy Nova Guardian Creature Uncommon
40 Aqua Buster Creature Common
5 Balga Raizou, the Super-Heavenly Nova Evolution Creature Very Rare
S3 Beginning Romanov, Lord of the Demonic Eye Evolution Creature Super Rare
13 Bell Hell De Jackson, Monsterous Reaper Creature Rare
S4 Bolshack Cross NEX Creature Super Rare
30 Bolzard, Super Infinite Dragon Evolution Creature Uncommon
35 Burst Totem Creature Uncommon
3 Byaha, Dragonic Worm Reaper Evolution Creature Very Rare
36 Celeste, Explosive Enforcer Creature Common
2 Crystal Phalanx, the Super-Electric Nova Evolution Creature Very Rare
41 Cuty Lupia Creature Common
45 Death Circle, the Explosive Shadow Creature Common
32 Drilly, Planetary Hero Creature Uncommon
33 Edgar King Lion, Amazing Artiste Evolution Creature Uncommon
38 Effex, Mecha Monk Creature Common
11 Emperor Maribel Evolution Creature Rare
S1 Eternal Moon, the Enlightened White Knight Evolution Creature Super Rare
7 EVE, God of Spiritual Creation Evolution Creature Rare
12 Gigajadou Creature Rare
18 Gou Daigo, Amazing Artiste Evolution Creature Rare
S5 Heracles, Birther of Gods Creature Super Rare
16 Kagekiri, Bird of Fire Evolution Creature Rare
39 Light Gate Spell Common
54 Lion-kid, Spirit Beast Creature Common
51 Lionic Phantom Dragon's Flame Spell Common
15 Lord Gou Ken ~Symphony of Swords~ Evolution Creature Rare
42 Luciano, Electro-Fuuma Creature Common
31 Luluke "Shigen" Lupia Creature Uncommon
19 Macbeth, King of the Gods Creature Rare
49 Mach Lupia Creature Common
53 Massu Lupia Creature Common
21 Mephister, the Wise Evolution Creature Uncommon
55 Muscle Muscle Spell Common
52 Nyanjiro, Treasure Cat Creature Common
27 Ordion, the Parasite Evolution Creature Uncommon
43 Original Brain Spell Common
48 Original Crimson Lord Creature Common
44 Original Darkness Creature Common
34 Original Nature Creature Uncommon
17 Othello, King of the Gods Creature Rare
24 Parlock Creature Uncommon
23 Pillar of Feather, White Knight Fortress Fortress Uncommon
25 Poseidia Fish Creature Uncommon
37 Pure Original Creature Common
50 Raven, Flying Mythical Beast Creature Common
47 Reaper Hand Spell Common
46 Samohan, Parasitic Battle Dragon Creature Common
28 Space-Time Man Creature Uncommon
26 Time Changer, Space-Time Engineer Creature Uncommon
20 Timeless Garden Spell Rare
S2 Twilight Sigma, the Super-Electric Evolution Creature Super Rare
4 Uberdragon Gigantica Sword Flash Dragon Evolution Creature Very Rare
1 Ulferios, White Knight Infinity Dragon Evolution Creature Very Rare
10 Wan Ken, Crimson Lord ~Full Speed Ahead~ Evolution Creature Rare
14 Waya, Cursing Puppet Creature Rare
8 White Knight Spark Spell Rare
29 XENOM, the Reaper Fortress Fortress Uncommon