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Checklist of cards from Set Zero (Ani-Mayhem)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
609 33-S Sexaroid Minor Disaster Rare
381 5 Yen Coin Item Common
610 55-C Bodyguard Boomer Minor Disaster Common
553 7 Lucky Gods Martial Artists Major Disaster Rare
456 A.D. Police HQ Location Uncommon
3 Afura Mann Character Common
5 Akane Tendo Character Uncommon
612 Akane's Cooking Minor Disaster Rare
613 Akane's Rage Minor Disaster Rare
219 Ambulance Flash Effect Common
220 Angel of Mercy Flash Effect Rare
614 Angry Schoolgirls Minor Disaster Rare
104 Assassin Disquise Enhancement Uncommon
720 Assault / Shining Knight Combat Common
222 Assisted Flight Flash Effect Common
162 Attack Pods Equipment Common
617 Auntie Saotome Minor Disaster Rare
791 Awfully Cute / Kick Charm Combat Common
618 Baby Minor Disaster Common
226 Bad Reputation Flash Effect Rare
387 Barbells Item Common
724 Bash / Broken Heart Combat Uncommon
792 Beautiful Queen / Face Slam Charm Combat Common
793 Beautiful Redhead / Slap Charm Combat Common
558 Big Bug Major Disaster Rare
227 Big Sucker Gas Slash Flash Effect Uncommon
559 Brian J. Mason Major Disaster Uncommon
323 Briefing Global Effect Common
797 Broken Heart / Bash Charm Combat Uncommon
621 BU-12B Cyberdroid Minor Disaster Common
390 Bugrom Big Raid Medal Item Common
622 Bugrom Bridge Bashers Minor Disaster Common
464 Bugrom Homeland Location Common
623 Bugrom Horde Minor Disaster Common
624 Bugrom, Type 1 Minor Disaster Rare
798 Captivate / Paralyse Charm Combat Common
626 Captured! Minor Disaster Common
469 Cest Lavie Location Common
394 Chang Tiger Clan Ring Item Rare
731 Charge / Scandal Combat Common
21 Chief Servant Londs Character Common
470 City of Floristica Location Rare
628 Class C Boomer Minor Disaster Common
629 Class C Female Boomer Minor Disaster Uncommon
107 Clean Livin' Enhancement Rare
395 Cleaning Supplies Item Common
630 Cloud Monster Minor Disaster Uncommon
733 Club / Stunning Smile Combat Uncommon
326 Combat Training Global Effect Uncommon
169 Control Cube Equipment Uncommon
800 Cool Dude / Stomp Charm Combat Common
474 Crystal Tunnels Location Common
398 Cute Little Dolly Item Common
399 Cynthia Item Uncommon
631 Dai-Kokusei and Dai-Hakusei Minor Disaster Uncommon
22 Dailey Wong Character Uncommon
560 DD J1 Battlemover Major Disaster Rare
736 Deception / Tied Up Combat Common
400 Defense Minister Callahan Item Uncommon
477 Desert of Bleached White Bones Location Common
170 Desert Skimmer Equipment Uncommon
478 Deserted Island Location Uncommon
23 Detective Kiyone Character Rare
24 Detective Mihoshi Character Uncommon
561 Deva, The Bugrom Queen Major Disaster Common
171 Dimensional Hammer Equipment Common
401 Dimensional Sleep Chamber Item Common
635 Dimensional Vortex Minor Disaster Rare
637 Disguise Revealed Minor Disaster Uncommon
562 Dobermans Major Disaster Common
739 Dodge / Puppy Dog Eyes Combat Common
327 Dr. Raven Global Effect Uncommon
328 Dr. Stingray Global Effect Uncommon
25 Dr. Tofu Character Rare
806 Enchanted View / Panic Charm Combat Common
239 Equipment Breakdown Flash Effect Uncommon
566 Everyone's After Me Major Disaster Common
567 F.G. Frederick Major Disaster Uncommon
742 Face Slam / Beautiful Queen Combat Common
111 Fatora Disquise Enhancement Uncommon
242 Female Jealousy Flash Effect Uncommon
243 Fire Shield Flash Effect Uncommon
480 Floristica Marketplace Location Rare
364 Floristica Palace Room Haven Rare
244 Flying Block Flash Effect Common
646 Forceful Impact Minor Disaster Common
484 Funaho, The Holy Tree Location Uncommon
485 Furinkan High Location Common
569 Galaxy Destroyer Major Disaster Rare
408 Galaxy Destroyer Remote Item Rare
409 Galaxy Police Flag Item Uncommon
486 Galaxy Police HQ Location Common
747 Gas Attack / Incomparable Beauty Combat Uncommon
571 GD-42 Crab Mech Major Disaster Common
488 Genaros Station Location Uncommon
112 Gene Doubling Enhancement Uncommon
30 Genma Saotome Character Rare
489 Genom Military Lab Location Rare
490 Genom Research Center Location Uncommon
491 Genom Tower Location Common
411 Go Board Item Uncommon
250 Go Fish Flash Effect Uncommon
809 Great Service / Slam Charm Combat Uncommon
751 Hammer / Lover's Kiss Combat Common
179 Hand Computer Equipment Common
812 Handsome Lad / Parry Charm Combat Common
574 Happosai Major Disaster Common
654 Have a Nice Trip Minor Disaster Common
415 Horned Mongoose Whistle Item Uncommon
496 Hot Legs Location Common
497 Hot Springs House Location Common
657 Hungry Cabbit Minor Disaster Common
116 I'm Buyin' Enhancement Common
416 Ifurita's Power Key Staff Item Rare
499 Ifurita's Tomb Location Rare
818 Incomparable Beauty / Gas Attack Charm Combat Uncommon
339 Interference Global Effect Common
501 Island Restaurant Location Rare
259 Jail Break Flash Effect Common
575 Jinnai's Strike Squad Major Disaster Uncommon
121 Jump Enhancement Rare
122 Juraian Battlesuit Enhancement Uncommon
662 Juraian Guardians Minor Disaster Uncommon
417 Juraian Royal Teardrop Item Common
123 Juraian Ultra Battlesuit Enhancement Rare
504 Jusenkyo Location Common
182 K-12 Battlesuit Equipment Uncommon
576 Kagato Major Disaster Common
341 Kasumi Global Effect Common
38 Katsuhiko Jinnai Character Common
419 Keys Item Common
757 Kick / Awfully Cute Combat Common
579 Kirin Major Disaster Common
39 Kiriya Character Rare
663 Kiriya, The Phantom Assassin Minor Disaster Uncommon
758 Knee Slam / Special Gift Combat Common
665 Kodachi Kuno (The Black Rose) Minor Disaster Common
421 Kodachi's School Dress Item Common
666 Lab Explosion Minor Disaster Common
667 Lady Tokimi Minor Disaster Common
184 Lamp of Fire Equipment Rare
185 Lamp of the Winds Equipment Rare
580 Largo Major Disaster Common
42 Leon McNichol Character Common
186 Leon's Boomer Rifle Equipment Rare
187 Leon's Missle Gun Equipment Uncommon
424 Lingerie Item Common
44 Linna Yamazaki Character Uncommon
189 Linna's Hardsuit Equipment Uncommon
425 Lisa Vanett's Camera Item Uncommon
45 Lisa Vannett Character Rare
46 Little Washu Character Common
668 Locked Gate Minor Disaster Common
820 Lovely Hair / Punch Charm Combat Common
823 Lover's Kiss / Hammer Charm Combat Common
49 Mackie Stingray Character Rare
190 Mackie's Battlesuit Equipment Rare
50 Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Character Rare
126 Maid Disquise Enhancement Uncommon
51 Makoto Mizuhara Character Common
344 Masaki Comes Visiting Global Effect Common
368 Masaki House Haven Rare
509 Masaki Shrine Location Rare
127 Medical Disguise Enhancement Uncommon
271 Medical Treatment Flash Effect Common
346 Mega Motoslave Global Effect Rare
273 Mihoshi's Driving Flash Effect Uncommon
193 Mihoshi's Laser Pistol Equipment Common
369 Mihoshi's Mothership Haven Rare
128 Military Disquise Enhancement Common
276 Misdirection Flash Effect Common
583 Miss Hinako Major Disaster Common
55 Miz Mishtal Character Uncommon
130 Mountain Man Enhancement Common
428 Mountain Sign Post Item Uncommon
56 Mousse Character Rare
57 Mr. Masamichi Fujisawa Character Common
58 Mr. Panda Character Rare
429 Mrs. Tendo's Cookbook Item Uncommon
511 Mt. Muldoon Location Common
59 Mu-Mu Chan Character Rare
430 Musical Instrument Item Uncommon
60 Nabiki Tendo Character Common
675 Najato (Phantom Prince) Minor Disaster Uncommon
62 Nanami Jinnai Character Uncommon
585 Natsumi and Karume Major Disaster Common
65 Nene Romanova Character Common
195 Nene's Hardsuit Equipment Uncommon
514 Nobuki Inn Location Rare
431 Okonomiyaki (Ukyo's Pizza) Item Common
679 Old Woman Minor Disaster Common
68 P-Chan Character Uncommon
347 Palace Guard Global Effect Rare
764 Panic / Enchanted View Combat Common
765 Paralyse / Captivate Combat Common
766 Parry / Handsome Lad Combat Common
131 Pass Around Enhancement Common
284 Pay Attention Flash Effect Rare
134 Peeping Disguise Enhancement Uncommon
135 Personal Training Enhancement Uncommon
433 Piece of Cake Item Common
520 Planet Jurai Location Common
137 Police Disguise Enhancement Rare
287 Possession Flash Effect Rare
139 Power Chi Enhancement Rare
434 Power Gem Item Rare
349 Power Grip Global Effect Common
70 Princess Ayeka Character Uncommon
71 Princess Sasami Character Uncommon
590 Principal Kuno Major Disaster Common
683 Priss and the Replicants Minor Disaster Uncommon
72 Priss Asagiri Character Common
436 Priss' First Live Concert Poster Item Rare
198 Priss' Hardsuit Equipment Uncommon
199 Pruning Shears Equipment Common
769 Punch / Lovely Hair Combat Common
831 Puppy Dog Eyes / Dodge Charm Combat Common
591 Quincy Major Disaster Common
73 Ranma Saotome (boy type) Character Common
74 Ranma Saotome (girl type) Character Common
372 Raven's Garage Haven Rare
687 Red Tape Minor Disaster Rare
439 Refreshing Drink Item Uncommon
75 Reika "Vision" Chang Character Rare
354 Relaxing Hot Springs Global Effect Uncommon
290 Reload Flash Effect Common
688 Restricted Area Minor Disaster Common
292 Reverse Attack Flash Effect Uncommon
202 Ring of Water Equipment Rare
206 Royal Flying Barge Equipment Uncommon
294 Royal Librarian Flash Effect Rare
440 Royal Painting Item Common
525 Royal Trees of Jurai Location Uncommon
78 Ryo-Ohki (Cabbit) Character Common
79 Ryo-Ohki (Ship) Character Common
80 Ryoga Hibiki Character Uncommon
81 Ryoko Character Common
526 Ryoko's Prison Cave Location Rare
441 Ryu-Oh's Seed Item Uncommon
527 Ryugenzawa Location Uncommon
442 Sake Tub Item Common
598 Satellite Strike Major Disaster Common
835 Scandal / Charge Charm Combat Common
528 Seito Bridge Location Common
142 Servant Enhancement Uncommon
445 Sexaroid Data Disk Item Uncommon
772 Shaken Up / Singing Sensation Combat Common
82 Shampoo Character Uncommon
83 Shampoo (Cat) Character Uncommon
84 Shayla-Shayla Character Uncommon
297 Shi Chi Hokodan Flash Effect Common
838 Shining Knight / Assault Charm Combat Common
531 Shinonome High School Location Uncommon
209 Shuttle Craft Equipment Common
698 Shuttle Crash Minor Disaster Common
839 Singing Sensation / Shaken Up Charm Combat Common
774 Slam / Great Service Combat Uncommon
775 Slap / Beautiful Redhead Combat Common
776 Smash / Stupefaction Combat Common
448 Soft Bath Towel Item Common
699 Soja Guardians Minor Disaster Common
599 Space Pirate Attack Major Disaster Uncommon
534 Space Pirate Ryoko's Hideout Location Rare
842 Special Gift / Knee Slam Charm Combat Common
300 Spotlight Flash Effect Rare
536 Spring of Arliman Location Common
537 Spring of Life Location Uncommon
359 Spy Camera Global Effect Rare
301 Stand Up Straight Flash Effect Common
779 Stomp / Cool Dude Combat Common
843 Stunning Smile / Club Charm Combat Uncommon
844 Stupefaction / Smash Charm Combat Common
305 Supreme Battle Aura Flash Effect Rare
360 Surveillance Global Effect Rare
539 Survival Shot Location Common
90 Sylia Stingray Character Uncommon
211 Sylia's Hardsuit Equipment Uncommon
91 Sylvie Character Rare
705 Tatewaki Kuno Minor Disaster Uncommon
307 Taunt Flash Effect Common
149 Teacher Disguise Enhancement Common
543 Telephone Pole Location Common
309 Temporal Disturbance Flash Effect Rare
92 Tenchi Masaki Character Uncommon
452 Tenchi the Master Key Item Rare
544 The Citadel Location Rare
603 The Demoness Ifurita Major Disaster Common
212 The Masaki Van Equipment Common
604 The Mass Major Disaster Common
706 The Mass Humanoid Form Minor Disaster Rare
545 The Reversed World Location Rare
546 The Ruined City Location Uncommon
376 The Silky Doll Haven Rare
377 The Tendo Dojo Haven Rare
150 This Device Enhancement Uncommon
850 Tied Up / Deception Charm Combat Common
547 Tokyo Mega Dome Location Common
605 Toma Major Disaster Uncommon
708 Toma's Guards Minor Disaster Common
548 Toma's Palace Location Uncommon
709 Towed Vehicle Minor Disaster Uncommon
711 Traffic Ticket Minor Disaster Rare
710 Training Ground of Cursed Springs Minor Disaster Common
311 Training Partner Flash Effect Rare
214 Transmitter Bra Equipment Rare
712 Trapped Door Minor Disaster Uncommon
215 Tsunami Equipment Uncommon
549 U.S.S.D. Military HQ Location Rare
95 Ukyo Kuonji Character Rare
550 Ukyo's Restaurant Location Common
216 Ura, The Armor Cat Equipment Uncommon
217 Vision's Private Jet Equipment Rare
97 Washu Character Uncommon
455 Washu's Baby Formula Item Common
552 Washu's Lab Location Uncommon
315 Water Kettle Flash Effect Uncommon
316 Water Spear Flash Effect Common
152 Wedding Jewels Enhancement Common
154 Wings Of The Light Hawk Enhancement Rare
318 Wrath of the Eye of God Flash Effect Rare
718 Yamato No Orochi Minor Disaster Uncommon
319 Yoiko-no-taiso Step 1 Flash Effect Uncommon
157 Yukinojo Enhancement Uncommon