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Checklist of cards from Set One (Ani-Mayhem)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
295 'Scuse Us Flash Effect Common
608 3 Way Rumble Minor Disaster Common
102 A Goddess' Kiss Enhancement Rare
1 A-ko Magami Character Common
363 A-ko's House Haven Common
789 Accost / Call To Arms Charm Combat Common
320 Acrophobia Global Effect Uncommon
4 Agent "D" Character Common
159 Akagiyama 23 Equipment Uncommon
103 Akagiyama Missiles Enhancement Rare
6 Al Character Common
382 Alarm Clock Item Common
554 Alien Battleship Major Disaster Uncommon
555 Alien Invasion Force Major Disaster Uncommon
459 Alien Ship Location Rare
383 Ancient Pottery Item Uncommon
8 Annapuna Character Common
384 Antiques Item Common
556 Assassin-Bot (Aqua Augmentation) Major Disaster Uncommon
557 Assassin-Bot (Land Augmented) Major Disaster Uncommon
221 Assault with Intent to Kill Flash Effect Rare
721 Assistance / I Surrender Combat Uncommon
223 Assisted Shot Flash Effect Common
615 Asteroid Minor Disaster Common
722 Avoid / Overdoing It Combat Common
224 Avoid Fire Flash Effect Uncommon
11 Ayaka Kisaragi Character Common
12 B-ko Daitokuji Character Common
461 B-ko's Bath Location Rare
385 B-ko's English Textbook Item Uncommon
225 Back to Reality Flash Effect Rare
794 Beauty / Knocked Out Charm Combat Common
388 Bills and Calculator Item Uncommon
620 Bio Ball Minor Disaster Uncommon
163 Bio-Ball Remover Equipment Uncommon
728 Blind Throw / Surprised Combat Common
729 Blocking Rush / Halitosis Combat Common
228 Blown Main CPU Flash Effect Common
165 Bonaparte Equipment Rare
322 Breaking and Entering Global Effect Rare
389 Breather Mask Item Common
796 Broad Shoulders / It's Your Fault Charm Combat Uncommon
229 Broken Back Flash Effect Rare
391 C-ko Kotobuki Item Uncommon
625 C-ko's Cooking Minor Disaster Common
392 C-ko's Lunch Item Common
730 Call To Arms / Accost Combat Common
230 Call To God Flash Effect Rare
17 Captain Napolipolita Character Uncommon
468 Cathedral Location Rare
18 Chaplain Character Uncommon
732 Charged Up / Ogle Combat Uncommon
325 Classy Crooks Global Effect Uncommon
799 Comfy? / Screw Kick Charm Combat Common
166 Comm Goggles Equipment Uncommon
167 Comm Phone Equipment Rare
396 Compact Item Uncommon
471 Computer Core Location Uncommon
168 Computer Link Equipment Common
472 Conception Building Location Common
473 Country Bar Location Rare
232 Crazy Eyes Flash Effect Uncommon
397 Cross Item Common
475 Danich Hill Dome Location Rare
108 Data Stream Enhancement Rare
233 Daylight Flash Effect Uncommon
632 Defense Forces Minor Disaster Rare
634 Desert Skeletons Minor Disaster Common
737 Desperate Shot / Terror Combat Common
636 Dinner with Mom and Dad Minor Disaster Uncommon
402 Dirty Laundry Item Rare
803 Distraction / Toss Charm Combat Common
237 Don't Move Flash Effect Common
564 Dr. Rene D'anclaude Major Disaster Uncommon
565 Dracula Major Disaster Common
404 Earrings Item Rare
805 Ecstasy / Take Cover Charm Combat Common
26 Eddie Character Uncommon
174 Electronic Day Planner Equipment Rare
329 Elite Medical Staff Global Effect Rare
238 Emergency Stop Flash Effect Common
110 Exorcism Circle Enhancement Rare
643 Falling Debris Minor Disaster Rare
644 Falling I-Beam Minor Disaster Common
405 Family Picture Item Uncommon
743 Fancy Dance / Sexy Teacher Combat Common
645 Fire Fight Minor Disaster Common
245 Following Orders Flash Effect Uncommon
246 Forceful Passage Flash Effect Rare
648 Funky Muggers Minor Disaster Uncommon
249 Get Around Flash Effect Rare
808 Getting Dressed / Ninja Defense Charm Combat Common
410 Glass of Wine Item Uncommon
748 Gone Crazy / Lovely Ladies Combat Uncommon
650 Goons Minor Disaster Common
252 Grab 'n Run Flash Effect Common
493 Graviton City Location Rare
494 Graviton High School for Girls Location Common
414 Group Photo Item Rare
811 Halitosis / Blocking Rush Charm Combat Common
814 Happy / Surprise Attack Charm Combat Common
337 Happy Students Global Effect Uncommon
653 Happy Tanks Minor Disaster Rare
255 Hidden Weapon Flash Effect Uncommon
656 Hounded by the Press Minor Disaster Rare
498 Hu-Gite Manufacturing Location Rare
817 I Surrender / Assistance Charm Combat Uncommon
257 I've Been Waiting for You Flash Effect Rare
661 In the Hall Minor Disaster Uncommon
118 Inhuman Strength Enhancement Rare
340 Interrogation Global Effect Uncommon
258 Introduction Flash Effect Rare
755 It's Your Fault / Broad Shoulders Combat Uncommon
120 Jacking In Enhancement Uncommon
181 Jet Pack Equipment Uncommon
36 Julian "Pluto" Moore Character Uncommon
502 Julian's Gravesite Location Rare
503 Junk Yard Location Common
263 Karaoke Taxi Flash Effect Uncommon
418 Kelly McCanon Poster Item Uncommon
759 Knocked Out / Beauty Combat Common
40 Kozo Karino Character Common
422 Lab Computers Item Uncommon
267 Last Chance to Confess Flash Effect Uncommon
343 Late for School Global Effect Uncommon
43 Leona Ozaki Character Common
821 Lovely Ladies / Gone Crazy Charm Combat Uncommon
822 Lovely Persuasion / Tracheotomy Charm Combat Common
268 Loving You Flash Effect Rare
47 Lt. Randolph Character Rare
269 Lucky Shot Flash Effect Rare
581 Mad Doctor Major Disaster Common
52 Mamoru Shimesu Character Uncommon
191 Mars Shuttle Equipment Uncommon
508 Martian Police Department Location Uncommon
582 Martian Security Forces Major Disaster Uncommon
670 Max 5000 Minor Disaster Common
426 Mecha Plans Item Rare
192 Medical Scanner Equipment Uncommon
510 Memory Bank IO Room Location Common
275 Minor Injury Flash Effect Rare
54 Miss Ayumi Character Rare
277 Missile Walk Flash Effect Uncommon
824 Mournful Look / Southern Cross Fist Charm Combat Common
512 Murder Scene Location Uncommon
673 Murdered Music Star Minor Disaster Uncommon
513 Museum Location Uncommon
63 Nanami Rokugo Character Rare
64 Naomi Armitage Character Common
586 Nightmare Major Disaster Rare
762 Ninja Defense / Getting Dressed Combat Common
677 No Way Out Minor Disaster Uncommon
678 Observation Droid Minor Disaster Uncommon
826 Ogle / Charged Up Charm Combat Uncommon
587 On The Move Major Disaster Rare
680 One World Minor Disaster Common
282 Over the Edge Flash Effect Rare
828 Overdoing It / Avoid Charm Combat Common
283 Panic Attack Flash Effect Common
132 Patiently Waiting Enhancement Rare
196 Pedal Copter Equipment Common
133 Peep Hole Enhancement Rare
285 Pentacle Flash Effect Uncommon
371 Phantom Quest Corporation Haven Common
432 Phobian Item Uncommon
517 Phone Booth Location Common
136 Pleasure Treatment Enhancement Common
138 Police Forensics Expert Enhancement Rare
588 Political Investigation Major Disaster Common
288 Power Push Flash Effect Rare
682 Power Suit Minor Disaster Rare
830 Pretty Lady / Startled Charm Combat Uncommon
437 Project Greenpeace Item Uncommon
352 Ready to Go Global Effect Common
595 Red Commandos Major Disaster Uncommon
201 Red Dragon Spirit Capture Star Sword Equipment Uncommon
140 Robot Flight Crew Enhancement Uncommon
141 Robot Guard Enhancement Uncommon
203 Robot Slave Equipment Rare
293 Rock/Paper/Scissors Flash Effect Common
76 Rokkon Character Common
77 Ross Sylibus Character Common
374 Ross' Apartment Haven Common
205 Ross' Battle Suit Equipment Rare
689 Run Over Minor Disaster Rare
690 Runaway Elevator Minor Disaster Common
691 Running Fight Minor Disaster Common
692 Running Late Minor Disaster Common
597 Sahara Demon Major Disaster Uncommon
770 Screw Kick / Comfy? Combat Common
356 Security Camera Global Effect Uncommon
529 Sewer Location Uncommon
837 Sexy Teacher / Fancy Dance Charm Combat Common
530 Shinjuku Police Building Location Rare
532 Shinora Hospital Location Common
695 Shopping Spree Minor Disaster Common
696 Short Out Minor Disaster Uncommon
357 Shortcut Global Effect Uncommon
697 Shot Down Minor Disaster Uncommon
777 Southern Cross Fist / Mournful Look Combat Common
535 Space Station Location Rare
85 Specs Character Common
143 Speed Enhancement Uncommon
449 Spirit Protection Tablet Item Uncommon
375 Squad Bay Haven Common
86 Squad Leader Britain Character Rare
538 St. Lowell Spaceport Location Uncommon
778 Startled / Pretty Lady Combat Uncommon
302 Striptease Flash Effect Uncommon
701 Sudden Stop Minor Disaster Common
702 Surgical Laser Minor Disaster Rare
780 Surprise Attack / Happy Combat Common
845 Surprised / Blind Throw Charm Combat Common
210 Swamp Boat Equipment Rare
703 Swat Team Minor Disaster Uncommon
540 Swimming Pool Location Uncommon
781 Take Cover / Ecstasy Combat Common
306 Take Your Best Shot Flash Effect Common
541 Tank Police HQ Location Common
600 Tank Police on Patrol Major Disaster Common
704 Tank Special Minor Disaster Rare
542 Tea Room Transylvania Location Common
848 Tears / Trip Charm Combat Uncommon
361 Tender Moment Global Effect Rare
849 Terror / Desperate Shot Charm Combat Common
783 Toss / Distraction Combat Common
213 Tracer Bug Equipment Common
784 Tracheotomy / Lovely Persuasion Combat Common
454 Training Book Item Common
785 Trip / Tears Combat Uncommon
151 Turbo Boost Enhancement Uncommon
606 Under Age Smoking Major Disaster Common
551 Unfinished Building Location Common
96 Unipuma Character Common
713 Unwanted Guest Minor Disaster Uncommon
714 Vampiric Ambush Minor Disaster Common
313 Wake Up Call Flash Effect Common
155 Wrist Lasers Enhancement Uncommon
717 Wrong Button Minor Disaster Rare
100 Young Belldandy Character Rare