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Checklist of cards from Series 2 (Cardcaptors CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
S34 Aiden Avalon Boost Strategy Common
S32 Alchemy Strategy Uncommon
S40 Burning Drain Strategy Common
S37 Cereberos Arrives! Strategy Rare
S41 Clow Reed Drain Strategy Common
S36 Flaming Boost Strategy Common
S39 Fluid Drain Strategy Rare
C83 Julian Capture Uncommon
C84 Julian Capture Uncommon
C85 Julian Capture Rare
C71 Kero Capture Common
C72 Kero Capture Rare
C73 Kero Capture Uncommon
C74 Kero Capture Common
C75 Kero Capture Common
C76 Kero Capture Common
R15 Kero Reinforcement Common
C44 Layla Mackenzie Capture Uncommon
C45 Layla Mackenzie Capture Uncommon
C46 Layla Mackenzie Capture Rare
C47 Layla Mackenzie Capture Uncommon
C48 Layla Mackenzie Capture Common
C49 Layla Mackenzie Capture Uncommon
C50 Layla Mackenzie Capture Common
C51 Layla Mackenzie Capture Uncommon
C52 Layla Mackenzie Capture Rare
R12 Layla Mackenzie Reinforcement Common
R13 Layla Mackenzie/Tori Reinforcement Uncommon
C65 Li Showron Capture Uncommon
C66 Li Showron Capture Common
C67 Li Showron Capture Uncommon
C68 Li Showron Capture Rare
C69 Li Showron Capture Common
C70 Li Showron Capture Uncommon
S30 Li Showron's Board Strategy Rare
S35 Liquid Boost Strategy Rare
C59 Madison Capture Uncommon
C60 Madison Capture Common
C61 Madison Capture Uncommon
C62 Madison Capture Uncommon
C63 Madison Capture Rare
C64 Madison Capture Uncommon
R14 Madison/Meilin Reinforcement Rare
C77 Meilin Capture Uncommon
C78 Meilin Capture Common
C79 Meilin Capture Uncommon
C80 Meilin Capture Common
C81 Meilin Capture Uncommon
C82 Meilin Capture Rare
C53 Sakura Capture Rare
C54 Sakura Capture Common
C55 Sakura Capture Common
C56 Sakura Capture Uncommon
C57 Sakura Capture Uncommon
C58 Sakura Capture Uncommon
S29 Sealing Wand Strategy Rare
S28 Security Breach Strategy Rare
S26 Shifting States Strategy Common
S27 Stormy Skies Strategy Common
S31 Sunny Skies Strategy Uncommon
CS44 The Bubbles Clow Common
CS47 The Clouds Clow Rare
CS32 The Create Clow Common
CS48 The Dark Clow Rare
CS35 The Earthy Clow Rare
CS49 The Float Clow Uncommon
CS52 The Fly Clow Rare
CS38 The Illusion Clow Common
CS33 The Libra Clow Common
CS45 The Loop Clow Common
CS39 The Maze Clow Common
CS50 The Mist Clow Common
CS31 The Move Clow Uncommon
CS41 The Rain Clow Rare
CS34 The Return Clow Rare
CS36 The Sand Clow Uncommon
CS40 The Shot Clow Rare
CS51 The Silent Clow Common
CS46 The Snow Clow Rare
CS42 The Storm Clow Rare
CS43 The Through Clow Uncommon
CS37 The Twin Clow Rare
CS29 The Watery Clow Rare
CS30 The Wave Clow Rare
S33 Tie Breaker Drain Strategy Common
C86 Tori Capture Rare
C87 Tori Capture Uncommon
C88 Tori Capture Uncommon
S25 Use the Clow Strategy Rare
S38 Yue's Judgement Strategy Rare