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Checklist of cards from The Movie Deck: Ultra Fire Spirits (Duel Masters)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
11 Dark Lupia Creature Common
12 Guldan, Bird of Fire Evolution Creature Common
14 Lyla Litta Creature Common
13 Piara Heart Creature Common
15 Poppo "Yatarou" Pappi Creature Common
8 Boleas, Bird of Fire Evolution Creature Rare
9 Hell's Scrapper Spell Rare
7 Terror Pit Spell Rare
6 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon Creature Super Rare
5 Hyperspatial Samurai Hole Spell Super Rare
4 Reppi Aini Creature Super Rare
3 Shobu Aini Creature Super Rare
1 Storm Double Cross, Temporal Storm/Storm Kaiser Double Cross, the Awakened Kamikaze Psychic Creature Super Rare
10 Flame Shiva Double Cross, Blastdragon Creature Uncommon
2 Zack Pichi, Winged Dragon Admiral Creature Very Rare