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Checklist of cards from Scorpion Clan Coup, Scroll 3 (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
22 A Final Duel Event Rare
42 A Greater Destiny Action Rare
13 Acolyte Kaede Follower Rare
3 Agasha Mumoko Personality Common
31 Agasha's Mirror Item Common
5 Akodo Hari Personality Common
6 Akodo Ikawa Personality Common
7 Akodo Matoko Personality Rare
8 Akodo Toturi (Inex. Unique) Personality F
36 All Distances are One Spell Common
37 Asahina's Breath Spell Rare
17 Bayushi's Labyrinth Holding Rare
43 Fires of Retribution Action Common
23 Give Me Your Hand Event Rare
18 Heartbeat Drummers Holding Common
1 Hida Kisada (Inex. Unique) Personality Rare
2 Hiruma Osuno Personality Common
10 Isawa Ujina (Inex. Unique) Personality Rare
32 Isawa's Helm Item Rare
33 Jitte Item Common
26 Kaiu Castle Region Rare
44 Kyudo Action Common
14 Lieutenant Sukune Follower Rare
15 Lieutenant Tsanuri Follower Rare
38 Mirror Image Spell Common
4 Mirumoto Satsu (Unique) Personality Rare
34 Obi of Protection Item Rare
27 Plains of the Emerald Champion Region Common
19 Quarry Holding Common
11 Shiba Kyo Personality Common
45 Street to Street Action Common
28 Streets of Otosan Uchi Region C1-C3
46 Subversion Action Rare
9 Sunabe Personality Common
35 Suru's Mempo Item Rare
16 Swamp Spirits Follower Common
47 Tell the Tale Action Common
24 The Courage of Osano-Wo Event Rare
48 The Crab Arrive Action Common
49 The Fog of War Action Common
41 The Fortune's Wisdom Kiho Common
29 The Hub Villages Region Common
20 The Master Painter Holding Rare
50 The People's Champion Action Rare
21 The Shiba Fortification Holding Rare
51 The Soul of Akodo Action Rare
39 The Soul of Shiba Spell Rare
30 The Temples of Shinsei Region Rare
25 The World Stood Still Event Rare
40 Whispers of the Land Spell Common
12 Yazaki Personality Common