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Checklist of cards from Kings of the Storm (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
22 Accepted Destiny Attachment F
52 Assault on King's Landing Plot F
14 Asshai Initiate Character F
19 Bastard in Hiding Character F
13 Bearer of the Light Character F
35 Bound by Blood Event F
23 Crown of Azor Ahai Attachment F
37 Dark Prophecy Event F
36 Direct Assault Event F
42 Fanatical Follower Character F
54 Feast or Famine Plot F
50 Forgotten Plans Plot F
27 Great Hall Location F
34 Heart of the Stag Event F
40 Hedge Knight Character F
20 Herald of Storm's End Character F
26 King Robert's Chambers Location F
46 King's Pavillion Location F
43 Knighted Attachment F
39 Knights of the Realm Agenda F
15 Knights of the Storm Character F
55 Lineage and Legacy Plot F
17 Lost Captain Character F
9 Maester Pylos Character F
10 Marya Seaworth Character F
48 Narrow Escape Event F
29 Narrow Sea Location F
33 Obey the King Event F
30 Pyre of the False Gods Location F
53 Regroup Plot F
2 Renly Baratheon Character F
1 Robert Baratheon Character F
21 Ruby of R'hllor Attachment F
25 Salla's Escort Ship Location F
7 Salladhor Saan Character F
38 See who is Stronger Event F
8 Ser Cortnay Penrose Character F
4 Ser Emmon Cuy Character F
5 Ser Guyard Morrigen Character F
6 Ser Parmen Crane Character F
41 Ser Preston Greenfield Character F
12 Sister of Truth Character F
31 Smuggler's Cove Location F
3 Stannis Baratheon Character F
16 Stannis's Cavalry Character F
32 Storm's End Location F
28 Stormlands Fiefdoms Location F
47 Superior Claim Event F
49 The King's Law Plot F
51 The Power of Faith Plot F
44 The Roseroad Location F
45 The Searoad Location F
24 The Stormlands Location F
18 Vanguard Lancer Character F
11 Veteran Knight Character F