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Checklist of cards from The Hidden Emperor, Episode 4 (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
21 A Dark Foretelling Event Rare
15 Akodo Hall of Ancestors Holding Rare
40 Arrows from the Ranks Action Common
8 Asako Hosigeru Personality Common
41 Bayushi Technique Action Uncommon
42 Desperate Wager Action Rare
33 Die Tsuchi Item Common
3 Doji Shizue Personality Rare
22 Doom of the Brotherhood Event Uncommon
23 Festival of the River of Stars Event Rare
43 Flattery Action Common
16 Funeral Pyre Holding Common
34 Goblin War Truck Item Uncommon
17 Goldsmith Holding Common
2 Hida Yasamura (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
44 Hitomi Technique Action Uncommon
9 Ide Ashijun Personality Common
13 Itako (Unique) Personality Uncommon
45 Kitsuki Evidence Action Common
4 Kitsuki Kaagi Personality Uncommon
35 Kitsuki Kaagi's Journal Item Uncommon
28 Kolat Geisha Follower Common
46 Lay of the Land Action Rare
36 Lessons From Kuro Item Rare
7 Malekish Personality Common
5 Matsu Ketsui (Unique) Personality Rare
47 Mujina Tricks Action Common
29 Ninja Saboteur Follower Rare
48 Noble Sacrifice Action Rare
14 Oni no Gekido Personality Uncommon
10 Otaku Kamoko (Experienced 3) Personality F
11 Otaku Xieng Chi Personality Uncommon
18 Philosopher Holding Common
25 Plains of Foul Tears Region Common
26 Refuge of the Three Sisters Region Uncommon
19 Ronin Dojo Holding Common
6 Ryosei Personality Uncommon
20 Shinjo Groomsman Holding Rare
49 Shinjo Technique Action Uncommon
12 Shinjo Tsuburo (Experienced) Personality Rare
32 Shiryo no Moto Ancestor Rare
50 Takuan Technique Action Uncommon
37 The Boundless Depths of Water Kiho Uncommon
24 The Great Feast Event Uncommon
27 The Iuchi Plains Region Common
31 The Kami Watch Over Me Spell Uncommon
51 The Naga Akasha Action Rare
1 The Otaku Palaces Stronghold F
38 The Power of Incompleteness Kiho Common
52 The Price of Failure Action Common
39 Walk Through the Mountains Kiho Common
30 War Dogs Follower Rare