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Checklist of cards from Queen of Dragons (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
39 Advisor to the Crown Character F
47 Alliance Agenda F
36 Ambush from the Plains Event F
28 Astapor Location F
18 Black Hatchling Character F
3 Bloodrider's Arakh Attachment F
13 Blue-Lipped Warlock Character F
49 Burning Bridges Plot F
6 Crown of Meereen Attachment F
22 Daenerys Targaryen Character F
44 Dissension Event F
2 Dragon Fear Attachment F
23 Drogon Character F
34 Eastern Fiefdoms Location F
45 Favorable Ground Event F
37 Field of Fire Event F
51 Focused Offense Plot F
35 Great Pyramid Location F
19 Green Hatchling Character F
10 Grey Worm Character F
48 Heir to the Iron Throne Agenda F
41 High Ground Location F
8 Hired Swords Character F
15 Horseback Archers Character F
40 Initiate of the Citadel Character F
11 Jorah's Cohorts Character F
21 Khal Drogo Character F
33 Khal Drogo's Tent Location F
16 Killer of the Wounded Character F
42 Kingsroad Fiefdom Location F
53 Loyalty Money Can Buy Plot F
38 Maegi's Promise Event F
29 Meereen Location F
54 Muster the Realm! Plot F
31 Myrish Villa Location F
46 Paper Shield Event F
9 Pike Phalanx Character F
30 Plaza of Pride Location F
17 Pyat Pree Character F
26 Qarth Location F
24 Rhaegal Character F
43 River Row Location F
4 Shade of the Evening Attachment F
52 Spending the Winter Stores Plot F
32 Summer Sea Location F
5 Sun Stroke Attachment F
55 Threat from the East Plot F
12 Thundering Calvary Character F
7 True-Queen's Harbinger Character F
1 Unburnt Attachment F
25 Viserion Character F
14 Warlock of Qarth Character F
50 Waste Their Time Plot F
20 White Hatchling Character F
27 Yunkai Location F