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Checklist of cards from Before the Dawn (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
101 A Champion in Court Strategy Common
93 A Dragon's Favor Spell Uncommon
102 A Gentle Word Strategy Uncommon
88 A Simple Yari Item Common
103 Advance Warning Strategy Common
31 Akodo Ashiko Personality Uncommon
32 Akodo Kobi Personality Fixed
33 Akodo Tezuka Personality Common
104 Amazing Feat Strategy Rare
105 Anger Management Strategy Rare
17 Asahina Nanae Personality Common
45 Asako Heiwa Personality Uncommon
46 Asako Izuna Personality Common
106 Ascending the Ranks Strategy Uncommon
79 Ashigaru Elite Follower Rare
80 Ashigaru Recruits Follower Common
52 Bayushi Ebara Personality Uncommon
53 Bayushi Shibata Personality Common
54 Bayushi Suwabe Personality Uncommon
6 Beautiful Host Holding Uncommon
107 Beyond the Line Strategy Common
422 Bird of Prey Token Common
108 Brothers in Battle Strategy Uncommon
81 Brothers of Goemon Follower Uncommon
59 Chuda Kiuchi Personality Uncommon
109 Consuming Weakness Strategy Common
110 Control the Board Strategy Uncommon
89 Crimson Shadow Armor Item Common
18 Daidoji Masafuni Personality Uncommon
60 Daigotsu Bukaro Personality Uncommon
61 Daigotsu Miki Personality Common
62 Daigotsu Yajinden Personality Rare
94 Death, Defeated Spell Uncommon
111 Defending Their Home Strategy Common
112 Destructive Priorities Strategy Rare
113 Detained Strategy Rare
114 Disgraceful Conduct Strategy Rare
115 Dismissing the Cur Strategy Rare
116 Disrupting Communication Strategy Common
19 Doji Shigeyuki Personality Uncommon
95 Drawing on the Mountain Spell Uncommon
1 Ebisu's Honesty Celestial Rare
96 Ember's Final Fire Spell Uncommon
38 En'you Personality Common
97 Erosion Spell Rare
117 Favors Strategy Rare
118 Fear Me! Strategy Rare
119 Firm Censure Strategy Common
Proxy-4 Fledgling Ashigaru Token Common
120 Forging Destiny Strategy Uncommon
121 Fury of a Mob Strategy Rare
82 Genji's Students Follower Uncommon
Proxy-2 Goju Genin Token Common
63 Goju Sawaki Personality Uncommon
122 Headbutt Strategy Uncommon
83 Hida Defenders Follower Uncommon
10 Hida Fujita Personality Rare
11 Hida Yamadera Personality Uncommon
12 Hiruma Akio Personality Fixed
84 Horse Archers Follower Rare
90 Hunger Item Rare
34 Ikoma Ayumu Personality Rare
35 Ikoma Shinohara Personality Uncommon
7 Indomitable Home Holding Common
123 Iron Will Strategy Rare
47 Isawa Kaname Personality Rare
48 Isawa Sakonoko Personality Fixed
66 Iuchi Kota Personality Rare
67 Iuchi Yupadi Personality Uncommon
13 Kaiu Iemasa Personality Rare
14 Kaiu Nakano Personality Uncommon
20 Kakita Munemori Personality Rare
21 Kakita Nara Personality Rare
22 Kakita Yasunori Personality Uncommon
24 Kitsuki Fujimura Personality Uncommon
73 Komori Taruko Personality Common
49 Kunji Personality Common
154 Kyuden Hida Stronghold Fixed
Proxy-5 Kyuden Hida Survivor Token Common
36 Matsu Kaido Personality Rare
124 Measure of Devotion Strategy Uncommon
25 Mirumoto Houken Personality Common
26 Mirumoto Inokuchi Personality Uncommon
27 Mirumoto Yozo Personality Rare
39 Moshi Umiko Personality Uncommon
68 Moto Hailung Personality Common
125 Necessary Evil Strategy Rare
3 Never Enough Soldiers Event Rare
15 Nijugun Personality Common
126 No Time for Games Strategy Common
Proxy-1 Oathsworn Deathseeker Token Common
127 Of One Instant Strategy Common
64 Omigawa Personality Common
128 One Action, Two Strikes Strategy Rare
495 placeholder Personality Common
37 Pride of the Hand Personality Common
74 Raido no Oni Personality Common
129 Readied Steel Strategy Rare
130 Reckless Rush Strategy Common
91 Record of Failure Item Rare
131 Revenge Strategy Uncommon
132 Rocky Terrain Strategy Common
85 Rumormonger Follower Uncommon
2 Saibankan's Justice Celestial Rare
133 Scars of War Strategy Uncommon
8 Seaside Bazaar Holding Rare
98 Seek the Stain Spell Common
134 Shadow Tactics Strategy Common
155 Shamate Keep Stronghold Fixed
50 Shiba Jouta Personality Rare
51 Shiba Ryuba Personality Uncommon
69 Shinjo Byung Personality Common
70 Shinjo Dak-ho Personality Uncommon
55 Shosuro Toson Personality Rare
56 Shosuro Tsuji Personality Common
135 Show of Restraint Strategy Uncommon
136 Sly Deceiver Strategy Uncommon
57 Soshi Komiko Personality Rare
137 Spirit of the Blade Strategy Common
138 Spirit of the Shadows Strategy Common
139 Spirit of the Truth Strategy Common
140 Spirit of the Warrior Strategy Common
141 Stockpiled Resources Strategy Uncommon
9 Stolen Merchandise Holding Rare
77 Stone-Hewed Shrine Region Uncommon
142 Strength of the Mountain Strategy Rare
143 String of Victories Strategy Uncommon
65 Taishuu Personality Rare
23 Takayuki Personality Common
28 Tamori Shosei Personality Uncommon
156 Temple of Purity Stronghold Fixed
78 Temple of the Seven Fortunes Region Common
4 The Agony of her Gaze Event Rare
86 The Crimson Mark Follower Rare
75 The Great Death Personality Rare
144 The Killing Grounds Strategy Common
145 The Price of Honor Strategy Rare
76 The Red Hunger Personality Common
146 The Second Feint Strategy Rare
147 The Sound of Thunder Strategy Uncommon
148 The Spirit of Knowledge Strategy Common
99 The Tapestry Perceived Spell Uncommon
149 The World Disappears Strategy Rare
150 Thoughts of Wind Strategy Common
29 Togashi Sakata Personality Rare
5 Too Close to Home Event Uncommon
Proxy-6 Tsi Weapon Token Common
92 Tsubute Item Common
151 Tsunami Tattoo Strategy Uncommon
40 Tsuruchi Yashiro Personality Common
152 Unorthodox Attack Strategy Rare
71 Utaku Eun-ju Personality Common
72 Utaku Tairu Personality Rare
87 Vigilant Riders Follower Uncommon
153 Visage of the Orochi Strategy Common
100 Words of Consecration Spell Rare
58 Wrathful Dead Personality Common
30 Xijkt Personality Common
16 Yasuki Dokansuto Personality Common
41 Yoritomo Sachina Personality Rare
42 Yoritomo Singh Personality Rare
43 Yoritomo Tarao Personality Uncommon
44 Yoritomo Zinan Personality Uncommon