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Checklist of cards from Structure Deck: Lost Sanctuary (YuGiOh!)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
SDLS-EN017 Airknight Parshath Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN012 Athena Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN036 Beckoning Light Trap Card Common
SDLS-EN029 Burial from a Different Dimension Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
SDLS-EN023 Cards from the Sky Spell/Magic Card Common
SDLS-EN028 Celestial Transformation Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
SDLS-EN022 Consecrated Light Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN033 Divine Punishment Trap Card / Counter Common
SDLS-EN021 Hanewata Monster / Tuner Common
SDLS-EN014 Hecatrice Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN020 Honest Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN013 Marshmallon Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN001 Master Hyperion Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
SDLS-EN030 Mausoleum of the Emperor Spell/Magic Card / Field Common
SDLS-EN037 Miraculous Descent Trap Card / Continuous Common
SDLS-EN008 Mystical Shine Ball Monster Common
SDLS-EN018 Nova Summoner Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN034 Return from the Different Dimension Trap Card Common
SDLS-EN015 Shining Angel Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN026 Smashing Ground Spell/Magic Card Common
SDLS-EN038 Solemn Judgment Trap Card / Counter Common
SDLS-EN031 Solidarity Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
SDLS-EN016 Soul of Purity and Light Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN009 Splendid Venus Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN025 Terraforming Spell/Magic Card Common
SDLS-EN010 Tethys, Goddess of Light Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN006 The Agent of Creation - Venus Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN007 The Agent of Force - Mars Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN004 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN003 The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter Monster / Effect Super Rare
SDLS-EN002 The Agent of Mystery - Earth Monster / Tuner Super Rare
SDLS-EN005 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN032 The Fountain in the Sky Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
SDLS-EN027 The Sanctuary in the Sky Spell/Magic Card / Field Common
SDLS-EN035 Torrential Tribute Trap Card Common
SDLS-EN024 Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
SDLS-EN011 Victoria Monster / Effect Common
SDLS-EN019 Zeradias, Herald of Heaven Monster / Effect Common