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Checklist of cards from Aspirations of Ascension (Call of Cthulhu, the Card Game)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
65 Devil's Reef, Gate to Hell Support F
68 Devoured by Shadow Event F
75 Elder Binding Support F
63 G-AAMX, Gypsy Moth Support F
78 Glaaki, The Inhabitant of the Lake Character F
71 Ia! Ia! Shudde M'ell Event F
80 Initiation of Glaaki Event F
77 Johnny V's Dame Character F
76 Johnny Valone, The Godfather Character F
64 Lurking Deep One Character F
73 Master of Blades Character F
69 Obscure Linguist Character F
74 Reckless Assault Event F
70 Rush Week Event F
62 Secret Service Agent Character F
79 Servants of Glaaki Character F
67 Shadow Eater Character F
61 Special Agent Clarkston, Can't be bought Character F
72 Wolf Hunger Support F
66 Y'ha-nthlei Statue Support F