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Checklist of cards from Ambition's Debt (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 A Chance Meeting Action Uncommon
2 Akodo Fields Region Uncommon
3 Armorer Holding Common
old-186 Arrows from the Woods Action D
old-103 As the Shadow Falls Event CWS
old-11 Asahina Dorai (Experienced) Personality Rare
5 Asahina Tsukiyoka Personality Common
old-132 Ashigaru Follower D
6 Ashigaru Levies Action Common
old-36 Ashlim Personality CWS
old-37 Ashlim (Experienced) Personality Rare
8 Assault on Otosan Uchi Event Uncommon
9 At'tok'tuk Sensei Sensei Rare
10 Baby Ki-Rin Item Rare
11 Bakeneko Personality Common
12 Barracks Holding Common
13 Bayushi Aramasu (Experienced) Personality Rare
14 Bayushi Urei Personality Common
15 Be the Mountain Kiho Common
old-118 Beiden Pass Region CWS
16 Bitter Destiny Event Rare
old-79 Black Market Holding D
old-188 Block Supply Lines Action D
17 Bloodspeaker's Deal Action Uncommon
18 Bokken Item Common
19 Botsumoku Personality Common
old-80 Bridged Pass Holding CWS
20 Calm Winds Event Uncommon
21 Carpenter Pass Region Uncommon
22 Celestial Gift Spell Uncommon
old-190 Charge Action D
old-191 Chi Strike Action CWS
23 Concede Defeat Action Common
old-81 Copper Mine Holding D
old-82 Corrupt Gold Mines Holding CWS
old-83 Corrupted Iron Mine Holding D
old-84 Corrupted Silver Mine Holding D
24 Costly Alliance Action Common
25 Critical Duel Action Common
26 Dangerous Terrain Action Common
27 Dark Energy Action Rare
28 Darkness Within Action Common
29 Dead Eyes Action Uncommon
old-199 Deadly Ground Action D
30 Death of Onnotangu Event Rare
31 Declaration of War Event Uncommon
32 Defensible Position Action Common
33 Den of Spies Holding Uncommon
34 Denying the Emperor Action Rare
35 Dirty Politics Action Rare
old-203 Disfavored Action CWS
old-204 Disharmony Action CWS
old-205 Diversionary Tactics Action D
old-109 Dragon Sword Is Broken Event CWS
36 Dragon's Strength Event Rare
37 Dying Effort Action Rare
38 Entrench Action Uncommon
39 Exile's Road Region Rare
40 Family Shrine Holding Common
old-121 Farmlands Region D
old-208 Fatal Mistake Action CWS
41 Finding the Harmony Kiho Uncommon
42 Footsteps of Madness Action Rare
old-87 Forest Holding D
43 Forethought Action Rare
44 Forgotten Lands Region Rare
45 Fortune's Turn Spell Common
46 Forward, March! Action Common
old-212 Frenzy Action D
old-133 Goblin Berserkers Follower CWS
old-134 Goblin Sneaks Follower D
old-58 Goblin Wizard Personality D
old-59 Goblin Wizard Personality CWS
old-42 Goju Utsuei Personality Common
48 Greensnake Follower Common
49 Guardian of the Rift Holding Rare
50 Gyosho Personality Uncommon
51 Hate's Heart Kiho Rare
52 Hida Amoro (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
old-5 Hida Sukune Personality CWS
old-6 Hida Unari Personality D
old-7 Hida Yakamo (Experienced 3) Personality F
old-213 Higher Ground Action D
old-43 Hirariko (Experienced) Personality Rare
55 Hiruma Sensei Sensei Rare
old-8 Hiruma Yoshi Personality D
56 Honor's Cost Action Uncommon
57 Honor, Bah! Action Rare
58 Hoshi Kumonosu Personality Uncommon
59 Ichiro Kihongo Personality Uncommon
old-18 Ikoma Ryozo Personality D
60 Ikoma Ryozo (Experienced 2) Personality Fixed
61 Ikoma Sensei Sensei Uncommon
old-20 Ikoma Tsanuri (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
63 Ikoma Yosei Personality Uncommon
old-32 Ikudaiu (Experienced) Personality Rare
65 Imperial Highway Region Common
66 Imperial Summons Action Common
67 In Search of the Future Action Common
68 Infantry Square Action Common
old-218 Inner Fire Action CWS
69 Isawa Kaede (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
70 Isawa Mitori Personality Uncommon
old-38 Isha Personality D
71 Issut Personality Common
old-89 Jade Works Holding D
72 Judgment of Toshiken Action Uncommon
73 Kage (Experienced 4) Personality Rare
74 Kage Sensei Sensei Uncommon
75 Kakita Aihara Personality Uncommon
old-14 Kakita Ichiro Personality CWS
76 Kakita Teacher Action Uncommon
old-22 Kitsu Okura Personality D
old-26 Kitsune Diro (Experienced) Personality Rare
old-222 Kolat Assassin Action D
78 Kolat Bookkeeping Action Uncommon
79 Kukanchi Personality Common
80 Kuro Sensei Sensei Rare
81 Kuro's Fire Spell Rare
old-63 Kyoso no Oni Personality D
82 Large Shrine Holding Common
83 Last Stand Plain Region Common
old-224 Lessons from the Past Action CWS
84 Lookout Mountain Region Common
85 Mantis Marine Troops Follower Rare
86 Matsu Daoquan Personality Common
87 Matsu Mori Personality Common
old-137 Medium Infantry Follower D
88 Moetechi Personality Common
89 Morikage Region Rare
old-65 Moto Sada Personality D
old-55 Moto Soro (Experienced) Personality Rare
old-138 Naga Bushi Follower D
old-40 Naga Shugenja Personality D
old-139 Naga Spearmen Follower D
91 Naga Spies Follower Uncommon
old-225 Narrow Ground Action D
92 Night of Three Stars Action Common
old-91 Ningyo Holding CWS
93 Nio Sensei Sensei Rare
94 Norikazu Sensei Sensei Rare
95 Nue Personality Common
96 Oath of Courage Action Uncommon
97 Obake Follower Uncommon
old-67 Ogre Bushi Personality D
98 Olyah Personality Uncommon
old-68 Oni no Ugulu Personality D
99 Ono Item Uncommon
100 Orschat Personality Common
101 Otomo Shishi Personality Common
102 Overconfidence Action Common
103 Oyuchi Personality Uncommon
104 Parade Ground Practice Action Common
old-92 Pearl Bed Holding D
old-93 Pearl Divers Holding D
old-142 Pikemen Follower CWS
105 Plague of Locusts Event Uncommon
old-143 Plague Zombies Follower CWS
old-127 Plains of the Emerald Champion Region CWS
106 Poisoned Action Common
107 Poisoned Honor Action Common
old-232 Political Distraction Action CWS
108 Poor Health Action Uncommon
109 Ratling Archers Follower Uncommon
110 Ravine Action Common
111 Recovering the True Tao Event Uncommon
old-235 Refugees Action D
112 River around the Hill Kiho Common
old-128 River Delta Region D
113 Roshungi Personality Uncommon
114 Ruantek Personality Common
old-94 Sake Works Holding CWS
115 Savaged Fields Region Uncommon
116 Scorpion Courtiers Follower Rare
117 Seppun Mashita Personality Common
118 Shadow Beast Personality Uncommon
119 Shakoki Dogu Item Rare
old-47 Shiba Kyukyo Personality Common
121 Shiba Odoshi Personality Uncommon
122 Shinjo Shono Personality Common
123 Shipyard Holding Common
124 Shiryo no Kaze Ancestor Rare
125 Shiryo no Takuan Ancestor Rare
126 Shiryo no Yasuki Ancestor Rare
127 Shiyokai Personality Uncommon
128 Shooting-Star Strike Kiho Uncommon
129 Shosuro Dojo Holding Rare
old-51 Shosuro Yudoka Personality Uncommon
131 Shugenja Students Follower Uncommon
132 Sorrow's Path Region Common
old-50 Soshi Taoshi Personality CWS
old-236 Stand Firm Action CWS
133 Storm of Arrows Action Common
134 Strong Words Action Uncommon
old-34 Suana (Experienced) Personality Rare
136 Summoning the Moon Action Rare
old-240 Superior Tactics Action D
old-241 Suspended Terrain Action CWS
old-147 Swamp Spirits Follower D
137 Swifter Arrow Action Uncommon
old-172 Sympathetic Energies Spell CWS
138 Tactical Maneuvers Action Uncommon
old-97 Tangen's Lies Holding Rare
140 Temple Guard Follower Uncommon
old-244 Test of Might Action D
old-245 The Arrow Knows the Way Action CWS
441 The Damned Follower Common
142 The Fallen Lion Fortress Event Rare
old-98 The Festering Pit of Fu Leng Holding CWS
old-173 The Fire from Within Spell CWS
143 The Gates to Jigoku Region Rare
144 The Ikoma Histories Holding Uncommon
145 The Kitsu Tombs Stronghold Fixed
146 The Legion of Two Thousand Follower Rare
147 The New Akasha Stronghold Fixed
148 The Path of Akodo Holding Uncommon
149 The Prophecies Action Rare
150 The Spawning Ground Stronghold Fixed
151 The Sun in Shadow Action Uncommon
old-248 To Avenge Our Ancestors Action CWS
152 Togashi Hoshi (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
old-35 Togashi Jodome Personality CWS
153 Togashi Shinseken Personality Uncommon
old-54 Tohaku (Experienced) Personality Rare
155 Toichi Personality Uncommon
156 Tonbo Toryu Personality Common
157 Toturi's Treatise Item Uncommon
158 Touching the Void Action Uncommon
old-101 Trading Grounds Holding CWS
old-250 Traversable Terrain Action D
159 Troll Raiders Event Uncommon
old-251 Troops from the Woods Action CWS
160 Tsuruchi's Legion Follower Rare
161 Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness Event Uncommon
162 Uncertainty Action Common
163 Undead Cavalry Follower Common
164 Unmaker's Shadow Event Rare
165 Void's Path Spell Rare
166 War Weary Event Uncommon
167 Way of the Zokujin Action Common
168 Woodland Reserves Action Common
169 Yabanjin Horsemen Follower Common
old-9 Yasuki Nokatsu (Experienced) Personality Rare
171 Yasuki Taka (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
172 Yokai no Junzo Ancestor Fixed
173 Yokatsu (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
174 Yori Sensei Sensei Rare
175 Yoritomo Chujitsu Personality Uncommon
176 Yoritomo Furikae Personality Common
177 Yoritomo Sensei Sensei Uncommon
178 Yoshi (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
179 Yoshi Sensei Sensei Uncommon
180 Yosuchi Personality Common
old-154 Zombie Troops Follower D