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Checklist of cards from Starter Set 2: Eternal Courage (Digimon CCG)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
DM-058 Youkomon Digimon Uncommon
DD-011 Yolei Digi-Destined Common
DM-041 Wormmon Digimon Common
DM-046 Wormmon Digimon Common
DM-063 Volcanomon Digimon Rare
DM-042 Terriermon Digimon Common
DM-052 Terriermon Digimon Uncommon
DD-012 T.K. Digi-Destined Common
MD-009 Spiritual Crystal Digi-Modify Uncommon
DM-054 Shadramon Digimon Uncommon
MD-014 Rapid Arrow Digi-Modify Uncommon
MD-015 Platinum Sword Digi-Modify Rare
MD-016 Mysterious Wand Digi-Modify Uncommon
DM-050 Mushroomon Digimon Common
DM-049 Muchomon Digimon Common
DM-062 MetalGreymon Digimon Rare
DM-066 MetalGarurumon Digimon Holo
DD-008 Matt Digi-Destined Uncommon
MD-010 Magical Ring Digi-Modify Uncommon
DM-034 Lucemon Digimon Rare
DM-048 Kunemon Digimon Common
DD-013 Kari Digi-Destined Rare
DM-065 Karatenmon Digimon Rare
DD-009 Izzy Digi-Destined Common
DD-014 Henry Digi-Destined Uncommon
DM-047 Hawkmon Digimon Common
DM-061 Greymon Digimon Rare
DM-036 Gotsumon Digimon Common
DM-038 Gomamon Digimon Uncommon
MD-013 Golden Shield Digi-Modify Uncommon
DM-044 Goburimon Digimon Common
DM-045 Gizamon Digimon Common
DM-060 Gekomon Digimon Rare
MD-012 Gatling Arm Digi-Modify Rare
DM-053 Garurumon Digimon Uncommon
DM-037 Gabumon Digimon Uncommon
DM-051 Gabumon Digimon Common
DM-040 Elecmon Digimon Uncommon
DD-010 Davis Digi-Destined Uncommon
DV-004 D-Terminal Digivolve Rare
DV-003 D-Power Digivice Digivolve Rare
DM-064 Cerberusmon Digimon Rare
DM-056 BlackGrowlmon Digimon Uncommon
DM-055 BlackGargomon Digimon Uncommon
MD-011 Big Bang Hammer Digi-Modify Rare
DM-039 Armadillomon Digimon Uncommon
DM-059 Ankylomon Digimon Rare
DM-057 Angemon Digimon Rare
DM-035 Agumon Digimon Common
DM-043 Agumon Digimon Uncommon