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Checklist of cards from Conflict at the Carrock (Lord of the Rings, the Card Game)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
33 A Burning Brand Attachment F
47 A Frightened Beast Treachery F
36 Against the Trolls Quest F
45 Bee Pastures Location F
28 Beorning Beekeeper Ally F
29 Born Aloft Attachment F
26 Dunedain Warning Attachment F
30 Eomund Ally F
25 Frodo Baggins Hero F
37 Grimbeorn the Old Objective F
35 Grimbeorn's Quest Quest F
32 Longbeard Map-Maker Ally F
38 Louis Enemy F
39 Morris Enemy F
42 Muck Adder Enemy F
31 Nor am I a Stranger Attachment F
46 Oak-wood Grove Location F
44 River Langflood Location F
49 Roasted Slowly Treachery F
41 Rupert Enemy F
48 Sacked! Treachery F
27 Second Breakfast Event F
34 Song of Wisdom Attachment F
40 Stuart Enemy F
43 The Carrock Location F