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Checklist of cards from A Journey to Rhosgobel (Lord of the Rings, the Card Game)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
56 Ancient Mathom Attachment F
63 Athelas Objective F
71 Black Forest Bats Enemy F
51 Dunedain Quest Attachment F
55 Escort from Edoras Ally F
67 Exhaustion Treachery F
69 Festering Wounds Treachery F
66 Forest Grove Location F
57 Haldir of Lorien Ally F
58 Infighting Event F
53 Landroval Ally F
70 Mirkwood Flock Enemy F
52 Parting Gifts Event F
50 Prince Imrahil Hero F
59 Radagast Ally F
61 Radagast's Request Quest F
62 Return to Rhosgobel Quest F
65 Rhosgobel Location F
68 Swarming Insects Treachery F
60 The Wounded Eagle Quest F
54 To the Eyrie Event F
64 Wilyador Objective F