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Checklist of cards from Gold Edition (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 A Glimpse of the Soul's Shadow Kiho Uncommon
2 A Samurai Never Stands Alone Action Uncommon
3 A Samurai's Fury Action Rare
4 A Stout Heart Action Uncommon
506 A Test of Courage Action Common
5 Accessible Terrain Action Common
208 Agasha Hamanari (Soul I.Norikazu)(U.) Personality Rare
6 Akodo Ginawa (Experienced 4) Personality Rare
7 Akodo Ijiasu Personality Uncommon
536 Akodo Kaneka Wind Fixed
196 Akodo Tadenori (Soul Ikoma Gunjin) Personality Uncommon
8 Akui Cliffs Region Uncommon
9 Alliance Event Uncommon
10 Ambush Action Rare
11 Ambush Strategist Follower Uncommon
12 An Empty Victory Event Rare
13 Ancestral Shrines of Otosan Uchi Holding Uncommon
14 Another Time Action Common
15 Archers Follower Common
16 Armored Steeds Follower Uncommon
17 Armory Holding Uncommon
18 Arrowroot Tattoo Action Uncommon
19 Arrows from the Woods Action Common
20 Asahina Archers Follower Rare
22 Asahina Kimita (Soul Asahina Tomo) Personality Uncommon
21 Asahina Sekawa (Soul Asahina Tamako) Personality Uncommon
23 Asahina's Breath Spell Rare
377 Asako Misao Personality Uncommon
24 Asako Ryoma (Soul Asako Yasu) Personality Uncommon
25 Ashigaru Archers Follower Common
26 Ashigaru Spearmen Follower Common
27 Avoid Fate Action Uncommon
28 Bandit Hideout Holding Uncommon
29 Barbican Holding Uncommon
30 Barricades Holding Uncommon
32 Battering Ram Crew Follower Uncommon
33 Battle Maidens Follower Uncommon
34 Bayushi Churai (Soul Bayushi Dozan) Personality Common
36 Bayushi House Guard (Unique) Follower Rare
39 Bayushi Kamnan (Soul B.Tomaru) Personality Uncommon
35 Bayushi Kaukatsu (Soul B.Goshiu) Personality Rare
old-508 Bayushi Kwanchai (Soul B.Tangen) Personality Common
40 Bayushi Norachai (Soul B.Yojiro) Personality Common
38 Bayushi Paneki Personality Common
37 Bayushi Sunetra (Soul Bayushi Mamuro) Personality Common
41 Bayushi Yojiro (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
43 Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves Action Rare
44 Bend Like a Reed Action Common
45 Big Stink Region Rare
46 Biting Steel Spell Common
47 Black Finger River Region Uncommon
48 Blackened Claws Item Uncommon
49 Blackened Sky Action Uncommon
50 Blacksmiths Holding Uncommon
51 Blade of Kaiu Item Uncommon
52 Block Supply Lines Action Common
53 Blood of Midnight Spell Uncommon
54 Blood Rite Spell Rare
55 Bloodstained Forest Spell Uncommon
57 Borderland Region Uncommon
58 Brash Hero Action Common
59 Bridged Pass Holding Common
60 Burning Your Essence Action Rare
61 Bushi Dojo Holding Common
62 Call to Arms Action Uncommon
63 Campsite Region Uncommon
64 Candle of the Void Item Uncommon
65 Careful Planning Action Common
66 Celestial Alignment Event Rare
82 Celestial Sword of the Crab (Unique) Item F
83 Celestial Sword of the Crane (Unique) Item F
103 Celestial Sword of the Dragon (Unique) Item F
250 Celestial Sword of the Lion (Unique) Item F
old-320 Celestial Sword of the Phoenix (Unique) Item F
old-363 Celestial Sword of the Scorpion (Unique) Item F
old-485 Celestial Sword of the Unicorn (Unique) Item F
67 Charge Action Common
68 Chasing Osano-Wo Kiho Common
69 Chime of Harmony Item Common
70 Chrysanthemum Festival Event Rare
71 Cleansing Bell Holding Common
72 Come One at a Time Action Common
73 Confusion at Court Action Common
74 Contentious Terrain Action Common
75 Copper Mine Holding Fixed
78 Corrupted Ground Action Common
76 Corrupted Iron Mine Holding Common
77 Corrupted Silver Mine Holding Common
79 Corruption of the Harmonies Event Uncommon
80 Costly Alliance Action Uncommon
81 Counterattack Action Uncommon
84 Crane Tattoo Action Uncommon
85 Crossroads Region Common
86 Crystal Katana Item Common
95 Dai Tsuchi Item Uncommon
89 Daidoji Rekai (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
509 Dead Eyes Action Fixed
91 Deadly Ground Action Common
92 Dealing With Shadows Event Uncommon
93 Deathseeker Technique Action Fixed
510 Deeds, Not Words Action Uncommon
511 Defend Your Honor Action Uncommon
512 Delicate Calculations Action Uncommon
94 Diamond Mine Holding Uncommon
96 Dispersive Terrain Action Common
97 Diversionary Tactics Action Common
98 Doji House Guard (Unique) Follower Rare
100 Doji Kurohito Personality Rare
101 Doji Nagori (Soul Doji Shizue) Personality Common
old-540 Doji Tanitsu (Soul Kakita Yoshi) Personality Uncommon
88 Doji Yasuyo (Soul Doji Kuwanan) Personality Common
102 Double Chi Kiho Uncommon
315 Dragon Dancers Holding Uncommon
104 Dragon Tattoo Action Uncommon
105 Dragon's Claw Katana Item Uncommon
106 Dragon's Teeth Holding Common
107 Drum of Water Item Uncommon
108 Duty to the Clan Action Uncommon
109 Earthquake Spell Uncommon
110 Earthworks Holding Common
111 Elite Pikemen Follower Common
112 Elite Spearmen Follower Common
113 Encircled Terrain Action Common
114 Energy Transference Spell Common
115 Enough Talk! Action Uncommon
116 Entrapping Terrain Action Common
117 Eternal Halls of Shiba Stronghold F
119 Eyes Shall Not See Spell Uncommon
120 Facing Your Devils Kiho Common
121 False Alliance Action Uncommon
122 Familiar Surroundings Action Common
123 Famine Event Uncommon
124 Famous Poet Holding Uncommon
125 Fan of Command Item Rare
126 Fantastic Gardens Holding Uncommon
127 Farmlands Region Common
128 Festering Pit of Fu Leng (Unique) Holding Rare
129 Fields of the Dead Region Uncommon
130 Fields of the Morning Sun Region Uncommon
131 Fight to the Setting Sun Action Common
132 Finding the Harmony Kiho Uncommon
133 Fires of Purity Spell Uncommon
134 Fires of Retribution Action Common
135 Firestorm Legion Follower Rare
513 Fist of Osano-Wo Spell Rare
136 Fist of the Earth Kiho Common
137 Flatlands Region Common
138 Flattery Action Uncommon
514 Flee the Darkness Kiho Uncommon
139 Focus Action Rare
140 For the Empire Action Uncommon
141 Forest Holding Common
142 Forests of Shinomen Region Common
143 Forgotten Tomb Holding Uncommon
144 Fortress of the Dragonfly Holding Common
145 Frenzy Action Uncommon
old-313 Gakochun (Soul Orschat) Personality Common
147 Gambling House Holding Uncommon
148 Garrison Holding Uncommon
149 Geisha Assassin Action Rare
150 Geisha House Holding Fixed
290 Ghedai Personality Common
151 Gift of the Wind Kiho Common
152 Glimpse of the Unicorn Event Uncommon
153 Go Master Holding Common
154 Goblin Madcaps Follower Common
155 Goblin Mob Follower Common
156 Goblin Sneaks Follower Common
157 Goblin Warmonger Personality Common
158 Goblin Wizard Personality Common
159 Gold Mine Holding Fixed
160 Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess (Unique) Item Rare
161 Goldsmith Holding Uncommon
448 Great Crater Region Rare
162 Hammer of Earth Item Uncommon
538 Hantei Naseru Wind Fixed
163 Hawks and Falcons Holding Common
164 He's Mine! Action Common
165 Heartbeat Drummers Holding Common
166 Heavy Cavalry Follower Uncommon
167 Heavy Infantry Follower Uncommon
169 Hida Hio Personality Common
170 Hida House Guard (Unique) Follower Rare
171 Hida Kuon Personality Uncommon
172 Hida Kuroda Personality Uncommon
174 Hida Rohiteki Personality Rare
168 Hida Tenshu (Soul Hida Amoro) Personality Uncommon
old-501 Hida Wukau (Soul Yasuki Nokatsu) Personality Common
old-177 Hida Yasuhiro (Soul Hida Unari) Personality Common
178 High Morale Action Common
179 Higher Ground Action Uncommon
175 Hiruma Masagaro (Soul Hiruma Kage) Personality Common
173 Hiruma Tatsuya (Soul Hida Nezu) Personality Uncommon
180 Hiruma's Last Breath Spell Rare
181 Historian Holding Uncommon
185 Hitomi Technique Action Fixed
184 Hitomi Vedau (Soul Hitomi Kagetora) Personality Uncommon
186 Hitsu-do Kiho Common
187 Honorable Seppuku Action Common
211 Horiuchi Shem-Zhe (Soul Iuchi Takaai) Personality Uncommon
188 Horsebowmen Follower Common
old-541 Hoshi Eisai Personality Rare
189 Hoshi Wayan (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
190 Hummingbird Tattoo Action Uncommon
191 Hurricane Event Uncommon
192 I Believed in You Action Uncommon
515 Iaijutsu Art Action Common
193 Iaijutsu Challenge Action Common
194 Iaijutsu Duel Action Common
195 Ikiryo Follower Common
267 Ikoma Otemi (Soul Matsu Mori) Personality Common
197 Ikoma Sume (Soul Ikoma Kaoku) Personality Uncommon
198 Ikoma Tsai Personality Uncommon
516 Imperial Ambassadorship Event Rare
517 Imperial Edicts Action Common
199 Imperial Funeral Event Rare
200 Imperial Gift Event Rare
201 Imperial Honor Guard Follower Rare
518 In Search of the Future Action Common
519 In Time of War Event Uncommon
202 Inaccessible Region Region Uncommon
203 Inner Fire Action Uncommon
204 Investigation Action Rare
205 Iron Mine Holding Fixed
206 Iron Mountain Stronghold Fixed
207 Isawa Nakamuro Personality Common
210 Isawa Riake (Soul Isawa Tomo) Personality Uncommon
old-455 Isawa Sayuri (Soul Nameless One) (Uni) Personality Rare
209 Isawa Taeruko Personality Common
212 Izaku Library Holding Uncommon
213 Jade Bow Item Common
214 Jade Works Holding Common
215 Judgment of Toshiken Action Uncommon
216 Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding Uncommon
217 Kaede's Tears Kiho Rare
218 Kaiu Umasu (Soul Kaiu Utsu) Personality Uncommon
220 Kakita Atoshi (Soul Kakita Torikago) Personality Uncommon
219 Kakita Kaiten Personality Rare
221 Kakita Kyruko Personality Common
223 Kakita Nanami (Soul Kakita Yuri) Personality Uncommon
99 Kakita Noritoshi (Soul Doji Jiro) Personality Common
222 Kakita Technique Action Fixed
224 Kamoko's Constellation Event Rare
old-429 Kan'ok'tichek (Soul of Tchickchuk) Personality Common
226 Kaze-do Kiho Common
227 Kharmic Strike Action Uncommon
228 Ki-Rin (Unique) Personality Rare
229 Kitsu Dejiko Personality Common
230 Kitsune Ryukan (Soul Kitsune Shudo) Personality Common
231 Kolat Assassin Action Uncommon
232 Kolat Master Action Rare
233 Kosaten Shiro Stronghold Fixed
234 Kumo Personality Common
236 Kuni Utagu Personality Common
235 Kuni Utagu (Experienced) Personality Rare
238 Kyoso no Oni Personality Uncommon
237 Kyoso no Oni (Experienced) Personality Rare
239 Kyuden Hitomi Stronghold Fixed
240 Lady Kitsune Personality Common
241 Large Farm Holding Common
242 Last Stand Plain Region Uncommon
243 Lesser Mujina Follower Common
244 Lesser Oni Follower Common
245 Let Your Spirit Guide You Action Rare
246 Lies, Lies, Lies... Action Uncommon
247 Light Cavalry Follower Common
248 Light Infantry Follower Common
249 Light Mounted Infantry Follower Common
251 Lion's Pride Follower Rare
252 Look into the Void Spell Common
253 Lookout Mountain Region Common
254 Low Morale Action Common
256 Magic Mud Action Uncommon
257 Mantis Bushi Follower Rare
258 Mantle of Fire Item Uncommon
259 Mantle of the Jade Champion Item Rare
260 Market Place Holding F
261 Marries A Barbarian Action Uncommon
262 Master of the Rolling River Kiho Uncommon
263 Master of the Tea Ceremony Holding Uncommon
264 Matsu Domotai Personality Common
270 Matsu Hataki Personality Common
old-270 Matsu Hataki (Soul Matsu Turi) Personality Common
265 Matsu House Guard (Unique) Follower Rare
266 Matsu Ketsui (Unique) Personality Rare
old-268 Matsu Nimuro (Soul Matsu Tsuko) (Uni) Personality Rare
271 Meditation Action Common
272 Medium Cavalry Follower Common
273 Medium Infantry Follower Common
old-276 Mirumoto Daisuke (Soul M. Sukune) Personality Uncommon
old-275 Mirumoto House Guard (Unique) Follower Rare
old-278 Mirumoto Rosanjin (Soul M. Taki) Personality Common
old-274 Mirumoto Temoru (Soul M. Hitomi) Personality Common
277 Mirumoto Ukira Personality Common
old-279 Mirumoto Uso Personality Rare
280 Mizu-do Kiho Common
281 Moat Holding Common
old-284 Moto Chagatai (Soul Moto Soro) Personality Common
282 Moto Fanatics Follower Uncommon
283 Moto Hideyo Personality Common
old-285 Moto Kadu-kai (Soul Moto Toyotami) Personality Uncommon
286 Moto Vordu Personality Common
535 Mountain of the Seven Thunders Region Rare
287 Mountain Pass Region Common
288 Mountain Tattoo Action Uncommon
289 Mushin Action Common
291 Naginata Item Common
292 Narrow Ground Action Common
293 Nemesis Action Uncommon
294 New Year's Celebration Event Rare
295 Night Battle Action Common
296 Ninja Spy Personality Common
297 Ninja Thief Action Uncommon
255 Nir'um'tuk (Soul Mack'uk) Personality Common
298 No-Dachi Item Common
299 Noekam Personality Uncommon
300 Northern Provinces of the Moto Stronghold Fixed
301 Oath of Fealty Action Common
302 Occult Murders Event Uncommon
303 Ogre Bushi Personality Uncommon
304 Ogre Warriors Follower Rare
305 One Life, One Action Action Common
307 Ono Item Common
old-308 Oracle of Earth (Unique) Holding Uncommon
old-309 Oracle of Fire (Unique) Holding Uncommon
old-310 Oracle of the Void (Unique) Holding Uncommon
old-311 Oracle of Water (Unique) Holding Uncommon
old-312 Oracle of Wind (Unique) Holding Uncommon
314 Outflank Action Common
520 Overconfidence Action Common
316 Pearl Divers Holding Uncommon
317 Peasant Revolt Event Uncommon
318 Personal Champion Follower Rare
319 Personal Standard Item Common
322 Pitch and Fire Holding Common
323 Plain of Fast Troubles Region Common
324 Plains Above Evil Region Uncommon
325 Plains of Otosan Uchi Region Rare
326 Poison Dartgun Item Uncommon
327 Poisoned Action Common
328 Poisoned Weapon Action Rare
329 Political Dissent Action Uncommon
330 Poorly Placed Garden Holding Uncommon
331 Porcelain Mask of Fu Leng Item Rare
332 Port Holding Uncommon
333 Proposal of Peace Event Rare
334 Provision Storehouse Holding Common
521 Purity of Spirit Kiho Common
522 Purity of the Seven Thunders Spell Rare
335 Rallying Cry Action Common
336 Ratling Bushi Follower Uncommon
old-337 Ratling Conjurer Personality Common
338 Ratling Pack Follower Common
339 Ratling Scout Follower Common
341 Refugees Action Common
457 Regions of Rokugan Event Uncommon
342 Remorseful Seppuku Action Common
343 Resist Magic Action Rare
344 Retired General Holding Common
345 Retired Wasp General Holding Uncommon
346 Retirement Event Rare
347 Riding Yari Item Uncommon
348 Ring of Air Ring Uncommon
349 Ring of Earth Ring Uncommon
350 Ring of Fire Ring Uncommon
351 Ring of the Void Ring Uncommon
352 Ring of Water Ring Uncommon
353 Rise of the Phoenix Event Rare
354 River Region Region Uncommon
355 Road of Dust Region Uncommon
357 Ruantek Personality Common
523 Ryokan's Sword Item Common
358 Ryoshun's Last Words Kiho Uncommon
359 Sacrificial Altar Holding Uncommon
360 Salt the Earth Action Uncommon
361 Samurai Warriors Follower Rare
362 Sanctified Temple Holding Common
146 Satoshi (Soul Fusaki) Personality Common
364 Scout Follower Common
365 Secluded Ravine Region Common
366 Secrets on the Wind Spell Uncommon
368 Setsuban Festival Event Rare
371 Shadowlands Marsh Region Uncommon
524 Shadowlands Sickness Action Uncommon
90 Shahai (Unique) Personality Rare
372 Shame Action Uncommon
373 Shiba Aikune Personality Common
old-374 Shiba House Guard (Unique) Follower Rare
old-375 Shiba Kai (Soul Shiba Katsuda) Personality Common
old-378 Shiba Ningen Personality Rare
379 Shiba Technique Action Fixed
380 Shiba Tsukune Personality Common
381 Shiba Tsukune (Experienced 3) Personality Rare
old-376 Shiba Yoma (Soul Shiba Kyukyo) Personality Uncommon
382 Shield Wall Follower Uncommon
old-384 Shinjo House Guard (Unique) Follower Rare
old-383 Shinjo Maku (Soul Shinjo Hanari) Personality Uncommon
old-387 Shinjo Osema (Soul Shinjo Tashima) Personality Common
386 Shinjo Shono Personality Common
385 Shinjo Shono (Experienced) Personality Rare
388 Shinjo Technique Action Fixed
525 Shokansuru Holding Uncommon
42 Shosuro Aroru (Soul Bayushi Yokuan) Personality Uncommon
526 Shosuro Technique Action Fixed
old-389 Shosuro Turaki (Soul Shosuro Taushui) Personality Common
390 Shosuro Yudoka Personality Uncommon
391 Shrine of the Dragon Champion Holding Uncommon
392 Silk Farm Holding Common
393 Silk Works Holding Common
394 Silver Mine Holding Fixed
527 Single Combat Action Uncommon
395 Skeletal Troops Follower Common
396 Slander Action Uncommon
397 Slidge Personality Common
398 Small Farm Holding Common
399 Sneak Attack Action Rare
400 Solar Eclipse Event Rare
401 Sorrow's Path Region Common
402 Soshi Angai Personality Uncommon
403 Soshi's Curse Spell Uncommon
404 Spearmen Follower Common
405 Spirit Guide Follower Rare
406 Stables Holding Fixed
407 Stand Against the Waves Action Common
408 Stand Firm Action Common
409 Stifling Wind Spell Uncommon
410 Storehouses Holding Uncommon
411 Street to Street Action Common
412 Streets of Otosan Uchi Region Rare
413 Strength of My Ancestors Kiho Common
414 Strength of Purity Action Uncommon
415 Strength of the Earth Event Uncommon
416 Strike at the Tail Action Rare
417 Strike of Flowing Water Action Common
418 Superior Strategist Action Rare
419 Superior Tactics Action Common
420 Surrender Action Uncommon
421 Suspended Terrain Action Common
422 Suspicions Event Uncommon
423 Swamp Marsh Action Uncommon
424 Swamplands Region Common
425 Take the Initiative Action Common
426 Tamori Chosai Personality Common
427 Tamori Shaitung Personality Uncommon
428 Tapestry of Air Item Uncommon
340 Te'tik'kir Personality Common
430 Temple of Bishamon Holding Uncommon
431 Temples of the New Tao Region Uncommon
432 Tessen Item Uncommon
433 Test of Might Action Common
434 Test of Stone Event Uncommon
435 Test of the Emerald Champion Event Rare
436 Test of the Jade Champion Event Rare
437 The Ancient Halls of the Lion Stronghold Fixed
507 The Armor of Sun Tao Item Uncommon
118 The Arrow Knows the Way Action Rare
438 The Celestial Pattern Event Rare
439 The Citadel of the Hiruma Stronghold Fixed
440 The Code of Bushido Action Rare
441 The Damned Follower Uncommon
442 The Edge of Shinomen Forest Holding Common
528 The Emperor's Left Hand Action Uncommon
529 The Emperor's Right Hand Action Uncommon
443 The Endless Well Kiho Rare
444 The Face of Fear Action Uncommon
445 The Fire from Within Spell Uncommon
446 The Fires That Cleanse Spell Rare
447 The Fury of Osano-Wo Spell Common
449 The Great Walls of Kaiu Stronghold Fixed
450 The Hiruma Dojo Holding Common
451 The Imperial Standard Item Rare
452 The Iron Fortress of the Daidoji Stronghold Fixed
453 The Iuchi Plains Region Common
454 The Kaiu Forge Holding Uncommon
530 The Noble Halls of the Akodo Stronghold Fixed
456 The Price of War Event Uncommon
458 The Rising Sun Event Rare
459 The Ruined Keep of Fu Leng Region Rare
460 The Shadow Stronghold of the Bayushi Stronghold Fixed
370 The Shadowlands Horde Stronghold Fixed
461 The Soul of Shiba Spell Rare
462 The Spawning Ground Stronghold Fixed
463 The Towers of the Yogo Stronghold Fixed
464 The Turtle's Shell Action Rare
465 The Utaku Palaces Stronghold Fixed
466 The Wind's Truth Kiho Common
467 The Wrath of Osano-Wo Kiho Common
468 Those Who Stand Alone Action Uncommon
225 Thuk-Kigi (Experienced) Personality Rare
531 Tides of Battle Action Uncommon
469 To Do What We Must Action Uncommon
470 To the Last Man Action Rare
183 Togashi Genshuo (Soul Hitomi Juppun) Personality Uncommon
471 Togashi Hoshi (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
182 Togashi Nyima (Soul Hitomi Iyojin) Personality Common
472 Tomb of Jade Spell Common
176 Toritaka Tatsune (Soul Hida Tadashiro) Personality Common
473 Torrential Rain Spell Rare
539 Toturi Sezaru Wind Fixed
537 Toturi Tsudao Wind Fixed
474 Touch of Death Spell Rare
475 Touching the Soul Kiho Uncommon
321 Towers of the Asako Stronghold Fixed
476 Trade Route Holding Uncommon
477 Trading Grounds Holding Common
478 Training Grounds Region Common
479 Traveling Caravan Holding Common
480 Treacherous Terrain Action Common
481 Trenches Holding Common
306 Tsuburu no Oni Personality Uncommon
482 Tunnel System Holding Uncommon
old-367 Ukuro (Soul of Seikua) Personality Common
483 Umi Amaterasu Region Common
532 Uncertainty Action Common
old-484 Unexpected Allies (Experienced) Event Uncommon
486 Unscalable Walls Holding Common
487 Untrustworthy Action Uncommon
488 Utaku Xieng Chi Personality Uncommon
489 Utaku Xieng Chi (Experienced) Personality Rare
490 Utaku Yu-Pan Personality Uncommon
old-533 Voitagi (Soul Uragirimono) Personality Common
56 Wakizashi Item Common
491 Walking the Way Spell Uncommon
492 Wall of Bones Holding Uncommon
494 War-Stained Fields Region Common
493 Warhorses Item Common
495 Watchtower Holding Common
534 Way of Death Action Fixed
496 Way of Deception Action Uncommon
497 Wetlands Region Common
498 When Darkness Draws Near Action Uncommon
499 White Shore Plain Action Uncommon
500 Winds of Change Spell Uncommon
old-369 Yakamo's Claw (Unique) Item F
31 Yamaso no Oni Holding Common
87 Yasuki Hachi Personality Common
old-502 Yoee'tr Personality Uncommon
503 Yuki no Onna Personality Common
old-356 Zin'tch (Soul Ropp'tch'tch) (Unique) Personality Rare
504 Zokujin Follower Uncommon
505 Zombie Troops Follower Uncommon