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Checklist of cards from A Perfect Cut (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
31 A Desperate Act Action Common
36 A Matter of Pride Event Uncommon
138 A Plague Spreads Event Uncommon
4 Acquiring Favor Action Uncommon
142 Advance Scout Follower Uncommon
old-711 Akodo Kaneka Wind D
84 Akodo Setai Personality Common
old-704 Akui Cliffs Region D
63 Annekkusai's Feathers Item Common
old-717 Arrows from the Woods Action D
old-117 Asahina Handen (Unique) Personality Uncommon
old-614 Asahina Kimita (Soul Asahina Tomo) Personality D
51 Banner Guard Follower Common
old-637 Bayushi Kamnan (Soul B.Tomaru) Personality D
128 Bayushi Tai Personality Uncommon
94 Bayushi Tasogare (Unique) Personality F
old-660 Blacksmith Holding D
38 Blazing Sun Event Uncommon
old-718 Block Supply Lines Action D
2 Blood Madness Action Rare
116 Breaking Concentration Spell Rare
old-661 Bushi Dojo Holding D
11 By Will of the Wind Action Rare
113 Cast Down the Meek Spell Common
5 Command Group Action Common
52 Connecting Walls Holding Common
111 Contemplation of Osano-Wo Spell Rare
old-722 Contentious Terrain Action D
6 Contingency Planning Action Rare
old-144 Crab Recruiter (Unique) Holding Rare
old-145 Crane Tradesman (Unique) Holding Rare
78 Daidoji Megumi Personality Common
35 Dairu no Shiryo Ancestor Rare
59 Dairya's Cackling Skull Item Rare
7 Defensive Duty Action Common
43 Diplomatic Apprentice Follower Common
old-725 Diversionary Tactics Action D
old-616 Doji Kurohito Personality D
77 Doji Kurohito (Experienced) Personality Fixed
old-618 Doji Yasuyo (Soul Doji Kuwanan) Personality D
67 Elemental Shock Kiho Uncommon
old-726 Encircled Terrain Action D
110 Endless Deluge Spell Rare
old-727 Entrapping Terrain Action D
118 Family Tactics Action Common
old-705 Farmlands Region D
141 Fire and Air Spell Common
112 Fortify Spell Uncommon
115 Fukurokujin Seido Region Uncommon
119 Furious Strike Action Rare
old-665 Geisha House Holding D
53 Guard House Holding Common
old-712 Hantei Naseru Wind D
old-794 Heavy Infantry Follower D
73 Hida Kagore Personality Uncommon
72 Hida Kuon Personality F
old-606 Hida Kuon Personality D
old-608 Hida Kuroda Personality D
74 Hida Reiha Personality Common
old-610 Hiruma Masagaro (Soul Hiruma Kage) Personality D
126 Hiruma Todori Personality Common
143 Hunter Follower Common
old-691 Hurricane Event D
99 Hyakute no Oni Personality Uncommon
old-730 Iaijutsu Challenge Action D
old-731 Iaijutsu Duel Action D
3 Iaijutsu Lesson Action Common
old-102 Ide Michisuna (Unique) Personality Rare
old-692 Imperial Funeral Event D
37 In Light of Darkness Event Uncommon
old-694 In Time of War Event D
10 Inside Agent Action Uncommon
12 Interesting Sticks Action Uncommon
old-667 Iron Mine Holding D
89 Isawa Hochiu Personality Rare
91 Isawa Nakamuro Personality Rare
90 Isawa Nodotai Personality Uncommon
old-668 Jade Works Holding D
old-669 Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding D
132 Kaeru Kenko Personality Uncommon
75 Kaiu Hosaru Personality Uncommon
156 Kakita Dueling Academy Stronghold Fixed
127 Kakita Gosha Personality Uncommon
100 Kayobun Personality Uncommon
130 Kitsune Taro Personality Common
65 Kokoro Kiho Common
71 Kukan-do Kiho Uncommon
137 Kyuden Hida Stronghold Fixed
old-670 Large Farm Holding D
old-796 Light Infantry Follower D
old-153 Lion Scout (Unique) Holding Rare
109 Mapped Region Region Common
old-672 Marketplace Holding D
86 Matsu Domotai Personality Rare
84b Matsu Hyun Personality Common
87 Matsu Kenji (Unique) Personality Rare
88 Matsu Kenseiko Personality Uncommon
old-797 Medium Infantry Follower D
54 Memorial Holding Common
139 Mining Foreman Holding Common
150 Minor Illusions Spell Rare
80 Mirumoto Junnosuke Personality Uncommon
79 Mirumoto Taiu Personality Common
old-131 Miya Heikichi (Unique) Personality Rare
old-103 Moto Chen (Unique) Personality Rare
104 Moto Reijiro Personality Uncommon
46 Mujina Gang Follower Common
148 Nagamaki Item Common
old-783 Naginata Item D
14 Needed at the Wall Action Uncommon
15 No One Wins Action Uncommon
old-784 No-Dachi Item D
98 Omoni Personality Common
155 Open Arms Action Common
101 Osoreru no Oni Personality Common
17 Outmaneuvered by Force Action Uncommon
18 Outmaneuvered in Court Action Uncommon
8 Persuasion Action Rare
old-149 Phoenix Library (Unique) Holding Rare
55 Plum Tree Training Ground Holding Uncommon
19 Political Warfare Action Uncommon
old-676 Port Holding D
20 Prepared for the Enemy Action Common
28 Preparing the Edge Action Uncommon
120 Rain of Emeralds Event Uncommon
old-744 Rallying Cry Action D
21 Reassert One's Mettle Action Common
old-746 Refugees Action D
56 Retired Sohei Holding Common
124 Returned to the Pit Event Rare
42 Ronin at the Wall Follower Common
old-679 Sanctified Temple Holding D
old-151 Scorpion Distractor (Unique) Holding Rare
old-800 Scout Follower D
old-776 Secrets on the Wind Spell D
133 Seppun Isei Personality Uncommon
152 Shadowlands Bastion Holding Rare
107 Shallow Graves Region Common
93 Shiba Mirabu (Unique) Personality Rare
92 Shiba Unasagi Personality Common
105 Shinjo Sanraku Personality Common
68 Shinsei's Smile Kiho Rare
old-640 Shosuro Aroru (Soul Bayushi Yokuan) Personality D
136 Shosuro Gardens Stronghold Fixed
95 Shosuro Higatsuku Personality Uncommon
96 Shosuro Yasuko Personality Common
22 Show of Strength Action Rare
old-682 Small Farm Holding D
23 Snowy Fields Action Common
45 Sohei Follower Rare
old-709 Sorrow's Path Region D
old-643 Soshi Angai Personality D
97 Soshi Tishi Personality Common
66 Speed of the Waterfall Kiho Uncommon
64 Spyglass Item Uncommon
69 Stand as Stone Action Uncommon
24 Stand Your Ground Action Common
25 Standing Tall Action Common
47 Strong Guard Follower Uncommon
114 Summoning the Gale Spell Common
old-752 Superior Tactics Action D
old-753 Suspended Terrain Action D
135 Tachi Item Uncommon
60 Taijikku Item Uncommon
34 Taiko no Shiryo Ancestor Rare
48 Tainted Bushi Follower Uncommon
81 Tamori Chieko Personality Common
32 Tampako no Shiryo Ancestor Rare
57 Tea House Holding Common
old-146 Temple of the Dragon (Unique) Holding Rare
26 The Enemy You Deserve Action Rare
old-778 The Fury of Osano-Wo Spell D
1 The Great Climb Action Common
147 The Greatest Cost Spell Uncommon
44 The Hand of Thunder (Unique) Follower Rare
old-685 The Hiruma Dojo Holding D
70 The Power of Nothing Kiho Rare
old-768 The Wind's Truth Kiho D
27 The Wolf Speaks Action Rare
62 Thuk-Kigi's War Machine (Unique) Item Rare
40 Thunder Calls to Fortune Event Rare
old-757 To Do What We Must Action D
83 Togashi Iroshi Personality Uncommon
82 Togashi Satsu (Unique) Personality Rare
29 Too Much Too Soon Action Uncommon
old-713 Toturi Sezaru Wind D
old-714 Toturi Tsudao Wind D
58 Training Dojo Holding Uncommon
13 Training Exercises Action Common
old-108 Traitor's Grove (Unique) Region Rare
9 Tsudao's Challenge Action Uncommon
125 Tsuno Kurushimi Personality Uncommon
49 Tsuno Ravagers Follower Rare
50 Tsuno Squad Follower Uncommon
123 Twenty Goblin Winter Event Rare
30 Unavoidable Destiny Event Rare
old-700 Unexpected Allies (Experienced) Event D
old-140 Unexpected Assault (Experienced) Event Rare
39 Unexpected Confrontation (Experienced) Event Rare
old-154 Unicorn Marketeer (Unique) Holding Rare
121 Unspeakable Preparations Action Uncommon
134 Usagi Kashira Personality Common
106 Utaku Mu Dan Personality Common
old-789 Wakizashi Item D
41 While the Empire Watches Event Uncommon
76 Yasuki Heikichi Personality Common
129 Yasuki Palaces Stronghold Rare
33 Yogoso no Shiryo Ancestor Rare
old-122 Yoritomo Kitao Personality Rare
61 Yoshi's Fan (Unique) Item Rare