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Checklist of cards from Crimson Coast (Warlord)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
13 Amber Gargoyle Dwarf Character Common
49 Angry Crew Nothrog Character Uncommon
25 Ardanaalis Elf Character Uncommon
95 Ardent Action Rare
127 Armor of Pearl Item Uncommon
26 Ayaaba Waverunner Elf Character Rare
61 Bal-Benoth The Chosen Character Rare
14 Barb Dwarf Character Uncommon
137 Bardiche Item Common
148 Bared Heart Item Rare
158 Black Pearl Item Uncommon
125 Blind Vengeance Action Common
62 Blood Cauldron The Chosen Character Uncommon
73 Bosun Blacknose Mercenary Character Uncommon
149 Burning Arrow Item Common
27 Caliopea Elf Character Uncommon
85 Call to War Action Uncommon
37 Captain Alera Free Kingdom Character Fixed
128 Chariot of Shell Item Uncommon
114 Churning Wrath Action Common
28 Ciane Elf Character Common
159 Cloak of the Leech Item Common
138 Collar of Damnation Item Common
1 Commander Kaiten Deverenian Character Fixed
150 Conch Horn Item Uncommon
115 Confound Action Common
15 Coral Gargoyle Dwarf Character Uncommon
129 Corystes Item Uncommon
2 Count Brutan Deverenian Character Common
130 Dallen's Eye Item Common
116 Dancing Lights Action Common
16 Darkness Dwarf Character Common
117 Death for Death Action Common
104 Death from Below Action Uncommon
86 Debilitating Venom Action Uncommon
87 Decay Action Common
96 Desperate Grab Action Uncommon
29 Diirena Ebb Elf Character Rare
88 Distribution Action Uncommon
50 Dor of Clan Manaka Nothrog Character Uncommon
74 Dragon Turtle Mercenary Character Rare
75 Drasek Berenj Mercenary Character Fixed
76 Dryad Mercenary Character Common
30 Ebal Elf Character Common
51 El'can the Wily Nothrog Character Uncommon
118 Elemental Bolt Action Uncommon
38 Eloise Free Kingdom Character Uncommon
39 Ersten Cormac Free Kingdom Character Common
105 Essence of Eban-Tarsis Action Rare
160 Extension Scroll Item Uncommon
97 Faith in Steel Action Uncommon
89 Fervor Action Common
31 Flesh-Feeder Elf Character Rare
17 Fortress Dwarf Character Rare
131 Fountain of Tears Item Rare
18 Fridgeir Dwarf Character Rare
77 Fylgia Mercenary Character Uncommon
63 Garowl The Chosen Character Uncommon
167 Giant Turtle Item Rare
139 Gilded Chariot Item Uncommon
98 Glory of the Black Sun Action Rare
161 Golem Manual Item Rare
3 Gorlen the Pitiless Deverenian Character Rare
140 Great White Item Rare
78 Green Hag Mercenary Character Rare
52 Grilt Fenstalker Nothrog Character Fixed
53 Grukth Nothrog Character Common
119 Hallucination Action Rare
64 Hastari The Chosen Character Common
132 Healer's Pact Item Common
141 Helm of the Deep Item Common
106 Hide in Shadows Action Common
120 Hoarfrost Action Rare
32 Hydriel Elf Character Common
4 Inquisitor Slayne Deverenian Character Uncommon
19 Isolfur Dwarf Character Rare
162 Ivory Ring Item Common
151 Jewel Spider Web Item Common
90 Just a Little Scratch Action Common
99 Keep Up the Pace Action Common
54 Kel'suk Nothrog Character Rare
79 Lady Ersane Mercenary Character Uncommon
33 Leelu Elf Character Uncommon
80 Leviathan Mercenary Character Rare
142 Leviathan Hide Item Rare
121 Life is Magic Action Common
163 Living Statue Item Common
40 Llyr Veterans Free Kingdom Character Uncommon
107 Lure Action Uncommon
133 Mace Item Common
41 Maddock Yscar Free Kingdom Character Uncommon
65 Master Ezdeha The Chosen Character Rare
66 Master Fabas The Chosen Character Rare
20 Mend Dwarf Character Uncommon
5 Mistress Edrea Deverenian Character Uncommon
67 Mistress Tamine The Chosen Character Rare
55 Mollo Nothrog Character Rare
134 Mollusk Helm Item Rare
6 Mother Deiane Deverenian Character Rare
164 Necklace of Spell Storing Item Rare
100 New Orders Action Common
68 Nin-Gula The Chosen Character Fixed
165 Orb of Mud Item Uncommon
101 Out of Breath Action Uncommon
69 Pazu-Gara The Chosen Character Uncommon
21 Pendulum Dwarf Character Common
108 Pick Pockets Action Uncommon
22 Pinion Dwarf Character Fixed
91 Precognition Action Rare
126 Punitive Strike Action Uncommon
92 Putrescence Action Rare
135 Quake Hammer Item Rare
23 Quicksilver Gargoyle Dwarf Character Rare
56 Ra'Zul Nothrog Character Rare
109 Ranging Shot Action Common
57 Re'Tal Nothrog Character Uncommon
42 Reese Free Kingdom Character Rare
143 Repeating Crossbow Item Rare
43 Reynold Free Kingdom Character Rare
122 Ride the Wave Action Uncommon
166 Ring of Ice Item Rare
44 Rolando Free Kingdom Character Uncommon
152 Rustled Mount Item Common
81 Sahuagin Shaman Mercenary Character Uncommon
136 Sanguine Shield Item Common
58 Sappers Nothrog Character Common
102 Savage Strike Action Common
45 Selkie Free Kingdom Character Common
153 Serpentlash Item Uncommon
46 Shannon the Daring Free Kingdom Character Rare
144 Shell Armor Item Common
103 Shelter the Weak Action Rare
154 Shifts and Gears Item Uncommon
7 Sir Chretien Rellion Deverenian Character Uncommon
8 Sir Treguard Deverenian Character Uncommon
9 Sister Wanda Deverenian Character Common
155 Skyfire Item Rare
24 Snare Dwarf Character Uncommon
47 Snuff Garrett Free Kingdom Character Common
93 Song of Strength Action Common
10 Squire Marie Deverenian Character Common
82 SS-Slik Mercenary Character Common
110 Sting of the Lionfish Action Common
111 Stormfront Action Common
112 Submerge Action Rare
156 Sugvira the Scamp Item Rare
48 Tabisia Free Kingdom Character Rare
11 Temur Deverenian Character Rare
34 Thalaasa Elf Character Fixed
70 The Devoted The Chosen Character Common
35 The Moon and the Sea Elf Character Rare
71 The Promised The Chosen Character Uncommon
123 Tidal Mastery Action Uncommon
145 Tortoise Shield Item Common
146 Tortoise Stance Item Uncommon
168 Trident Item Uncommon
124 Tsunami Action Rare
147 Tulwar Item Uncommon
12 Tybert the Worthy Deverenian Character Rare
83 Udar Mercenary Character Rare
36 Undead Sahuagin Elf Character Uncommon
113 Uninvited Action Rare
59 Verusk Nothrog Character Rare
157 Weighted Net Item Common
94 White Squall Action Rare
72 Winti The Chosen Character Common
60 Zen'tis Nothrog Character Common
84 Zendik Mercenary Character Common