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Checklist of cards from Duel Terminal 4 (YuGiOh!)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
DT04-EN086 Alligator's Sword Dragon Monster / Effect / Fusion DNPR
DT04-EN088 Ancient Flamvell Deity Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-EN100 Anti-Spell Fragrance Trap Card / Continuous DRPR
DT04-EN037 Arcana Knight Joker Monster / Effect / Fusion DRPR
DT04-EN096 Assault Armor Spell/Magic Card / Equip DRPR
DT04-EN003 Blade Knight Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-EN009 Botanical Lion Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN053 Cyberdark Edge Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN002 Cyberdark Horn Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN094 De-Fusion Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play DNPR
DT04-EN032 Defender of the Ice Barrier Monster / Tuner DRPR
DT04-EN004 Different Dimension Dragon Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN047 Discord Trap Card / Continuous DNPR
DT04-EN050 Divine Wrath Trap Card / Counter DNPR
DT04-EN077 Dragunity Angusticlavii Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN023 Dragunity Brandistock Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN074 Dragunity Corsesca Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN024 Dragunity Javelin Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN091 Dragunity Knight - Barcha Monster / Effect / Synchro DSPR
DT04-EN040 Dragunity Knight - Trident Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-EN021 Dragunity Militum Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-EN075 Dragunity Partisan Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN076 Dragunity Pilum Monster / Tuner DRPR
DT04-EN022 Dragunity Primus Pilus Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-EN036 Elemental HERO Darkbright Monster / Effect / Fusion DNPR
DT04-EN007 Elemental HERO Necroshade Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN087 Elemental HERO Terra Firma Monster / Effect / Fusion DRPR
DT04-EN058 Elemental HERO Woodsman Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-EN059 Exploder Dragon Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN073 Fabled Dianaira Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-EN084 General Gantala of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-EN035 General Raiho of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-EN068 Genex Ally Bellflame Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-EN067 Genex Ally Birdman Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN013 Genex Ally Changer Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN066 Genex Ally Chemistrer Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN069 Genex Ally Crusher Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN012 Genex Ally Powercell Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-EN070 Genex Ally Reliever Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-EN011 Genex Ally Remote Monster / Tuner DRPR
DT04-EN015 Genex Ally Solid Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN038 Genex Ally Triarm Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-EN089 Genex Ally Triforce Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-EN014 Genex Ally Volcannon Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN054 Grave Squirmer Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-EN097 Hate Buster Trap Card DNPR
DT04-EN049 Icarus Attack Trap Card DRPR
DT04-EN052 Infernity Necromancer Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN093 Instant Fusion Spell/Magic Card DNPR
DT04-EN001 Jester Lord Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN027 Jurrac Aeolo Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN025 Jurrac Dino Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN026 Jurrac Gallim Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN028 Jurrac Herra Monster / Effect DRPR
DT04-EN041 Jurrac Meteor Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-EN055 King of the Swamp Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN045 Limiter Removal Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play DNPR
DT04-EN056 Masked Dragon Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN044 Megamorph Spell/Magic Card / Equip DNPR
DT04-EN095 Monster Reincarnation Spell/Magic Card DNPR
DT04-EN029 Naturia Butterfly Monster / Tuner DRPR
DT04-EN085 Naturia Exterio Monster / Effect / Fusion DUPR
DT04-EN030 Naturia Ladybug Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN042 Naturia Landoise Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-EN079 Naturia Mantis Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN080 Naturia Ragweed Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN078 Naturia Stinkbug Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN031 Naturia Strawberry Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN081 Naturia White Oak Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-EN064 Neo Flamvell Garuda Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN062 Neo Flamvell Hedgehog Monster / Tuner DRPR
DT04-EN061 Neo Flamvell Origin Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN065 Neo Flamvell Sabre Monster / Effect DSPR
DT04-EN063 Neo Flamvell Shaman Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN005 Nightmare Penguin Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN099 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Trap Card DNPR
DT04-EN043 Polymerization Spell/Magic Card DNPR
DT04-EN060 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN008 Rigorous Reaver Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN048 Royal Oppression Trap Card / Continuous DNPR
DT04-EN034 Sacred Spirit of the Ice Barrier Monster / Spirit DNPR
DT04-EN083 Secret Guards of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN051 Snipe Hunter Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN082 Strategist of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN017 The Fabled Catsith Monster / Tuner DRPR
DT04-EN018 The Fabled Cerburrel Monster / Tuner DSPR
DT04-EN016 The Fabled Chawa Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN019 The Fabled Ganashia Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN072 The Fabled Kokkator Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN090 The Fabled Kudabbi Monster / Effect / Synchro DSPR
DT04-EN020 The Fabled Nozoochee Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN071 The Fabled Peggulsus Monster / Tuner DNPR
DT04-EN039 The Fabled Unicore Monster / Effect / Synchro DSPR
DT04-EN046 The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play DNPR
DT04-EN098 Trap Dustshoot Trap Card DNPR
DT04-EN092 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect / Synchro DUPR
DT04-EN057 Wall of Illusion Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN033 Warlock of the Ice Barrier Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN006 Warrior Lady of the Wasteland Monster / Effect DNPR
DT04-EN010 White Night Dragon Monster / Effect DSPR