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Checklist of cards from Dog Days Extra Trial (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
DD-WE12-07 "Genoise" Jaune Character C
DD-WE12-T02 "Genoise" Noir Character TD
DD-WE12-T05 Amelita, Secretary to the Princess Character TD
DD-WE12-T07 Cinque, Millhi's Hero Character TD
DD-WE12-30 Cinque, Summon Hero Character C
DD-WE12-T09 Definitely In Love Climax TD
DD-WE12-31 Ecle, Praetorian Guard Captain Character C
DD-WE12-T08 Holy Sabre Climax TD
DD-WE12-T04 Leo, Knight of King of Beasts Character TD
DD-WE12-10 Leo, Silent Determination Character C
DD-WE12-T01 Leo, Talented with Weapons Character TD
DD-WE12-28 Millhi, Looking on Character C
DD-WE12-23 Millhi, Lord of Biscotti Character C
DD-WE12-34 Monster Ball Event C
DD-WE12-T06 Rizel, Head of Maids Character TD
DD-WE12-T03 Rouge, Guard Maid Character TD
DD-WE12-11 Violet, Personal Attendant Character C