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Checklist of cards from King of Fighters Booster Pack (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
KF-S05-094 "Dragon Ki" Kensou Character C
KF-S05-072 104 Shiki: Aragami Event C
KF-S05-017 Adelheid Character C
KF-S05-053 Andy Bogard / アンディ・ボガード Character R
KF-S05-096 Art of Fighting Team Event U
KF-S05-032 Ash, Plunderer / 略奪者アッシュ Character R
KF-S05-032R Ash, Plunderer / 略奪者アッシュ Character RRR
KF-S05-041 Ash, Sneering Crimson Shadow Character C
KF-S05-083 Athena Asamiya Character U
KF-S05-077 Athena in Sailor Uniform Character RR
KF-S05-077S Athena in Sailor Uniform Character SR
KF-S05-011 Benimaru Nikaidou Character U
KF-S05-039 Billy Kane / ビリー・カーン Character C
KF-S05-030 Billy, Faithful Shadow of Geese Character R
KF-S05-015 Blue Mary Character C
KF-S05-075 Buster Wolf Climax CC
KF-S05-003 Chang & Choi Character R
KF-S05-052 Chris / クリス Character RR
KF-S05-052S Chris / クリス Character SR
KF-S05-029 Clark Steel Character R
KF-S05-043 Clark, Quiet Mercenary Character C
KF-S05-097 Continue Event C
KF-S05-033 Daimon, Judo Practictioner Character U
KF-S05-100 Diamond Edge Climax CC
KF-S05-100P Diamond Edge / ダイアモンドエッジ Climax SP
KF-S05-064 Duolon Character C
KF-S05-063 Eiji Kisaragi / 如月 影二 Character C
KF-S05-038 Elizabeth Blanctorche Character C
KF-S05-071 Fatal Fury Team / 餓狼伝説チーム Event U
KF-S05-024 Fate of 660 Years Ago Climax CC
KF-S05-034 Geese Howard Character U
KF-S05-027 Geese, Bad Charisma Character RR
KF-S05-027S Geese, Bad Charisma Character SR
KF-S05-088 Gentsai Chin Character C
KF-S05-049 Germinal Climax CC
KF-S05-012 Goenitz of the Wild Winds Character U
KF-S05-037 Goro Daimon Character U
KF-S05-074 Hana Arashi Climax CC
KF-S05-074P Hana Arashi / 花嵐 Climax SP
KF-S05-026 Hiedern, Cold Assassin Character RR
KF-S05-099 Illegitimate Child of Baddies Climax CC
KF-S05-016 Iori Yagami Character C
KF-S05-007 Iori, Berserking / 暴走庵 Character R
KF-S05-007S Iori, Berserking / 暴走庵 Character SR
KF-S05-004 Iori, Sealed One Character R
KF-S05-004R Iori, Sealed One Character RRR
KF-S05-070 Japan Team / 日本チーム Event U
KF-S05-059 Joe Higashi Character U
KF-S05-085 K' Character U
KF-S05-014 Kasumi Toudou Character C
KF-S05-086 Kensou Sei Character U
KF-S05-005 Kim, Educator of Justice Character R
KF-S05-018 Kim, Treasure of the Tae Kwon Do World Character C
KF-S05-022 Kin 1211 Style: Ya Otome Event C
KF-S05-001 King Character RR
KF-S05-019 King, Beauty of Kicks Character C
KF-S05-081 Kula Diamond / クーラ・ダイアモンド Character R
KF-S05-076 Kula, Ice Beauty / 氷の美少女クーラ Character RR
KF-S05-076R Kula, Ice Beauty / 氷の美少女クーラ Character RRR
KF-S05-091 Kula, Icicle Doll Character C
KF-S05-065 KUSANAGI Character C
KF-S05-002 Kyo & Iori Character RR
KF-S05-051 Kyo Kusanagi / 草薙 京 Character RR
KF-S05-051R Kyo Kusanagi / 草薙 京 Character RRR
KF-S05-006 Kyo, Prince of Flames Character R
KF-S05-006S Kyo, Prince of Flames Character SR
KF-S05-062 Kyo, Successor of Powerful Flames Character U
KF-S05-008 Kyo, Sweeper / 払う者 京 Character U
KF-S05-036 Leona Hiedern Character U
KF-S05-028 Leona, Silent Soldier / サイレントソルジャー レオナサイレントソルジャー レオナ Character R
KF-S05-028S Leona, Silent Soldier / サイレントソルジャー レオナサイレントソルジャー レオナ Character SR
KF-S05-067 Magaki Character C
KF-S05-068 Mai Shiranui Character C
KF-S05-054 Mai, Gorgeous Female Ninja / 華麗なる女忍者 舞 Character R
KF-S05-054S Mai, Gorgeous Female Ninja / 華麗なる女忍者 舞 Character SR
KF-S05-009 Mary, Free Agent Character U
KF-S05-010 Mature & Vice Character U
KF-S05-093 Maxima Character C
KF-S05-046 Member Select / メンバーセレクト Event U
KF-S05-047 Mission And Pride Event C
KF-S05-042 Nameless Character C
KF-S05-057 Omega Rugal Character R
KF-S05-082 One Who Exceeds K / Kを超えるもの Character R
KF-S05-025 Perfect Victory Climax CC
KF-S05-045 Provoke Event U
KF-S05-095 Psycho Soldier Team / サイコソルジャーチーム Event U
KF-S05-020 Purple Flame and Green Flame Event U
KF-S05-040 Raiden Character C
KF-S05-035 Ralf Jones Character U
KF-S05-089 Ramon / ラモン Character C
KF-S05-048 Rashoumon Climax CR
KF-S05-048P Rashoumon / 羅生門 Climax SP
KF-S05-090 Robert Garcia / ロバート・ガルシア Character C
KF-S05-080 Ryo Sakazaki / リョウ・サカザキ Character R
KF-S05-061 Ryuji Yamazaki / 山崎 竜二 Character U
KF-S05-031 Shen Woo / シェン・ウー Character R
KF-S05-058 Shermie Character U
KF-S05-060 Shermie, Provoking Character U
KF-S05-013 Shingo Yabuki Character C
KF-S05-098 Super Phoenix Infinity Climax CR
KF-S05-092 Takuma Sakazaki Character C
KF-S05-055 Terry & Andy Character R
KF-S05-056 Terry Bogard / テリー・ボガード Character R
KF-S05-066 Terry, Wild Wolf Character C
KF-S05-021 The Sun and the Moon Event U
KF-S05-023 Trinity Two Climax CR
KF-S05-023P Trinity Two / 三神技之弐 Climax SP
KF-S05-050 Truth Seeker Climax CC
KF-S05-073 Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi nagi Climax CR
KF-S05-087 Whip Character U
KF-S05-078 Whip, Rookie of Ikari Team / アックス小隊の新人ウィップ Character R
KF-S05-069 Yashiro Nanakase Character C
KF-S05-084 Yuri Sakazaki / ユリ・サカザキ Character U
KF-S05-079 Yuri, Tomboy Girl Character R
KF-S05-079S Yuri, Tomboy Girl Character SR
KF-S05-044 Zheprime Nameless Character C