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Checklist of cards from Little Busters! Ecstasy Booster Pack (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
LB-W06-001 "Ace Batting 4th" Sasami Character RR
LB-W06-001R "Ace Batting 4th" Sasami Character RRR
LB-W06-057 "Advisor" Riki Character U
LB-W06-091 "Away from this Life" Mio Character C
LB-W06-012 "Beautiful Handling" Yuiko Character C
LB-W06-009 "Best Friends" Rin & Komari Character U
LB-W06-062 "Big Sister" Kanata Character C
LB-W06-008 "Cat Dash!" Rin Character U
LB-W06-035 "Cheerfully Noisy" Haruka Character U
LB-W06-059 "Cool and Playful" Yuiko / “クールでお茶目”唯湖 Character U
LB-W06-003 "Costumed Mascot" Sasami / “着ぐるみ”佐々美 Character R
LB-W06-034 "Dog Lover" Sasami Character U
LB-W06-043 "Eager and Impatient" Kud Character C
LB-W06-067 "Eager Muscle" Masato Character C
LB-W06-056 "Ecstasy Mode" Saya / “エクスタシーモード”沙耶 Character R
LB-W06-056P "Ecstasy Mode" Saya / “エクスタシーモード”沙耶 Character SP
LB-W06-053 "Excellent Spy?" Saya / “優秀なスパイ?”沙耶 Character R
LB-W06-053P "Excellent Spy?" Saya / “優秀なスパイ?”沙耶 Character SP
LB-W06-037 "Favorite Things" Rin Character C
LB-W06-064 "Good Sisters" Haruka & Kanata Character C
LB-W06-086 "Happy Spiral" Komari / “幸せスパイラル”小毬 Character U
LB-W06-033 "International" Kud Character U
LB-W06-030 "Lonely" Sasami Character R
LB-W06-030R "Lonely" Sasami Character RRR
LB-W06-029 "Love-Hate" Kanata Character R
LB-W06-029S "Love-Hate" Kanata Character SR
LB-W06-041 "Miss Working Hard" Kud Character C
LB-W06-016 "Mood-Maker" Komari Character C
LB-W06-013 "Operation Meeting" Kyousuke Character C
LB-W06-084 "Perfect Invincible Girl" Saya / “完全無敵少女”沙耶 Character U
LB-W06-085 "Quarter Girl" Kud Character U
LB-W06-078 "Returning Child" Kud Character R
LB-W06-078S "Returning Child" Kud Character SR
LB-W06-089 "Rising Stock" Komari Character C
LB-W06-088 "Secret Orders" Kyousuke Character C
LB-W06-018 "Self-Righteous" Sasami Character C
LB-W06-063 "Sexy Role" Yuiko Character C
LB-W06-082 "Shadowless Girl" Midori Character U
LB-W06-005 "Sister" Yuiko Character R
LB-W06-005P "Sister" Yuiko Character SP
LB-W06-005S "Sister" Yuiko Character SR
LB-W06-042 "Sisters Being Compared" Haruka & Kanata Character C
LB-W06-065 "Skillful Spy" Saya Character C
LB-W06-010 "Strongest Rivals" Rin & Sasami Character U
LB-W06-061 "Strongest Woman" Yuiko Character U
LB-W06-060 "Talkative" Haruka / “おしゃべり”葉留佳 Character U
LB-W06-066 "Troublesome Girl" Haruka Character C
LB-W06-093 "Western-Eastern Compromise" Kud Character C
LB-W06-014 "Wishing Star" Komari Character C
LB-W06-032 "Women's Uniform" Riki Character U
LB-W06-027 "Worrisome" Haruka Character RR
LB-W06-090 A-chan Senpai Character C
LB-W06-023 Best Place Climax CR
LB-W06-023P Best Place Climax SP
LB-W06-050 Best Shot! Climax CC
LB-W06-071 Busy Kanata Event U
LB-W06-058 Cyber? Mio Character U
LB-W06-044 Empty Dinner Event R
LB-W06-045 End of Tears... Event U
LB-W06-074 Escape!! Climax CC
LB-W06-072 Everything Is within A Dream Event C
LB-W06-048 Farewell Climax CR
LB-W06-022 Fish Observation Event C
LB-W06-075 Fleeting Existence Climax CC
LB-W06-073 Hard-Working Chairman /がんばる委員長 Climax CR
LB-W06-028 Haruka in Casual Clothing Character R
LB-W06-051 Haruka, Water Shot / 水鉄砲 葉留佳 Character RR
LB-W06-051S Haruka, Water Shot / 水鉄砲 葉留佳 Character SR
LB-W06-069 Important Thing Event R
LB-W06-095 Incredible Deja Vu Event U
LB-W06-099 It'll Be Okay Climax CC
LB-W06-004 Jun Tokikaze Character R
LB-W06-038 Kanata in Yukata Character C
LB-W06-052 Kanata, Dispelled Character RR
LB-W06-052R Kanata, Dispelled Character RRR
LB-W06-036 Kanata, Holding Hands Character U
LB-W06-054 Kanata, Untrue to Herself Character R
LB-W06-039 Kengo in Uniform Character C
LB-W06-083 Kengo, Wounded Huge Rookie Character U
LB-W06-006 Komari in Casual Clothing Character R
LB-W06-076 Komari, Thoughts Entrusting Character RR
LB-W06-076S Komari, Thoughts Entrusting Character SR
LB-W06-046 Kuro's Wish Event U
LB-W06-007 Masato Inohara Character U
LB-W06-077 Mio & Midori in Swimsuits Character RR
LB-W06-077R Mio & Midori in Swimsuits Character RRR
LB-W06-081 Mio in Maid Uniform Character R
LB-W06-068 Mio in the Sunlight Character C
LB-W06-055 Mio, Resting in the Tree Shades Character R
LB-W06-055S Mio, Resting in the Tree Shades Character SR
LB-W06-092 Miyuki of the Archery Club Character C
LB-W06-047 Moving Event C
LB-W06-025 Piano that Kept Playing Climax CC
LB-W06-094 Promise by the Lake Event R
LB-W06-019 Protected Place Event R
LB-W06-096 Rest! Event U
LB-W06-079 Riki & Kyousuke, Saddened by Farewell Character R
LB-W06-017 Riki & Masato, Roommates Character C
LB-W06-049 Riki, I'm Home Climax CC
LB-W06-031 Rin & Dorj Character R
LB-W06-015 Rin with Resolution Character C
LB-W06-002 Rin, Doing Her Best Character RR
LB-W06-002S Rin, Doing Her Best Character SR
LB-W06-026 Rin, Threatening Character RR
LB-W06-026S Rin, Threatening Character SR
LB-W06-040 Sasami, Prodeful Character C
LB-W06-070 Saya, Caught Event U
LB-W06-087 Saya, Clumsy Spy Character C
LB-W06-080 Saya, Standing Ready Character R
LB-W06-021 Slowly Breaking Heart Event U
LB-W06-097 The Answer Finally Reached Event C
LB-W06-020 The One Waited on Is Yet to Come Event U
LB-W06-100 Trap on the Rooftop Climax CC
LB-W06-024 Trial from Older Brother Climax CC
LB-W06-098 We Are Little Busters Climax CR
LB-W06-011 Yuiko in Maid Uniform Character U