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Checklist of cards from Base Set (Star Trek - The Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
221 "A Taste of Armageddon" Mission Uncommon
222 "A Taste of Armageddon" Plot Uncommon
223 "A Taste of Armageddon" Discovery Rare
224 "Arena" Mission Common
225 "Arena" Plot Common
226 "Arena" Discovery Uncommon
227 "Balance of Terror" Mission Common
228 "Balance of Terror" Plot Common
229 "Balance of Terror" Discovery Common
230 "Charlie X" Mission Uncommon
231 "Charlie X" Plot Common
232 "Charlie X" Discovery Common
233 "Court-Martial" Mission Uncommon
234 "Court-Martial" Plot Uncommon
235 "Court-Martial" Discovery Rare
236 "Dagger of the Mind" Mission Rare
237 "Dagger of the Mind" Plot Uncommon
238 "Dagger of the Mind" Discovery Uncommon
239 "Errand of Mercy" Mission Common
240 "Errand of Mercy" Plot Common
241 "Errand of Mercy" Discovery Uncommon
159 "I'm a Doctor, Not a . . . " Wild Very Rare
242 "Miri" Mission Common
243 "Miri" Plot Common
244 "Miri" Discovery Uncommon
245 "Mudd's Women" Mission Common
246 "Mudd's Women" Plot Uncommon
247 "Mudd's Women" Discovery Common
248 "Operation: Annihilate!" Mission Common
249 "Operation: Annihilate!" Plot Uncommon
250 "Operation: Annihilate!" Discovery Common
251 "Return of the Archons" Mission Uncommon
252 "Return of the Archons" Plot Rare
253 "Return of the Archons" Discovery Uncommon
254 "Shore Leave" Mission Common
255 "Shore Leave" Plot Uncommon
256 "Shore Leave" Discovery Common
257 "Space Seed" Mission Common
258 "Space Seed" Plot Uncommon
259 "Space Seed" Discovery Common
260 "The Alternative Factor" Mission Common
261 "The Alternative Factor" Plot Uncommon
262 "The Alternative Factor" Discovery Common
263 "The Cage" Mission Common
264 "The Cage" Plot Common
265 "The Cage" Discovery Common
266 "The City on the Edge of Forever" Mission Uncommon
267 "The City on the Edge of Forever" Plot Common
268 "The City on the Edge of Forever" Discovery Common
269 "The Conscience of the King" Mission Uncommon
270 "The Conscience of the King" Plot Uncommon
271 "The Conscience of the King" Discovery Rare
272 "The Corbomite Maneuver" Mission Common
273 "The Corbomite Maneuver" Plot Common
274 "The Corbomite Maneuver" Discovery Common
275 "The Devil in the Dark" Mission Common
276 "The Devil in the Dark" Plot Common
277 "The Devil in the Dark" Discovery Common
278 "The Enemy Within" Mission Rare
279 "The Enemy Within" Plot Uncommon
280 "The Enemy Within" Discovery Uncommon
281 "The GALILEO Seven" Mission Uncommon
282 "The GALILEO Seven" Plot Common
283 "The GALILEO Seven" Discovery Common
284 "The Man Trap" Mission Common
285 "The Man Trap" Plot Common
286 "The Man Trap" Discovery Common
287 "The Menagerie" Mission Common
288 "The Menagerie" Plot Common
289 "The Menagerie" Discovery Common
290 "The Naked Time" Mission Uncommon
291 "The Naked Time" Plot Uncommon
292 "The Naked Time" Discovery Rare
293 "The Squire of Gothos" Mission Common
294 "The Squire of Gothos" Plot Common
295 "The Squire of Gothos" Discovery Common
296 "This Side of Paradise" Mission Uncommon
297 "This Side of Paradise" Plot Common
298 "This Side of Paradise" Discovery Common
299 "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Mission Common
300 "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Plot Uncommon
301 "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Discovery Common
302 "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Mission Common
303 "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Plot Common
304 "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Discovery Uncommon
305 "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Mission Common
306 "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Plot Common
307 "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Discovery Uncommon
55 Alice in Wonderland Challenge Common
56 Alien Savages Challenge Common
160 Ambassador Robert Fox Wild Very Rare
57 Andorians (Head Shot) Challenge Common
58 Android Duplicate! Challenge Very Rare
161 Are You of the Body? Wild Common
59 Ayelborne Challenge Rare
60 Balok Challenge Rare
162 Beam Me Up, Scotty! Wild Uncommon
61 Bele Challenge Rare
62 Ben Childress Challenge Uncommon
63 Bilar Challenge Uncommon
64 Black Knight Challenge Uncommon
163 Boot Scene Wild Rare
65 Capellans Challenge Common
2 Captain James T. Kirk Core Crew Super Common
164 Captain John Christopher Wild Uncommon
165 Caretaker Wild Rare
66 Claudius Marcus Challenge Rare
67 Colonel Green Challenge Common
3 Commander Spock Core Crew Super Common
68 Commodore Jose Mendez Challenge Very Rare
69 Commodore Stone Challenge Uncommon
166 Communicators Jammed! Wild Common
167 Corbomite Maneuver Wild Common
168 Court-Martial Wild Common
169 Cultural Envoy Wild Very Rare
170 Decisive Action Wild Rare
70 Decius Challenge Common
8 Default Discovery Core Episode Super Common
6 Default Mission Core Episode Super Common
7 Default Plot Core Episode Super Common
171 Deflector Shields at Maximum! Wild Common
71 Denevan Neural Parasites Challenge Rare
72 Dikironium Cloud Creature Challenge Very Rare
172 Direct Hit! Wild Uncommon
142 Disruptor Blast Effect Uncommon
173 Distraction Wild Common
73 Don Juan Challenge Common
143 Dose of the Venus Drug Effect Rare
74 Dr. Brown Challenge Common
75 Dr. Elizabeth Dehner Challenge Very Rare
9 Dr. Elizabeth Dehner Crew Uncommon
4 Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy Core Crew Super Common
10 Dr. Mark Piper Crew Rare
76 Dr. Roger Korby Challenge Rare
77 Dr. Simon Van Gelder Challenge Common
78 Dr. Tristan Adams Challenge Uncommon
174 Edge of the Galaxy Wild Very Rare
175 Edith Keeler, 20th Century Reformer Wild Very Rare
79 Elias Sandoval Challenge Uncommon
11 Ensign Angela Martine Crew Common
12 Ensign Matthews Crew Common
13 Ensign Pavel A. Chekov Crew Uncommon
14 Ensign Rayburn Crew Common
80 Eve McHuron Challenge Uncommon
81 Former Love Challenge Very Rare
82 Former Rival Finnegan Challenge Very Rare
83 Galactic High Commissioner Ferris Challenge Very Rare
84 Genghis Khan Challenge Uncommon
15 Geological Technician Fisher Crew Rare
85 Gorn Captain Challenge Common
176 Great Bird of the Galaxy Wild Common
177 Guardian of Forever Wild Uncommon
86 Hacom Challenge Rare
144 Have Some Tranya Effect Uncommon
178 Heroic Sacrifice Wild Common
87 Horta Challenge Uncommon
88 Hostile Miners Challenge Common
179 HypoSpray Wild Common
145 IDIC Effect Rare
1 Info Card Info Card Super Common
89 Insane Colonists Challenge Common
214 Ion Storm Permanent Wild Uncommon
90 Jahn Challenge Rare
180 Jim - This man's a Klingon!" Wild Uncommon
91 Joaquin Challenge Uncommon
92 Kahless Challenge Rare
93 Kang Challenge Uncommon
94 Khan Noonien Singh Challenge Rare
181 Klingon Arms Suppliers Wild Rare
95 Klingon Landing Party Challenge Common
96 Klingon Sniper Challenge Very Rare
97 Klingon Warrior Challenge Uncommon
98 Kor Challenge Uncommon
99 Landru Challenge Rare
100 Lawgivers Challenge Common
182 Lay in New Course Wild Common
101 Lazarus Challenge Common
102 Leila Kalomi Challenge Uncommon
103 Lenore Karidian Challenge Rare
104 Lethe Challenge Rare
16 Lieutenant (j.g.) Joe Tormolen Crew Common
17 Lieutenant Alden Crew Rare
18 Lieutenant Charlene Masters Crew Common
19 Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Finney Crew Rare
105 Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell Challenge Very Rare
20 Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell Crew Rare
21 Lieutenant Commander Giotto Crew Common
22 Lieutenant Commander Kelowitz Crew Common
23 Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott Crew Uncommon
24 Lieutenant D'Amato Crew Common
25 Lieutenant DePaul Crew Uncommon
26 Lieutenant DeSalle Crew Rare
27 Lieutenant Esteban Rodriguez Crew Common
28 Lieutenant Gaetano Crew Common
29 Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu Crew Uncommon
30 Lieutenant Karl Jaeger Crew Rare
31 Lieutenant Kevin T. Riley Crew Rare
32 Lieutenant Kyle Crew Very Rare
33 Lieutenant Lang Crew Common
34 Lieutenant Latimer Crew Uncommon
35 Lieutenant Lee Kelso Crew Uncommon
36 Lieutenant Leslie Crew Uncommon
37 Lieutenant Lindstrom Crew Uncommon
38 Lieutenant Marla McGivers Crew Very Rare
39 Lieutenant Mira Romaine Crew Rare
40 Lieutenant O'Neil Crew Common
41 Lieutenant Painter Crew Uncommon
42 Lieutenant Robert Tomlinson Crew Common
43 Lieutenant Spinelli Crew Common
44 Lieutenant Thom Parham Crew Very Rare
45 Lieutenant Uhura Crew Uncommon
183 Logical Argument Wild Common
184 Long-Winded Speech Wild Common
106 M-113 Monster (Crewman Green Form) Challenge Very Rare
107 M-113 Monster (Natural Form) Challenge Very Rare
108 Magda Kovacs Challenge Common
146 Makeshift Weapons Effect Uncommon
109 Mara Challenge Uncommon
147 Medical Readout Effect Rare
148 Medikit (C) Effect Common
149 Medikit (L) Effect Common
110 Melkotians Challenge Uncommon
111 Metron Challenge Rare
112 Military Officers, 20th Century Challenge Uncommon
150 Mind-Sifter Effect Rare
185 Miraculous Recovery Wild Rare
113 Miri Challenge Uncommon
114 Mudd's Women Challenge Uncommon
115 Mugato Challenge Rare
215 New Life and New Civilizations Permanent Wild Common
116 Nomad Challenge Very Rare
46 Nurse Christine Chapel Crew Uncommon
186 Oddly Familiar Culture Wild Rare
187 Omicron Ceti III Spores Wild Uncommon
117 Onlies Challenge Common
188 Orders from Starfleet Wild Rare
118 Organian Council of Elders Challenge Very Rare
119 Otto Challenge Uncommon
189 Personal Challenge Wild Common
152 Phaser Blast (H) Effect Common
151 Phaser Blast (L) Effect Common
153 Phaser on Overload Effect Rare
154 Phaser Rifle Fire Effect Rare
190 Phasers from Space Wild Common
191 Photon Torpedoes Wild Uncommon
120 Planetary Guards Challenge Common
121 Plasus Challenge Uncommon
192 Psi 2000 Virus Wild Rare
193 Red Alert! Wild Uncommon
194 Red Hour Wild Rare
195 Report to the Bridge! Wild Rare
122 Rojan Challenge Rare
123 Romulan Battle Cruiser Commander Challenge Uncommon
216 Romulan Bird-of-Prey Permanent Wild Uncommon
124 Romulan Bird-of-Prey Commander Challenge Common
125 Romulan Centurion Challenge Uncommon
196 Romulan Cloaking Device Wild Rare
197 Romulan Disguise Wild Uncommon
126 Ruk Challenge Common
127 Ruth Bonaventure Challenge Common
217 S.S. Fesarius Permanent Wild Very Rare
198 Samuel T. Cogley, Attorney Wild Very Rare
128 Samurai Warrior Challenge Common
199 Shuttlecraft Crew Revolt Wild Rare
218 Shuttlecraft Galileo Permanent Wild Common
200 Slingshot Effect Wild Very Rare
155 Slug of Saurian Brandy Effect Common
156 Song of a Vulcan Harp Effect Rare
201 Standard Procedures Wild Uncommon
219 Starbase 11 Permanent Wild Rare
202 Starfleet Commendation Wild Uncommon
220 Talos IV Permanent Wild Very Rare
203 Talosian Illusion Wild Rare
129 Talosians Challenge Uncommon
204 Tantalus Chamber Wild Very Rare
130 Tellarites Challenge Common
205 Thasians Wild Very Rare
131 The Kaylar Challenge Common
132 The Keeper Challenge Very Rare
206 The Play's the Thing Wild Uncommon
207 Time Travel Wild Rare
208 Tinkering With the Engines Wild Common
133 Transporter Duplicate Challenge Very Rare
47 Transporter Technician Wilson Crew Rare
209 Transporter, Fully Energized Wild Rare
210 Transporters Operational Wild Common
134 Trefayne Challenge Uncommon
135 Trelane Challenge Common
157 Tricorder Reading (C) Effect Common
158 Tricorder Reading (H) Effect Common
211 Turnabout Intruder Wild Very Rare
5 U.S.S. Enterprise Core Crew Super Common
212 Unknown Virus Wild Uncommon
136 Vina Challenge Uncommon
137 Vina, the Orion Dancer Challenge Rare
213 Vulcan Mind-Meld Wild Uncommon
138 White Rabbit Challenge Common
139 Witch Challenge Uncommon
140 Wyatt Earp Challenge Uncommon
141 Yarnek Challenge Rare
48 Yeoman Janice Rand Crew Uncommon
49 Yeoman Karen Greene Crew Common
50 Yeoman Martha Landon Crew Rare
51 Yeoman Mears Crew Common
52 Yeoman Smith Crew Common
53 Yeoman Teresa Ross Crew Common
54 Yeoman Tina Lawton Crew Uncommon