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Checklist of cards from Broken Blades (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
10 "No More Games, Yasuki" Action Uncommon
76 A Time for Action Event Uncommon
129 Agasha Chieh Personality Common
119 Akodo Fumio Personality Common
122 Akodo Hakuseki Personality Uncommon
120 Akodo Yobi Personality Uncommon
67 Ancient Promise Spell Uncommon
52 Armor of the Mountain Item Uncommon
109 Asahina Sekawa (Experienced) Personality Rare
130 Asako Bairei Personality Rare
15 At Your Command Action Common
53 Badge of Purity Item Common
2 Banzai Charge Action Common
134 Bayushi Katai Personality Common
135 Bayushi Yaro Personality Common
3 Berserker Rage Action Rare
87 Blessed Dojo Holding Common
62 Blessed Ward Kiho Common
14 Blood in the Shinomen Action Uncommon
83 Boundless Sight Event Rare
51 Brilliant Armor Item Common
68 Burning Blade Spell Common
69 Choke the Soul Spell Rare
50 Chukandomo Item Rare
150 City of Gold Region Uncommon
78 Conscription Event Rare
75 Consumption Spell Common
6 Corruption's Price Action Common
84 Cut Them Off Action Uncommon
110 Daidoji Heizo Personality Common
94 Daidoji Merchants Holding Uncommon
79 Dangerous Extremes Event Rare
88 Dark Oracle of Air Holding Rare
5 Deep in Meditation Action Rare
89 Devout Acolyte Holding Common
8 Dirty Fighting Action Common
112 Doji Akiko Personality Rare
111 Doji Jotaro Personality Common
9 Draw Them Out Action Common
80 Embargo Event Uncommon
90 Entrenchment Holding Uncommon
39 Falcon Messengers Follower Common
12 Field of Amaterasu Action Common
37 Gaheris No Shiryo Ancestor Rare
142 Garen Personality Uncommon
47 Gunso Follower Common
81 Harsh Winter Event Rare
96 Hida Advisor Holding Uncommon
105 Hida Kuon (Experienced 2) Personality Fixed
106 Hida Reiha (Experienced) Personality Rare
104 Hida Tokichiro Personality Common
107 Hiruma Ryuichi Personality Common
115 Hitomi Eichiko Personality Uncommon
114 Hitomi Hogai Personality Uncommon
30 Honor Is My Blade Action Uncommon
46 Hound of the Lost Follower Uncommon
26 I Give You My Sword Action Uncommon
13 Iaijutsu Technique Action Rare
145 Ide Sadanobu Personality Common
121 Ikoma Otemi (Experienced) Personality Rare
38 Iron Defenders Follower Uncommon
131 Isawa Izumi Personality Common
132 Isawa Yoriko Personality Uncommon
149 Iuchi Hari Personality Uncommon
92 Jade Vein Holding Common
144 Jotei Personality Rare
103 Kaelung Personality Rare
139 Katsu Personality Common
41 Kisada's Fist Follower Rare
93 Kisada's Shrine Holding Rare
113 Kozue Personality Uncommon
59 Lady Moon's Curse Kiho Common
95 Lesser Shrine Holding Common
42 Lobbyists Follower Uncommon
20 Loyal Yojimbo Action Common
43 Maho Bujin Follower Uncommon
33 Make Your Choice Action Common
123 Matsu Makiko Personality Common
116 Mirumoto Shokan Personality Common
124 Moshi Jukio Personality Rare
16 Moth Tattoo Action Uncommon
146 Moto Kubulai Personality Fixed
140 Muchitsujo Personality Rare
58 My Father's Weapon Item Common
98 Mystic Dojo Holding Common
45 Ogre Hag Follower Rare
72 Open the Waves Spell Common
17 Open Warfare Action Uncommon
1 Overwhelmed Action Rare
91 Paddock Holding Uncommon
60 Palm Strike Kiho Rare
70 Path of the Dragon Star Spell Uncommon
82 Perfect Silence Event Rare
19 Petition Forgiveness Action Uncommon
97 Pirate Wharf Holding Uncommon
71 Plumb the Darkness Spell Uncommon
151 Port Town Region Common
61 Private Augury Kiho Uncommon
21 Quest for Guidance Action Rare
40 Ravenous Podlings Follower Rare
153 Razor's Edge Dojo Stronghold Fixed
11 Relentless Assault Action Uncommon
99 Rice Paddy Holding Uncommon
73 Righteous Protection Spell Rare
22 Rising Sun Tattoo Action Uncommon
29 Run Him Down Action Uncommon
54 Sacred Gong Item Common
44 Sailors for Hire Follower Common
55 Sampan Item Common
23 Scroll Cache Action Rare
152 Seas of Shadow Region Rare
48 Seductive Kansen Follower Rare
36 Seiko No Shiryo Ancestor Rare
141 Shadow Dragon Personality Uncommon
133 Shiba Hayoto Personality Uncommon
148 Shinjo Inoue Personality Common
147 Shinjo Noriyori Personality Uncommon
156 Shiro Shinjo Stronghold Fixed
136 Shosuro Yudoka (Experienced) Personality Fixed
100 Shrine of Stone Holding Rare
24 Slaying Fields Action Common
25 Solitary Engagement Action Uncommon
18 Stand Aside Action Uncommon
old-118 Tamori Shiatung (Experienced) Personality Rare
117 Tamori Shukuen Personality Common
27 Ten Thousand As One Action Uncommon
77 The Dark Daughter's Caress Event Rare
143 The Importunate Vu Personality Common
155 The Shadowed Tower of the Shosuro Stronghold Fixed
84b The Shogun's Fealty Event Uncommon
56 The Steel Throne Item Rare
28 Three-Pronged Assault Action Common
85 Time of Loyalty Event Rare
57 Tonfa Item Common
101 Toturi's Shrine Holding Rare
102 Trade Hub Holding Common
86 Traveling Merchants Event Uncommon
125 Tsuruchi Heishiro Personality Common
126 Tsuruchi Yutaka Personality Common
74 Tthe Wolf's Proposal Spell Uncommon
32 Twisted Forest Action Common
35 Uona No Shiryo Ancestor Rare
49 Veteran Bushi Follower Uncommon
31 We Will Have Revenge Action Rare
4 White Stag Burns Action Rare
63 Will of Air Kiho Rare
64 Will of Earth Kiho Rare
65 Will of Fire Kiho Rare
66 Will of Water Kiho Rare
108 Yasuki Jinn-Kuen Personality Uncommon
154 Yasuki Palaces Stronghold Rare
137 Yogo Hatsumi Personality Uncommon
138 Yogo Tjeki (Experienced) Personality Rare
128 Yoritomo Kumiko Personality Rare
127 Yoritomo Soetsuko Personality Uncommon
34 Yoshi No Shiryo Ancestor Rare