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Checklist of cards from Nanoha StrikerS Booster Pack (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
NS-W04-052 "Ace of Aces" Nanoha Character RR
NS-W04-052R "Ace of Aces" Nanoha Character RRR
NS-W04-076 "Blessed Wing" Reinforce II Character RR
NS-W04-076S "Blessed Wing" Reinforce II Character SR
NS-W04-047 "Just Like Practice" Event C
NS-W04-002 "True Sonic Form" Fate Character RR
NS-W04-002S "True Sonic Form" Fate Character SR
NS-W04-021 A Little Improvement Event U
NS-W04-075 A Promise with Mama Climax CC
NS-W04-058 Agito, Sword Spirit of Fire Character U
NS-W04-083 Alto & Lucino, Communications Character U
NS-W04-012 Amy, Mother of Two Character C
NS-W04-007 Arf, Familiar Character U
NS-W04-094 Can You Help Me? Event R
NS-W04-079 Carim Gracia Character R
NS-W04-005 Caro & Friedrich Character R
NS-W04-011 Caro & Voltaire Character U
NS-W04-001 Caro Ru Lushe Character RR
NS-W04-001S Caro Ru Lushe Character SR
NS-W04-004 Caro, Dragon Summoner Character R
NS-W04-016 Chrono, Captain of Claudia Character C
NS-W04-033 Cinque, Bomber of Dancing Blades Character U
NS-W04-039 Dieci, Sniping Bomber Character C
NS-W04-049 Divine Buster / ディバインバスター Climax CC
NS-W04-049SP Divine Buster / ディバインバスター Climax SP
NS-W04-045 Doing Whatever I Want? Event U
NS-W04-024 Dragon Knight Summoning / 龍騎招来 Climax CC
NS-W04-024SP Dragon Knight Summoning / 龍騎招来 Climax SP
NS-W04-062 Due, Fake Appearance Secret Agent Character C
NS-W04-019 Early Morning Training Event R
NS-W04-018 Erio & Caro Character C
NS-W04-008 Erio Mondial Character U
NS-W04-003 Erio, Lance Knight Initiate Character R
NS-W04-020 F's Legacy Event U
NS-W04-022 Failed Landing Event C
NS-W04-013 Fate & Arf Character C
NS-W04-009 Fate, Golden Flash Character U
NS-W04-025 Fire Dragon Flash Climax CC
NS-W04-032 Genya Nakajima Character U
NS-W04-074 Getting Out-! Climax CC
NS-W04-031 Ginga Nakajima Character R
NS-W04-089 Griffith Lowran Character C
NS-W04-080 Guardian Knight Shamal & Guardian Beast Zafira / 守護騎士シャマル&守護獣ザフィーラ Character R
NS-W04-077 Hayate & Rein Character RR
NS-W04-077S Hayate & Rein Character SR
NS-W04-088 Hayate Yagami Character C
NS-W04-081 Hayate, Lord of the Last Dark Sky Character R
NS-W04-081R Hayate, Lord of the Last Dark Sky Character RRR
NS-W04-023 Hesitate No Longer Climax CR
NS-W04-098 Hraesvelgr / フレースヴェルグ Climax CR
NS-W04-098SP Hraesvelgr / フレースヴェルグ Climax SP
NS-W04-044 I Don't Want to Be Alone! Event R
NS-W04-050 I Have Come to Help! Climax CC
NS-W04-091 Inspector Verossa Character C
NS-W04-087 Laguna Granscenic Character C
NS-W04-048 Last Simulation Battle Climax CR
NS-W04-100 Limit Release Climax CC
NS-W04-015 Lindy, Officer of General Affairs Character C
NS-W04-042 Lutecia & Hakutenou Character C
NS-W04-029 Lutecia Alpine Character R
NS-W04-072 Mama, Good Child Event C
NS-W04-037 Mariel, Mechanic Maester Character C
NS-W04-006 Nanoha & Fate Character R
NS-W04-006R Nanoha & Fate Character RRR
NS-W04-035 Nanoha & Subaru Character U
NS-W04-067 Nanoha & Vita Character C
NS-W04-066 Nanoha & Vivio Character C
NS-W04-060 Nanoha Takamachi Character U
NS-W04-064 Nanoha, Battle Techniques Instructor Character C
NS-W04-043 Nove & Wendi Character C
NS-W04-040 Otto & Deed Character C
NS-W04-095 Pledge of Alto Event U
NS-W04-097 Prophetinschriften Event C
NS-W04-054 Quattro, Illusionist Character R
NS-W04-084 Reinforce II Character U
NS-W04-055 Scaglietti, Dimensional Criminal Character R
NS-W04-092 Schach Nouera Character C
NS-W04-063 Sein, Deep Cover Spy Character C
NS-W04-078 Shamal, Hand of the Healing Wind Character R
NS-W04-082 Shario, Mechanic Designer Character U
NS-W04-017 Signum & Rein Character C
NS-W04-010 Signum, Flame General Character U
NS-W04-014 Signum, Vice Captain Character C
NS-W04-070 Silver Curtain Event U
NS-W04-093 Sister Schach Character C
NS-W04-090 Sniper Vice Character C
NS-W04-096 Something to Protect Event U
NS-W04-073 Starlight Breaker / スターライトブレイカー Climax CR
NS-W04-073SP Starlight Breaker / スターライトブレイカー Climax SP
NS-W04-041 Subaru & Ginga, Calibers Character C
NS-W04-036 Subaru & Teana Character U
NS-W04-036R Subaru & Teana Character RRR
NS-W04-028 Subaru Nakajima Character R
NS-W04-027 Subaru, Front Attacker Character RR
NS-W04-027S Subaru, Front Attacker Character SR
NS-W04-038 Teana Lanster Character C
NS-W04-026 Teana, Center Guard Character RR
NS-W04-026S Teana, Center Guard Character SR
NS-W04-065 Tre & Sette Character C
NS-W04-099 Unbreakable Things Climax CC
NS-W04-071 Unisoning Event U
NS-W04-030 Uno, Scaglietti's Secretary Character R
NS-W04-086 Verossa & Schach Character U
NS-W04-057 Vita, Battle Instructor / 戦闘教官ヴィータ Character U
NS-W04-056 Vita, Knight of the Iron Hammer Character R
NS-W04-056S Vita, Knight of the Iron Hammer Character SR
NS-W04-051 Vivio Character RR
NS-W04-051S Vivio Character SR
NS-W04-053 Vivio Takamachi Character R
NS-W04-061 Vivio, Saint King Character U
NS-W04-069 Wide Area Search Event R
NS-W04-046 Wing Road Event U
NS-W04-034 Yuuno, Chief Librarian of Infinite Library Character U
NS-W04-085 Zafira, Fiierce Guardian Beast Character U
NS-W04-068 Zest Grangaitz Character C
NS-W04-059 Zest, Wandering Knight Character U