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Checklist of cards from Persona 4 Trial Deck (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
P4-S08-T12 "Declaration of Youth" Kuma Character TD
P4-S08-101 "Key of the Contract" Protagonist Character TD
P4-S08-T14 "Kumada"-chan Character TD
P4-S08-T01 Ayane Matsunaga, Wind Instrument Club Character TD
P4-S08-T10 Brave Server Climax TD
P4-S08-T06 Doujima, Promise of Father Character TD
P4-S08-T16 Mahabufudain Climax TD
P4-S08-T11 Manager Ai Ebihara Character TD
P4-S08-T02 Miss Complex? Protagonist-chan Character TD
P4-S08-T04 Nanako in Yukata Character TD
P4-S08-T13 Naoto, Famoust Detective Character TD
P4-S08-T09 Never More Climax TD
P4-S08-102 Perapera Bear Character TD
P4-S08-T07 Protagonist, Leader Character TD
P4-S08-T15 The Poem of Souls of All Humans Event TD
P4-S08-T08 Yousuke & Susanoo Character TD
P4-S08-T05 Yousuke, Bandage to Friendship Character TD
P4-S08-T03 Yousuke, Protagonist's Sidekick Character TD