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Checklist of cards from Supernova Supremacy (Battle Spirits TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
41 Aspidochelun Spirit Uncommon
67 Big Bang Energy Spell Uncommon
83 Blessing Cores Spell Common
12 Bogies Spirit Uncommon
79 Character Lost Spell Common
43 Clockdile Spirit Common
39 Detective Pentan Spirit Common
84 Dragonic Howling Spell Uncommon
70 Elimination Spell Common
76 Emergency Spell Common
80 Exhaust Nexus Spell Common
69 Flame Gust Spell Rare
74 Forest Charge Spell Common
52 Forest-Golem Spirit Common
2 Futabanea Spirit Common
78 Healing Circle Spell Rare
77 Iceberg Spell Common
71 Immortal Draw Spell Common
40 Iwasaal Spirit Common
10 Kitsunaby Spirit Common
68 Land Mine Spell Common
13 Mimizukurow Spirit Common
73 On the Edge Spell Common
19 Ookuchiba Spirit Common
37 Pooka Spirit Common
72 Shadow Blade Spell Rare
81 Somersault Turn Spell Rare
29 The ArmoredBeast Oozuchi Spirit Common
28 The Artifact Galar Spirit Common
66 The Awakening Fortress Castle Nexus Common
53 The BlacksmithKing Cyc-Bros Spirit Master Rare
9 The BlazeEmperor Arc Spirit Rare
36 The BlizzardEmperor Ullr Spirit Rare
48 The BombBeast Bonnacorn Spirit Common
26 The Captain Dreadnought Spirit Master Rare
14 The DarkKnight Bors Spirit Common
16 The DarkKnight Mordred Spirit Master Rare
18 The DarknessEmperor Zanba Spirit Rare
50 The Diva Canary Spirit Common
X37 The DoomKnightLord Ragna-Rock Spirit X Rare
X37a The DoomKnightLord Ragna-Rock Spirit X Rare
51 The DragonArmorGiant Ozias Spirit Uncommon
17 The DragonPhoenixDeity Baaral Spirit Master Rare
42 The FairyKnight Peter Spirit Uncommon
44 The FairyPrincess Hama-Dryas Spirit Master Rare
8 The FlameEmperor Agniffon Spirit Master Rare
49 The FlameLizard Cthughma Spirit Common
63 The Flower Palace Nexus Common
64 The Flying Ark Nexus Uncommon
32 The FlyingIronBeast Gale-Fokker Spirit Common
23 The FortressWorm Ralba Spirit Common
5 The GalaxyDragon Andrometeors Spirit Uncommon
46 The Gatekeeper Alparkar Spirit Common
35 The GiantBeastEmperor Smidlord Spirit Master Rare
24 The GiantHornCastle Elasmos Spirit Uncommon
65 The Great Workshop of the Meisters Nexus Common
60 The Green Big Tree Nexus Uncommon
58 The Grimoire Bookshelf Nexus Common
30 The Guardian Hlin Spirit Uncommon
31 The GuardianGiantBeast Galaparzo Spirit Common
X40 The HeelGiant Titus-the-Black Spirit X Rare
3 The HornDinoman Drakkhen Spirit Common
X38 The ImpregnableKnightLord Odin Type-X Spirit X Rare
59 The Jade Shrine Nexus Common
15 The JailBeast Gashabers Spirit Common
27 The JungleEmperor Volza Spirit Rare
33 The LanceKnight Gautr Spirit Uncommon
38 The LilybellFairy Tinka Spirit Common
X39 The MagicalEmpress Ambrocius Spirit X Rare
21 The Mononofu Impalar Spirit Common
25 The Ninja Sarutobe Spirit Master Rare
55 The Reincarnation Valley Nexus Common
61 The Sanctuary protected by GiantBeast Nexus Common
X36 The SevenShogun Beldegaulle Spirit X Rare
57 The Shadow Hiding Clock Tower Nexus Uncommon
47 The SharkMan Sangojaw Spirit Uncommon
11 The ShieldKnight Guardner Spirit Uncommon
45 The ShiningEmperor Ryute Spirit Rare
6 The SnakeDragon King-Gorgo Spirit Common
62 The Spring of Norn Nexus Uncommon
56 The Star Creation Place Nexus Common
54 The StormEmperor Coyo Spirit Rare
X35 The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova Spirit X Rare
X35a The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova Spirit X Rare
X35b The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova Spirit X Rare
34 The Valkyrie Gna Spirit Common
4 The VampireDragon Wybat Spirit Uncommon
22 The Viscount Minoba Spirit Uncommon
7 The WildBeast Cruger Spirit Common
82 Transformation Spell Rare
75 Wind Shear Spell Rare
20 Yamiyanma Spirit Common
1 Yoroilizardon Spirit Common