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Checklist of cards from The Camarilla Edition (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
548 .44 Magnum Equipment PTo3
1 Aaron's Feeding Razor Equipment R
2 Abandoning the Flesh Reaction/Combat R
3 Absolution of the Diabolist Master U
4 Academic Hunting Ground Master U
5 Aching Beauty Master U
6 Acrobatics Combat C
7 Adelaide Davis Vampire V
8 Aid from Bats Combat C
9 Aire of Elation Action Modifier C
10 Aisling Sturbridge Vampire PTr
11 Akram Vampire PB
20 Al's Army Apparatus Master R
12 Alacrity Action Modifier U
13 Alan Sovereign Vampire V
14 Alejandro Aguirre Vampire V
15 Alexandra Vampire PTo
16 Alfred Benezri Vampire V
17 Allison Maller Vampire V/PB
18 Almiro Suarez Vampire V
19 Alonzo Guillen Vampire V
21 Amadeo Vampire PN
22 Amaranth Combat U
23 Amelia, The Blood Red Tears Vampire V
24 Anarch Revolt Master U
25 Anarch Troublemaker Master R
26 Anastaszdi Zagreb Vampire V
27 Anathema Political Action U
28 Anatole, Prophet of Gehenna Vampire PM
29 Ancient Influence Political Action C
30 Ancilla Empowerment Political Action C
31 Animalism Master C
33 Annabelle Triabell Vampire V
34 Antoinette, She Who Watches Vampire V
35 Antonio Veradas Vampire V
36 Apportation Combat C
37 Arcane Library Master R
38 Arcanum Chapterhouse, Alexandria Master
39 Archon Political Action U
40 Archon Investigation Master U
41 Arika Vampire PV
42 Arms Dealer Ally U
43 Army of Rats Action C
44 Arnold Simpson Vampire V
45 Arson Action
46 Art Museum Master R
47 Ascendance Master
48 Assault Rifle Equipment U
49 Asylum Hunting Ground Master U
50 Aura Reading Combat C
51 Auspex Master C
52 Autarkis Persecution Political Action C
53 Awe Action Modifier
54 Baltimore Purge Action U
55 Bang Nakh - Tiger's Claws Equipment C
56 Banishment Political Action
58 Barth Vampire V/PTo
59 Behind You! Combat U
60 Bewitching Oration Action Modifier C
61 Bindusara, Historian of the Kindred Vampire PV
62 Blessing of Chaos Action
63 Blood Doll Master
64 Blood Fury Combat
65 Blood Hunt Action U
66 Blood Puppy Master R
67 Blood Rage Combat C
68 Blood to Water Combat C
69 Blur Combat C
70 Blythe Candeleria Vampire PTr
71 Bomb Equipment
72 Bonding Action Modifier C
73 Bounty Master U
74 Boxed In Combat C
75 Brachah Vampire PB
76 Brainwash Master U
77 Brass Knuckles Equipment C
78 Bribes Action Modifier
79 Brothers Grimm Master R
80 Brujah Justicar Political Action R
81 Bum's Rush Action C
82 Bureaucratic Overload Master
83 Burning Wrath Combat
84 Burst of Sunlight Combat U
85 Cairo Int'l Airport Master
86 Calebros, The Martyr Vampire PN
87 Camarilla Exemplary Political Action C
88 Canine Horde Combat C
89 Carna, The Princess Witch Vampire V
90 Carrion Crows Combat
91 Carthage Remembered Master R
92 Casino Reeds Vampire V
93 Cat Burglary Action R
94 Catatonic Fear Combat
95 Catherine du Bois Vampire V
96 Cats' Guidance Reaction C
97 Cauldron of Blood Combat
98 Celerity Master C
99 Change of Target Action Modifier U
100 Chantry Master U
101 Charming Lobby Action U
102 Charnas the Imp Retainer R
103 Clan Impersonation Action C
104 Cloak the Gathering Action Modifier C
105 Closed Session Action Modifier U
106 Cock Robin Vampire V
107 Cohn Rose Vampire V/PTr
108 Coma Combat U
109 Command of the Harpies Political Action U
110 Computer Hacking Action
111 Concealed Weapon Combat C
112 Conditioning Action Modifier C
113 Confusion Action Modifier C
114 Consanguineous Boon Political Action
115 Conservative Agitation Political Action
116 Constanza Vinti Vampire PB
117 Cornelius Ottavio Vampire PM
118 Corpse Minion Retainer
119 Creamy Jade Vampire V
120 Cryptic Mission Action C
121 Cryptic Rider Action Modifier U
122 Daliyah Vampire PN
123 Damaskenos, Herald of Leandro Vampire PM
124 Darva Felispa Vampire V
125 David Morgan, The Scourge Vampire V
126 Dawn Operation Action Modifier U
127 Day Operation Action Modifier R
128 Dead-End Alley Combat C
129 Deer Rifle Equipment U
130 Deflection Reaction C
131 Delaying Tactics Reaction U
132 Dementation Master C
133 Derange Action R
134 Diana Vick Vampire V/PV
135 Disarm Combat
136 Disarming Presence Action Modifier
137 Disguised Weapon Combat C
138 Disputed Territory Political Action
139 Distraction Action
140 Dodge Combat C
141 Domain Challenge Political Action C
142 Dominate Master C
143 Dominate Kine Action R
144 Dónal O'Connor Vampire PB
145 Dr. Douglas Netchurch Vampire V/PM
146 Dragon's Breath Rounds Combat U
147 Drain Essence Combat U
148 Dramatic Upheaval Political Action U
149 Drawing Out the Beast Combat C
150 Dread Gaze Reaction
151 Eagle's Sight Reaction U
152 Earl Vampire V
153 Edith Blount Vampire V
154 Edward Neally Vampire V
155 Edward Vignes Vampire V/PV
156 Effective Management Master
157 Ehrich Weiss Vampire V
158 Elder Impersonation Action Modifier C
159 Elder Intervention Reaction C
160 Elder Kindred Network Reaction U
161 Elder Library Master U
162 Elena Gutierrez Vampire V/PV
163 Elisabetta Romano Vampire PTr
164 Ellison Humboldt Vampire V/PN
165 Elysium: The Arboretum Master U
166 Elysium: The Palace of Versailles Master
168 Emerson Wilkershire III Vampire V
169 Enchant Kindred Action C
170 Enhanced Senses Reaction C
171 Enid Blount Vampire V
172 Entrancement Action R
173 Erichtho Vampire V
174 Esau Vampire V
175 Etrius Vampire PTr
176 Eugenio Estevez Vampire V
177 Evan Klein Vampire V
178 Eyes of Chaos Action Modifier C
179 Faceless Night Action Modifier C
180 Fake Out Combat
181 Fame Master
182 Fast Hands Combat
183 Fast Reaction Reaction U
184 Fear of Mekhet Master
185 Fifth Tradition: Hospitality Action U
186 First Tradition: The Masquerade Political Action R
187 Fists of Death Combat R
188 Flak Jacket Equipment
189 Flamethrower Equipment
190 Flash Combat C
191 Fleurdumal Vampire V
192 Forced Awakening Reaction
193 Forest of Shadows Master
194 Forgery Action C
195 Forgotten Labyrinth Action Modifier
196 Fortitude Master C
197 Fourth Tradition: The Accounting Action U
198 Fractured Armament Combat
199 Fragment of the Book of Nod Master R2
200 Francois Villon Vampire PTo
201 Freak Drive Action Modifier U
202 Frenzy Master C
203 Game of Malkav Master U
204 Gas-Powered Chainsaw Equipment C
205 Gemini Vampire V/PN
206 Gengis Vampire V
207 Gerard Rafin Vampire V
208 Ghoul Retainer Retainer R2
209 Giant's Blood Master R
210 Gird Minions Master
211 Glaser Rounds Combat U
212 Golconda: Inner Peace Master R
213 Govern the Unaligned Action C
214 Gracis Nostinus Vampire V
215 Graverobbing Action U
216 Greger Anderssen Vampire PM
217 Gregory Winter Ally R
218 Grenade Equipment U
219 Guard Dogs Reaction
220 Gwendolyn Vampire PB
221 Harass Action C
222 Harrod Vampire PN
224 Haven Uncovered Master C
225 Hawg Equipment
226 Helena Vampire V
227 Hidden Lurker Action Modifier U
228 Hidden Strength Combat C
229 High Ground Combat C
230 Horatio Ballard Vampire V
231 Hostile Takeover Master R
232 Hrothulf Vampire V
234 Illegal Search and Seizure Master
235 Ilyana Ravidovich Vampire V
236 Immortal Grapple Combat U
237 Increased Strength Combat C
238 Indomitability Combat C
239 Infernal Familiar Retainer R
240 Infernal Pursuit Combat U
241 Information Highway Master
242 Intimidation Action
233 IR Goggles Equipment
243 Ira Rivers Vampire V
244 Isabel de Leon Vampire PTo
245 Island of Yiaros Master R
246 Itzahk Levine Vampire PV
247 Ivory Bow Equipment R
248 J. Oswald "Ozzy" Hyde-White Vampire V
249 J. S. Simmons, Esq. Retainer R2
250 Jackie Therman Retainer R
251 Jan Pieterzoon Vampire PV
252 Jara Drory Vampire V
253 Jaroslav Pascek Vampire V
254 Jason, The World's Voice Vampire V
255 Javier Montoya Vampire PTr
256 Jeremy MacNeil Vampire V
257 Joaquin Murietta Vampire V
258 Joshua Tarnopolski Vampire V
259 Judah Vampire PN
260 Judgment: Camarilla Segregation Action R2
261 Julio Martinez Vampire V
262 Justicar Retribution Political Action U
264 Katarina Kornfeld Vampire PN
265 Khalid Vampire V/PN
266 Kindred Coercion Reaction
267 Kindred Intelligence Action U
268 Kindred Restructure Political Action U
269 Kindred Segregation Political Action
270 Kindred Society Games Master R
271 Kindred Spirits Action C
272 Kine Resources Contested Political Action C
274 Klaus van der Veken Vampire PTo
263 KRCG News Radio Master U
276 Krid Vampire V
277 Kurt Densch Vampire V
278 Kyoko Shinsegawa Vampire V
280 Lana Butcher Vampire V
281 Laptop Computer Equipment C
282 Laurent de Valois Vampire
283 Leandro Vampire
284 Leather Jacket Equipment
285 Legal Manipulations Action C
286 Lextalionis Political Action
287 Life Boon Master
288 Lille Haake Vampire
289 Lost in Crowds Action Modifier C
291 Loyal Street Gang Ally U
292 Lucas Halton Vampire
293 Lucina Vampire
294 Lucinde Alastor Vampire
295 Lucky Blow Combat C
296 Madame Guil Vampire
297 Madness Network Master R
298 Magic of the Smith Action
299 Majesty Combat C
300 Major Boon Master U
301 Makarios, The Seducer Vampire
302 Malkavian Justicar Political Action R
303 Malkavian Prank Master R2
304 Malkavian Rider Clause Reaction R
305 Manstopper Rounds Combat U
306 Marcellus Vampire
307 Marcus Vitel Vampire
308 Marijava Ghoul Retainer
309 Maris Streck Vampire
310 Marked Path Action Modifier
311 Marlena Vampire
312 Masika St. John Vampire
313 Mask of a Thousand Faces Action Modifier U
314 Masquerade Endangered Master U
315 Masquerade Enforcement Political Action U
316 Maxwell Vampire
317 Mazz Vampire
318 Meat Cleaver Equipment
319 Memories of Mortality Master U
320 Menele Vampire
321 Metro Underground Master U
322 Mighty Grapple Combat C
323 Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter Master R
324 Milo, The Invisible Horror Vampire
325 Mind Numb Action
327 Mind of a Child Action U
326 Mind Tricks Action Modifier C
328 Minion Tap Master C
329 Minor Boon Master U
330 Misdirection Master
331 Mob Connections Master
332 Monocle of Clarity Equipment R
333 Mouse Vampire
334 Mr. Winthrop Retainer R2
335 Muaziz, Archon of Ulugh Beg Vampire
336 Muddled Vampire Hunter Ally U
337 Murat Vampire
338 Murder of Crows Retainer R
339 Mustafa Rahman Vampire
340 Nakova, Advocate of Golconda Vampire
341 Night Moves Action C
342 Nikolaus Vermeulen Vampire
343 Nimble Feet Combat C
344 Nosferatu Justicar Political Action R
345 Nosferatu Performance Art Action
346 Obedience Reaction U
347 Obfuscate Master C
348 Of Noble Blood Action U
349 Ohanna Vampire
350 Oliver Thrace Vampire
351 Owl Companion Retainer U
352 Oxford University, England Master
353 Parity Shift Political Action U
354 Patagia: Flaps Allowing Limited Flight Action R
355 Peace Treaty Political Action
356 Persia, The Beautiful Statue Vampire
357 Personal Scourge Combat C
358 Pieter van Dorn Vampire
359 Political Ally Ally R
360 Political Backlash Reaction
361 Political Flux Political Action C
363 Potence Master C
364 Powerbase: Berlin Master R
365 Powerbase: Chicago Master U
366 Powerbase: Washington, D.C. Master U
367 Praxis Seizure: Atlanta Political Action R
368 Praxis Seizure: Boston Political Action R
369 Praxis Seizure: Chicago Political Action R
370 Praxis Seizure: Cleveland Political Action R
371 Praxis Seizure: Dallas Political Action R
372 Praxis Seizure: Houston Political Action R
373 Praxis Seizure: Miami Political Action R
374 Praxis Seizure: Seattle Political Action R
375 Praxis Seizure: Washington, D.C. Political Action R
376 Precognition Reaction
377 Precognizant Mobility Action U
378 Presence Master C
379 Protect Thine Own Political Action
380 Protected Resources Master R
381 Protracted Investment Master
382 Psyche! Combat U
383 Psychic Projection Action
384 Psychic Veil Action R
385 Pug Jackson Vampire
386 Pulled Fangs Combat R2
387 Pulling Strings Reaction U
388 Pulse of the Canaille Action
389 Pursuit Combat
390 Pushing the Limit Combat
391 Queen Anne Vampire
392 Quentin King III Vampire
393 Rachel Brandywine Vampire
395 Radeyah Vampire
396 Rampage Action U
397 Ranjan Rishi, Camarilla Scholar Vampire
398 Rapid Healing Action C
399 Raptor Retainer U
400 Rat's Warning Reaction C
401 Raven Spy Retainer U
402 Raziya Samater Vampire
403 Read Intentions Combat C
404 Rebekka, Chantry Elder of Munich Vampire
405 Redeem the Lost Soul Master R
406 Redirection Reaction
407 Regilio, The Seeker of Akhenaten Vampire
408 Resilience Combat
409 Resplendent Protector Retainer R
410 Restoration Action
411 Revelations Action
412 Reversal of Fortunes Political Action
413 Riposte Combat
414 Ritual of the Bitter Rose Action Modifier/Combat R
415 Rolling with the Punches Combat
417 Rötschreck Master U
418 Rowan Ring Equipment R
420 Rumors of Gehenna Political Action R2
421 Ruth McGinley Vampire
422 Rutor's Hand Action
423 Sabbat Threat Political Action U
424 Sacrament of Carnage Combat
425 Sacrificial Lamb Action
426 Saturday-Night Special Equipment C
427 Sawed-Off Shotgun Equipment
428 Scorn of Adonis Action Modifier
429 Scorpion Sting Combat
430 Scouting Mission Action
431 Scrounging Action U
432 Scrying of Secrets Action Modifier
433 Sébastian Goulet Vampire V
434 Second Tradition: Domain Reaction U
435 Secret Horde Master C
437 Secret Passage Master C
438 Secure Haven Master
439 Seduction Action Modifier C
440 Seeds of Corruption Action
441 Sengir Dagger Equipment R
442 Shattering Blow Combat C
443 Short-Term Investment Master
444 Shotgun Ritual Combat
445 Side Strike Combat
446 Sideslip Combat C
447 Sigrid Bekker Vampire
448 Sir Henry Johnson Vampire
449 Sir Ralph Hamilton Vampire
450 Sixth Tradition: Destruction Action R
451 Skin of Night Combat U
452 Skin of Rock Combat C
453 Skin of Steel Combat C
455 Slum Hunting Ground Master U
456 Smiling Jack, The Anarch Master R
457 Social Charm Action C
458 Society Hunting Ground Master U
459 Society of Leopold Master R
460 Song of Serenity Combat
461 Soul Burn Combat
462 Soul Gem of Etrius Equipment R
464 Special Report Master C
465 Speed of Thought Action
466 Spiridonas Vampire
467 Spirit's Touch Reaction C
468 Sport Bike Equipment
469 Spying Mission Action Modifier
470 Steve Booth Vampire
471 Storm Sewers Master R2
472 Stutter-Step Combat
474 Succubus Club Master R
475 Sudden Reversal Master U
476 Suhailah Vampire
477 Surprise Influence Reaction C
478 Suzanne Kadim Vampire
479 Swallowed by the Night Action Modifier/Combat
480 Talbot's Chainsaw Equipment R
481 Tammy Walenski Vampire
482 Tasha Morgan Retainer R2
483 Taste of Vitae Combat U
484 Tayshawn Kearns Vampire
485 Telepathic Counter Reaction C
486 Telepathic Misdirection Reaction C
487 Telepathic Vote Counting Action Modifier R2
488 Temptation of Greater Power Master R
489 Tension in the Ranks Master R2
490 Terror Frenzy Combat
491 Thadius Zho, Mage Ally R
492 Thaumaturgy Master C
32 The Ankara Citadel, Turkey Equipment U
57 The Barrens Master
167 The Embrace Action R2
223 The Haunting Action C
273 The Kiss of Ra Action Modifier
275 The Knights Ally R
279 The Labyrinth Master U
290 The Louvre, Paris Master
362 The Portrait Action R
394 The Rack Master U
416 The Rose Vampire
419 The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper Master
436 The Secret Library of Alexandria Master R
454 The Slashers Ally R
463 The Spawning Pool Master R
493 Theft of Vitae Combat C
494 Theo Bell Vampire
495 Third Tradition: Progeny Action U
496 Thoughts Betrayed Combat
497 Threats Action Modifier C
498 Thrown Gate Combat C
499 Thrown Sewer Lid Combat C
500 Tobias Smith Vampire
501 Tony Vampire
502 Toreador Grand Ball Master U
503 Toreador Justicar Political Action R
504 Torn Signpost Combat U
505 Trap Combat
506 Treachery Reaction U
507 Tremere Convocation Master R2
508 Tremere Justicar Political Action R
509 Tyler Vampire
510 Uncle George Vampire V
511 Undead Strength Combat C
512 Unflinching Persistence Combat C
513 Unnatural Disaster Master
514 Uptown Hunting Ground Master U
515 Valois Sang, The Watcher Vampire
516 Vampiric Speed Combat C
517 Vasilis, The Traitor of Don Cruez Vampire
518 Vast Wealth Master
519 Ventrue Directorate Assembly Master
520 Ventrue Headquarters Master U
521 Ventrue Justicar Political Action R
522 Vial of Elder Vitae Equipment U
523 Victoria Vampire
524 Victoria Ash Vampire
525 Victorine Lafourcade Vampire
526 Virstania, The Great Mother Vampire
527 Voice of Madness Reaction U
528 Volker, The Puppet Prince Vampire
529 Voter Captivation Action Modifier U
530 Vulnerability Master U
531 Wake with Evening's Freshness Reaction
532 Walk of Flame Combat C
533 Warzone Hunting Ground Master U
534 Wasserschloss Anif, Austria Master
535 Watenda Vampire
536 Weather Control Combat U
537 Weighted Walking Stick Combat U
538 Wilhelm Waldburg Vampire
540 Will of the Council Action U
539 William Biltmore Vampire
541 Wolfgang Vampire
542 Wooden Stake Equipment U
543 XTC-Laced Blood Master R
544 Yvette, The Hopeless Vampire
545 Zip Gun Combat U
546 Zoe Vampire
547 Zoning Board Master R2