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Checklist of cards from Sengoku Basara Trial Deck (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
SB-S06-T06 "Blue and Red" Masamune & Yukimura Character TD
SB-S06-T11 "Chant of Battle Spirit" Yukimura Sanada Character TD
SB-S06-T13 "Flawless" Motochika Chosokabe Character TD
SB-S06-T04 "Flowery Path of Koi" Keiji Maeda Character TD
SB-S06-T09 "Furinkazan" Shingen Takeda Character TD
SB-S06-T07 "Hero of Sengoku Period" Motochika Chosokabe Character TD
SB-S06-101 "Koi Tactics" Keiji Maeda Character TD
SB-S06-T08 "Passionate" Yukimura Sanada Character TD
SB-S06-T12 "Reliable Brother" Motochika Chosokabe Character TD
SB-S06-T10 "Sanada Ninja Squad Leader" Sasuke Sarutobi Character TD
SB-S06-T03 "Storm of Koi" Keiji Maeda Character TD
SB-S06-T02 "Strong Troops, Rich Country" Hideyoshi Toyotomi Character TD
SB-S06-102 "Sworn Enemies" Masamune & Yukimura Character TD
SB-S06-T01 "Vagabond" Keiji Maeda Character TD
SB-S06-T05 Fissure Climax TD
SB-S06-T15 Japanese No.1 Troops Climax TD
SB-S06-T14 Kabukimono Event TD
SB-S06-T16 Oni of Onigashima Climax TD