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Checklist of cards from 2011 Dungeon Deck (World of Warcraft TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
34 ''Captain'' Cookie Monster Ally Epic
23 Admiral Ripsnarl Ally Rare
37 Aegis of the Scarlet Commander Armor Uncommon
24 Alexandros Mograine Ally Epic
45 Arced War Axe Weapon Uncommon
25 Archmage Arugal Ally Epic
26 Baron Ashbury Ally Rare
55 Battle for the Scarlet Monastery Quest Common
1 Bestial Instinct Ability Common
11 Bloodfang Berserker Ally Common
46 Butcher's Cleaver Weapon Common
47 Buzzer Blade Weapon Uncommon
38 Chain of the Scarlet Crusade Armor Uncommon
48 Cookie's Tenderizer Weapon Common
2 Cover of the Light Ability Common
12 Crime Scene Alarm-o-Bot Ally Common
42 Deadman's Hand Item Common
17 Deathstalker Commander Belmont Ally Uncommon
39 Defias Brotherhood Vest Armor Uncommon
43 Dog Whistle Item Common
3 Earthen Guidance Ability Common
27 Edwin VanCleef Ally Epic
49 Emberstone Staff Weapon Uncommon
4 Executioner's Strikes Ability Common
5 Faithful Prayer Ability Common
44 Fel Steed Saddlebags Item Common
6 Focused Flames Ability Common
18 Forsaken Blightspreader Ally Common
19 Forsaken Royal Dreadguard Ally Common
7 Hand of Frost Ability Common
50 Hand of Righteousness Weapon Common
28 Herod, The Scarlet Champion Ally Uncommon
29 High Inquisitor Whitemane Ally Rare
20 High Warlord Cromush Ally Uncommon
21 Kagtha Ally Uncommon
13 Lieutenant Horatio Laine Ally Uncommon
30 Lord Godfrey Ally Epic
31 Mercenary Dominic Ally Uncommon
51 Meteor Shard Weapon Rare
35 Mining Monkey Ally Common
52 Mograine's Might Weapon Uncommon
8 Nether Blast Ability Common
53 Odo's Ley Staff Weapon Common
14 Packleader Ivar Bloodfang Ally Uncommon
40 Phantom Armor Armor Common
9 Poison Tipped Ability Common
36 Prototype Reaper Monster Ally Common
41 Robes of Arugal Armor Uncommon
32 Scarlet Commander Renault Mograine Ally Epic
59 Scarlet Monastery Location Rare
15 Scarlet Renegade Ally Common
60 Shadowfang Keep Location Rare
22 Shattered Hand Assassin Ally Common
54 Smite's Reaver Weapon Rare
10 Stargaze Ability Common
16 Stormwind Investigator Ally Common
56 The Dark Side of the Light Quest Common
58 The Deadmines Location Rare
57 The Defias Kingpin Quest Common
33 Vanessa VanCleef Ally Rare