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Checklist of cards from The Two Towers (Lord Of The Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
136 Advance Uruk Patrol Isengard Minion U
262 Aldor, Soldier of Edoras Rohan Ally . Home 3 & 6 R
58 Alliance Reforged Elven Event R
282 An Honorable Charge Rohan Event U
3 Anger Dunland Event C
109 Aragorn, Heir of Elendil Gondor Companion C
364 Aragorn, Wingfoot Gondor Companion P
59 Arrow and Blade Elven Event U
216 Arrow From the South Raider Condition U
110 Arrows Thick in the Air Gondor Event U
137 Attack on Helm's Deep Isengard Condition C
41 Axe of Erebor Dwarven Possession R
138 Band of Uruk Bowmen Isengard Minion U
4 Band of Wild Men Dunland Minion C
139 Banished Isengard Condition R
337 Barrows of Edoras Site U
88 Behold the White Rider Gandalf Condition U
42 Best Company Dwarven Event C
140 Beyond All Hope Isengard Event R
141 Beyond Dark Mountains Isengard Event C
60 Blades Drawn Elven Condition U
112 Boromir's Gauntlets Gondor Possession C
111 Boromir, My Brother Gondor Condition R
298 Brace of Coneys Shire Possession C
263 Brego Rohan Possession U
142 Broad-bladed Sword Isengard Possession C
143 Brought Back Alive Isengard Event U
5 Burn Every Village Dunland Event C
144 Burning of Westfold Isengard Condition R
355 Cavern Entrance Site U
352 Caves of Aglarond Site U
264 Ceorl, Weary Horseman Rohan Companion U
299 Cliffs of Emyn Muil Shire Condition R
145 Cloud of Arrows Isengard Event C
146 Come Down Isengard Condition R
43 Come Here Lad Dwarven Event U
61 Company of Archers Elven Event R
6 Constantly Threatening Dunland Condition R
44 Courtesy of My Hall Dwarven Condition C
147 Covering Fire Isengard Condition U
113 Curse Them Gondor Event C
114 Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien Gondor Companion U
7 Dark Fury Dunland Event C
8 Death to the Strawheads Dunland Event U
347 Deep of Helm Site U
348 Deeping Wall Site U
115 Defend It and Hope Gondor Event C
330 Derndingle Site U
217 Desert Lancers Raider Minion U
218 Desert Legion Raider Minion R
219 Desert Lord Raider Minion R
220 Desert Soldier Raider Minion U
221 Desert Spearman Raider Minion C
222 Desert Warrior Raider Minion C
223 Discovered Raider Event R
148 Down to the Last Child Isengard Condition U
149 Driven Back Isengard Event R
9 Dunlending Arsonist Dunland Minion U
10 Dunlending Brigand Dunland Minion C
11 Dunlending Looter Dunland Minion U
12 Dunlending Madman Dunland Minion C
13 Dunlending Pillager Dunland Minion U
14 Dunlending Ransacker Dunland Minion C
15 Dunlending Ravager Dunland Minion C
16 Dunlending Robber Dunland Minion C
17 Dunlending Savage Dunland Minion C
18 Dunlending Warrior Dunland Minion C
45 Dwarven Foresight Dwarven Event R
323 East Wall of Rohan Site U
324 Eastemnet Downs Site U
325 Eastemnet Gullies Site U
224 Easterling Axeman Raider Minion C
225 Easterling Captain Raider Minion R
226 Easterling Guard Raider Minion C
227 Easterling Infantry Raider Minion C
228 Easterling Lieutenant Raider Minion C
229 Easterling Skirmisher Raider Minion R
230 Easterling Trooper Raider Minion U
231 Eastern Emyn Muil Raider Condition R
331 Eastfold Site U
232 Elite Archer Raider Minion U
150 Elite Crossbowmen Isengard Minion R
265 Elite Rider Rohan Companion C
62 Elven Bow Elven Possession U
63 Elven Brooch Elven Possession U
64 Elven Sword Elven Possession C
268 Éomer's Spear Rohan Possession U
266 Éomer, Sister-son of Théoden Rohan Companion C
267 Éomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark Rohan Companion R
269 Éothain, Scout of the Mark Rohan Companion R
272 Éowyn's Sword Rohan Possession R
270 Éowyn, Lady of Rohan Rohan Companion C
271 Éowyn, Sister-daughter of Théoden Rohan Companion R
343 Ered Nimrais Site U
65 Erethón, Naith Lieutenant Elven Companion R
300 Escape Shire Condition R
46 Ever My Heart Rises Dwarven Condition R
332 Fangorn Forest Site U
118 Faramir's Bow Gondor Possession R
119 Faramir's Cloak Gondor Possession R
116 Faramir, Captain of Gondor Gondor Companion R
117 Faramir, Son of Denethor Gondor Companion C
233 Fearless Raider Event U
66 Feathered Elven Event U
67 Fereveldir, Son of Thandronen Elven Companion C
68 Ferevellon, Son of Thandronen Elven Companion C
151 Ferocity Isengard Event C
273 Fight for the Villagers Rohan Event C
69 Final Count Elven Condition R
274 Firefoot Rohan Possession R
234 Flanking Attack Raider Event U
70 Flashing Steel Elven Event C
120 Forbidden Pool Gondor Condition R
121 Forests of Ithilien Gondor Condition R
275 Forth Eorlingas! Rohan Event U
276 Fortress Never Fallen Rohan Condition U
360 Fortress of Orthanc Site U
303 Frodo's Cloak Shire Possession R
301 Frodo, Courteous Halfling Shire Companion R
302 Frodo, Tired Traveller Shire Companion C
47 From the Armory Dwarven Condition U
91 Gandalf's Staff, Walking Stick Gandalf Artifact R
89 Gandalf, Greyhame Gandalf Companion R
90 Gandalf, The White Wizard Gandalf Companion C
235 Gathering to the Summons Raider Event C
152 Get Back Isengard Event U
304 Get On and Get Away Shire Event R
48 Gimli, Lockbearer Dwarven Companion R
49 Gimli, Unbidden Guest Dwarven Companion C
338 Golden Hall Site U
122 Gondorian Ranger Gondor Companion C
305 Good Work Shire Condition U
353 Great Hall Site U
153 Gríma, Son of Galmód Isengard Minion C
154 Gríma, Wormtongue Isengard Minion R
92 Grown Suddenly Tall Gandalf Event R
277 Guma, Plains Farmer Rohan Ally . Home 4 C
71 Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim Elven Companion C
123 Hard Choice Gondor Event U
155 Haunting Her Steps Isengard Event U
93 Have Patience Gandalf Event C
94 Hearken to Me Gandalf Condition R
278 Heavy Chain Rohan Possession C
279 Helm! Helm! Rohan Event R
349 Helm's Gate Site U
124 Help in Doubt and Need Gondor Condition R
125 Henneth Annûn Gondor Condition R
50 Here Is Good Rock Dwarven Condition C
280 Herugrim Rohan Possession U
19 Hides Dunland Possession R
20 Hill Chief Dunland Minion R
21 Hillman Band Dunland Minion C
22 Hillman Horde Dunland Minion R
23 Hillman Mob Dunland Minion R
24 Hillman Rabble Dunland Minion U
25 Hillman Tribe Dunland Minion C
281 Hlafwine, Village Farmhand Rohan Ally . Home 4 C
306 Hobbit Sword Shire Possession C
354 Hornburg Armory Site U
356 Hornburg Causeway Site U
350 Hornburg Courtyard Site U
351 Hornburg Parapet Site U
283 Horse of Rohan Rohan Possession C
326 Horse-country Site U
236 Howl of Harad Raider Condition U
307 Impatient and Angry Shire Event R
95 Into Dark Tunnels Gandalf Event R
26 Iron Axe Dunland Possession C
126 Ithilien Trap Gondor Condition U
237 Ithilien Wilderness Raider Condition R
96 Keep Your Forked Tongue Gandalf Event U
51 Khazad Ai-menu Dwarven Event C
156 Kill Them Now Isengard Event C
72 Killing Field Elven Condition R
284 King's Mail Rohan Possession R
357 King's Room Site U
308 Knocked on the Head Shire Event C
157 Leechcraft Isengard Condition R
73 Legolas, Dauntless Hunter Elven Companion R
74 Legolas, Elven Comrade Elven Companion C
75 Lembas Elven Possession R
285 Léod, Westfold Herdsman Rohan Ally . Home 4 U
158 Lieutenant of Orthanc Isengard Minion R
309 Light Shining Faintly Shire Event U
27 Living Off Rock Dunland Condition U
97 Long I Fell Gandalf Event C
76 Lórien Guardian Elven Companion C
77 Lórien Is Most Welcome Elven Condition U
78 Lórien Swordsman Elven Companion C
127 Mablung, Soldier of Gondor Gondor Companion U
159 Many Riddles Isengard Condition U
160 Mauhúr, Patrol Leader Isengard Minion R
238 Men of Harad Raider Condition R
239 Men of Rhun Raider Event C
161 Men Will Fall Isengard Event U
310 Merry, Learned Guide Shire Companion C
311 Merry, Unquenchable Hobbit Shire Companion R
312 Mind Your Own Affairs Shire Event U
98 Mithrandir, Mithrandir! Gandalf Event C
52 My Axe Is Notched Dwarven Condition R
128 New Errand Gondor Event C
240 New Fear Raider Event R
162 New Power Rising Isengard Event R
79 Night Without End Elven Event R
163 No Dawn for Men Isengard Event R
28 No Defense Dunland Condition U
29 No Refuge Dunland Condition R
30 No Retreat Dunland Condition R
241 On the March Raider Event C
80 Ordulus, Young Warrior Elven Companion U
361 Orthanc Balcony Site U
164 Orthanc Champion Isengard Minion R
362 Orthanc Library Site U
165 Orthanc Warrior Isengard Minion C
31 Over the Isen Dunland Condition U
363 Palantír Chamber Site U
129 Pathfinder Gondor Event C
81 Pengedhel, Naith Warrior Elven Companion U
167 Pillage of Rohan Isengard Condition R
313 Pippin, Just a Nuisance Shire Companion R
314 Pippin, Woolly-footed Rascal Shire Companion C
327 Plains of Rohan Site U
333 Plains of Rohan Camp Site U
53 Quick As May Be Dwarven Event U
168 Race Across the Mark Isengard Condition R
242 Raiders From the East Raider Condition U
169 Ranged Commander Isengard Minion R
130 Ranger of Ithilien Gondor Companion C
131 Ranger's Bow Gondor Possession C
132 Ranger's Sword, Blade of Aragorn Gondor Possession U
170 Ranks Without Number Isengard Condition U
243 Rapid Fire Raider Event R
32 Ravage the Defeated Dunland Event R
244 Regiment of Haradrim Raider Minion R
54 Rest by Blind Night Dwarven Event R
171 Rest While You Can Isengard Condition R
55 Restless Axe Dwarven Event R
286 Rider of Rohan Rohan Companion C
287 Rider's Mount Rohan Possession C
288 Rider's Spear Rohan Possession C
358 Ring of Isengard Site U
172 Rohan Is Mine Isengard Condition R
334 Rohirrim Village Site U
99 Roll of Thunder Gandalf Event U
133 Ruins of Osgiliath Gondor Condition R
317 Sam's Pack Shire Possession R
315 Sam, Frodo's Gardener Shire Companion R
316 Sam, Samwise the Brave Shire Companion C
174 Saruman's Staff, Wizard's Device Isengard Artifact R
173 Saruman, Black Traitor Isengard Minion R
33 Saruman, Rabble-rouser Dunland Minion R
56 Search Far and Wide Dwarven Event C
34 Secret Folk Dunland Condition U
318 Seven We Had Shire Event U
319 Severed His Bonds Shire Event C
100 Shadowfax Gandalf Possession R
289 Simbelmynë Rohan Event R
245 Southron Archer Raider Minion R
246 Southron Assassin Raider Minion R
247 Southron Bow Raider Possession R
248 Southron Bowman Raider Minion C
249 Southron Commander Raider Minion U
250 Southron Explorer Raider Minion U
251 Southron Fighter Raider Minion R
252 Southron Scout Raider Minion C
253 Southron Sentry Raider Minion U
254 Southron Soldier Raider Minion C
255 Southron Spear Raider Possession C
256 Southron Troop Raider Minion R
257 Southron Veterans Raider Minion R
258 Southron Wanderer Raider Minion C
339 Stables Site U
175 Still They Came Isengard Event C
320 Store-room Shire Event U
57 Stout and Strong Dwarven Condition U
340 Streets of Edoras Site U
82 Strength of Arms Elven Condition U
101 Stump and Bramble Gandalf Event U
290 Supplies of the Mark Rohan Condition R
83 Supporting Fire Elven Event C
321 Swiftly and Softly Shire Event C
134 Sword of Gondor Gondor Possession C
291 Sword of Rohan Rohan Possession C
84 Sword-wall Elven Event R
102 Task Was Not Done Gandalf Event C
85 Thandronen, Veteran Protector Elven Companion C
1 The One Ring, Answer to All Riddles The One Ring R
2 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring The One Ring C
166 The Palantír of Orthanc, Seventh Seeingstone Isengard Artifact R
328 The Riddermark Site U
365 Théoden, Lord of the Mark Rohan Companion P
292 Théoden, Son of Thengel Rohan Companion C
86 Thónnas, Naith Captain Elven Companion U
341 Throne Room Site U
103 Treebeard, Earthborn Gandalf Ally . Home 2 & 8 R
104 Treebeard, Oldest Living Thing Gandalf Ally . Home 2 & 8 C
177 Uglúk's Sword Isengard Possession R
176 Uglúk, Servant of Saruman Isengard Minion R
105 Under the Living Earth Gandalf Event C
178 Unferth, Gríma's Bodyguard Isengard Minion C
179 Uruk Assault Band Isengard Minion R
180 Uruk Besieger Isengard Minion C
335 Uruk Camp Site U
181 Uruk Chaser Isengard Minion C
182 Uruk Crossbow Troop Isengard Minion U
183 Uruk Crossbowman Isengard Minion C
184 Uruk Defender Isengard Minion C
185 Uruk Fanatic Isengard Minion C
186 Uruk Follower Isengard Minion R
187 Uruk Foot Soldier Isengard Minion C
188 Uruk Hunter Isengard Minion U
189 Uruk Plains Runner Isengard Minion C
190 Uruk Pursuer Isengard Minion C
191 Uruk Rear Guard Isengard Minion C
192 Uruk Regular Isengard Minion C
193 Uruk Runner Isengard Minion C
194 Uruk Searcher Isengard Minion U
195 Uruk Seeker Isengard Minion C
196 Uruk Spear Isengard Possession C
197 Uruk Stalker Isengard Minion C
198 Uruk Stormer Isengard Minion C
199 Uruk Trooper Isengard Minion R
200 Uruk Vanguard Isengard Minion R
201 Uruk Veteran Isengard Minion U
202 Uruk-hai Band Isengard Minion U
203 Uruk-hai Horde Isengard Minion R
204 Uruk-hai Marauder Isengard Minion C
205 Uruk-hai Mob Isengard Minion U
206 Uruk-hai Patrol Isengard Minion C
207 Uruk-hai Raiding Party Isengard Minion C
293 Valleys of the Mark Rohan Condition R
87 Valor Elven Event C
208 Vengeance Isengard Event U
259 Vision From Afar Raider Event R
209 Volley Fire Isengard Event R
35 Wake of Destruction Dunland Event R
135 War and Valor Gondor Event C
36 War Club Dunland Possession U
37 War Cry of Dunland Dunland Event C
322 Warmed Up a Bit Shire Event C
210 We Are the Fighting Uruk-hai Isengard Event C
294 Weapon Store Rohan Condition R
211 Weapons of Isengard Isengard Condition R
212 Weary Isengard Condition C
295 Weland, Smith of the Riddermark Rohan Ally . Home 4 U
106 Well Met Indeed Gandalf Event R
296 Well Stored Rohan Condition U
344 Westemnet Hills Site U
342 Westemnet Plains Site U
329 Western Emyn Muil Site U
213 What Did You Discover? Isengard Condition R
214 Where Has Grima Stowed It? Isengard Event R
260 Whirling Strike Raider Event C
345 White Mountains Site U
346 White Rocks Site U
38 Wild Man of Dunland Dunland Minion U
39 Wild Man Raid Dunland Event R
107 Windows in a Stone Wall Gandalf Condition R
359 Wizard's Vale Site U
108 Wizardry Indeed Gandalf Event U
336 Wold of Rohan Site U
297 Work for the Sword Rohan Event C
215 Wounded Isengard Condition R
261 Wrath of Harad Raider Condition R
40 Wulf, Dunlending Chieftain Dunland Minion R