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Checklist of cards from Chapter 5 (Final Fantasy TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
5-126U Adamantoise (5-126) Monster U
5-051U Ahriman (5-051) Monster U
5-001S Ajido-Marujido Backup S
5-052C Alexander (5-052) Eidolon C
5-127U Aria (5-127) Backup U
5-035C Arithmetician (5-035) Forward C
5-076U Atomos (5-076) Eidolon U
5-002U Ayame (5-002) Forward U
5-017U Bahamut (5-017) Eidolon U
5-089U Bangaa Thief (5-089) Monster U
5-030C Bard (5-030) Backup C
5-116U Behemoth (5-116) Monster U
5-080C Black Belt (5-080) Backup C
5-009C Black Mage (5-009) Forward C
5-032C Black Mage (5-032) Backup C
5-019U Bomb (5-019) Monster U
5-020C Bomb (5-020) Monster C
5-091U Byakko l'Cie Nimbus (5-091) Forward U
5-090U Byakko l'Cie Qun'mi (5-090) Forward U
5-058U Cactuar (5-058) Monster U
5-156S Caius (5-156) Forward S
5-008U Carla (5-008) Backup U
5-039S Celes (5-039) Forward S
5-040U Celes (5-040) Forward U
5-065C Chocobo (5-065) Forward C
5-066C Chocobo (5-066) Forward C
5-131U Claidie (5-131) Backup U
5-083C Cornelia (5-083) Backup C
5-130R Curilla (5-130) Forward R
5-004R Cyan (5-004) Forward R
5-005U Cyan (5-005) Forward U
5-077C Dark Knight (5-077) Forward C
5-118C Dark Knight (5-118) Forward C
5-160R Dark Lord (5-160) Forward R
5-110U Destin (5-110) Backup U
5-111U Dragon (5-111) Monster U
5-125C Dragoon (5-125) Forward C
5-109U Dycedarg (5-109) Forward U
5-102S Edgar (5-102) Forward S
5-103U Edgar (5-103) Forward U
5-028C Emina (5-028) Backup C
5-053R Enkidu (5-053) Forward R
5-101C Esthar Soldier (5-101) Backup C
5-011C Evoker (5-011) Backup C
5-056C Evoker (5-056) Backup C
5-082C Evoker (5-082) Backup C
5-132C Evoker (5-132) Backup C
5-046U Flan (5-046) Monster U
5-055U Garuda (5-055) Eidolon U
5-078R Gau (5-078) Forward R
5-079U Gau (5-079) Forward U
5-025R General Leo (5-025) Forward R
5-068C Geomancer (5-068) Backup C
5-092C Geomancer (5-092) Backup C
5-031C Ghoul (5-031) Monster C
5-157R Gilgamesh (5-157) Forward R
5-012U Goblin (5-012) Monster U
5-084C Goblin (5-084) Monster C
5-133R Gogo (5-133) Forward R
5-134U Gogo (5-134) Forward U
5-129C Green Dragon (5-129) Monster C
5-060C Head Mechanic Cid (5-060) Backup C
5-159R Hein (5-159) Forward R
5-069U Hope (5-069) Backup U
5-003C Ifrit (5-003) Eidolon C
5-029U Kazusa (5-029) Backup U
5-081R Kefka (5-081) Forward R
5-158R Kefka (5-158) Backup R
5-007U Khaliya Chival (5-007) Backup U
5-044C Knight (5-044) Forward C
5-138C Knight (5-138) Forward C
5-057C Koboldroid Yang (5-057) Monster C
5-146U Leviathan (5-146) Eidolon U
5-050U Lich (5-050) Eidolon U
5-155R Lightning (5-155) Forward R
5-074L Locke (5-074) Forward L
5-075U Locke (5-075) Forward U
5-117R Maat (5-117) Forward R
5-094U Magic Pot (5-094) Monster U
5-119C Magus (5-119) Backup C
5-145U Malboro (5-145) Monster U
5-144C Mime (5-144) Forward C
5-072R Mog (5-072) Forward R
5-073U Mog (5-073) Forward U
5-099C Monk (5-099) Backup C
5-023C Moogle (5-023) Backup C
5-024C Moogle (5-024) Backup C
5-047C Moogle (5-047) Backup C
5-048C Moogle (5-048) Backup C
5-070C Moogle (5-070) Backup C
5-071C Moogle (5-071) Backup C
5-097C Moogle (5-097) Backup C
5-098C Moogle (5-098) Backup C
5-120C Moogle (5-120) Backup C
5-121C Moogle (5-121) Backup C
5-141C Moogle (5-141) Backup C
5-142C Moogle (5-142) Backup C
5-143C Moogle (5-143) Backup C
5-022C Mutsuki (5-022) Backup C
5-113U Naghi (5-113) Backup U
5-067R Nanaa Mihgo (5-067) Forward R
5-114C Ninja (5-114) Forward C
5-115R Noel (5-115) Forward R
5-041C Onion Knight (5-041) Forward C
5-151R Onion Knight (5-151) Forward R
5-149C Orator (5-149) Backup C
5-150C Orator (5-150) Backup C
5-140C Pieuje (5-140) Backup C
5-093R Prishe (5-093) Forward R
5-085C PSICOM Soldier (5-085) Forward C
5-135C PuPu (5-135) Eidolon C
5-104C Quon (5-104) Backup C
5-122R Raiden (5-122) Eidolon R
5-123C Ramuh (5-123) Eidolon C
5-006C Ranger (5-006) Forward C
5-054C Ranger (5-054) Backup C
5-147S Relm (5-147) Forward S
5-148U Relm (5-148) Forward U
5-100U Ryid (5-100) Backup U
5-095L Sabin (5-095) Forward L
5-096U Sabin (5-096) Forward U
5-010C Sage (5-010) Backup C
5-033C Sage (5-033) Backup C
5-064U Semih Lafihna (5-064) Backup U
5-152S Serah (5-152) Forward S
5-062S Setzer (5-062) Forward S
5-063U Setzer (5-063) Forward U
5-105R Shadow (5-105) Forward R
5-106U Shadow (5-106) Forward U
5-086S Shantotto (5-086) Forward S
5-036C Shiva (5-036) Eidolon C
5-038U Snow (5-038) Backup U
5-154R Star Sibyl (5-154) Backup R
5-136R Strago (5-136) Forward R
5-137U Strago (5-137) Forward U
5-021C Summoner (5-021) Backup C
5-037C Summoner (5-037) Backup C
5-107C Summoner (5-107) Backup C
5-014U Suzaku's l'Cie Caetuna (5-014) Backup U
5-013R Suzaku's l'Cie Zhuyu (5-013) Forward R
5-045U Swampmonk (5-045) Monster U
5-042L Terra (5-042) Forward L
5-043U Terra (5-043) Forward U
5-153R Terra (5-153) Backup R
5-059C Thief (5-059) Forward C
5-088C Titan (5-088) Eidolon C
5-112U Trion (5-112) Backup U
5-128R Ultros (5-128) Forward R
5-026R Umaro (5-026) Forward R
5-027U Umaro (5-027) Forward U
5-139C Viking (5-139) Forward C
5-018R Volker (5-018) Forward R
5-015C Warrior (5-015) Forward C
5-016C Warrior (5-016) Forward C
5-087C Warrior (5-087) Forward C
5-108C Warrior (5-108) Forward C
5-061C White Mage (5-061) Backup C
5-124C Yeoman (5-124) Monster C
5-049R Yeul (5-049) Backup R
5-034R Zeid (5-034) Forward R