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Checklist of cards from Arkham Edition (Call of Cthulhu, the Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
C217 .45 Pistols Support Common
C144 Academy of the Mad Support Common
C122 Academy Patron Character Common
C182 Adult Cthonian Character Common
U92 Adult Deep One Character Uncommon
R45 Against the Darkness Event Rare
R23 Agency Stakeout Support Rare
U134 Agoraphobia Event Uncommon
R205 Altar of the Blessed Support Rare
R93 Ancient Deep One Character Rare
U83 Arkham Advertiser Support Uncommon
C218 Arkham Asylum Support Common
R84 Arkham Docks Support Rare
U33 Arkham Psychologist Character Uncommon
U85 Assassination Contract Support Uncommon
U2 Beat Cop Character Uncommon
U74 Behind Closed Doors Event Uncommon
R135 Behind the Pallied Mask Event Rare
C44 Binding Event Common
R195 Birthing a Thousand Young Event Rare
R173 Blackmoor Estate Support Rare
C3 Blackwood Associate Character Common
U4 Blackwood Detective Character Uncommon
C5 Blackwood File Clerk Character Common
U24 Blackwood Office Support Uncommon
R219 Blasted Heath Support Rare
U113 Blessing of Cthulhu Support Uncommon
U152 Bloated Star Vampire Character Uncommon
R53 Book of Eibon, Hyperborean Grimoire * Support Rare
U196 Bound by the Black Mother Event Uncommon
R75 Burning the Midnight Oil Event Rare
R164 Burnout Event Rare
C197 Burrowing Beneath Event Common
U136 Byakhee Attack Event Uncommon
U128 Byakhee Raider Character Uncommon
U123 Byakhee Servant Character Uncommon
R143 Carcossa * Support Rare
U198 Caught in the Dreamlands Event Uncommon
U56 Celaeno Fragments, The Life's Work of Doctor Shrewsbury Support Uncommon
C86 Clover Cartage Co. Support Common
C61 Clover Club Bouncer Character Common
C137 Committed Event Common
R220 Country Store Support Rare
R62 Courier Character Rare
U46 Crafting the Elder Sign Event Uncommon
U221 Crimson Dawn Support Uncommon
R114 Cthaat Aquadingen, Lore of the Sunken Masters Support Rare
R91 Cthulhu, The Great Old One * Character Rare
U222 Curiosity Shoppe Support Uncommon
R183 Cyclopean Dhole Character Rare
R47 Dangerous Experiment Event Rare
C184 Daugther of the Goat Character Common
U25 Dead Man's Alley Support Uncommon
R104 Deep One Assault Event Rare
C185 Degenerate Ghoul Character Common
C76 Desperation Event Common
R223 Dimensional Rift Support Rare
C154 Disciple of the Gate Character Common
C63 Discreet Physician Character Common
R26 Dockside Speakeasy Support Rare
U165 Dread Curse of Azathoth Event Uncommon
R166 Dream Messenger Event Rare
U105 Dreams of a Sunken City Event Uncommon
R106 Driven by Madness Event Rare
C94 Elder Shoggoth Character Common
R87 Elder Sign Pendant Support Rare
C235 Eldritch Nexus Event Common
C34 Etnobiologist Character Common
R211 Even Death May Die Event Rare
U35 Expedition Leader Character U
U77 Exposed! Event Uncommon
U78 Extortion Event Uncommon
R6 Federal Agent Character Rare
U199 Fertility Rites Event Uncommon
U36 Field Researcher Character Uncommon
R48 Find Gate Event Rare
C156 Fire Vampire Swarm Character Common
R88 First Bank of Arkham Support Rare
U186 Flying Polyp Scout Character Uncommon
R79 Forced Foreclosure Event Rare
U224 Forgotten Temple Support Uncommon
R153 Foul Dimensional Shambler Character Rare
C7 Freelance Occultist Character Common
C64 Freelance Reporter Character Common
R200 From Beneath Event Rare
R8 G-Men Character Rare
R73 Gangster's Moll Character Rare
U167 Gathering at the Stones Event Uncommon
U225 Gentleman's Club Support Uncommon
R124 Ghost Character Rare
U226 Ghoul Warrens Support Uncommon
U145 Glasser Art Gallery Support Uncommon
R9 Grizzled Vet Character Rare
U155 Guardian Elder Thing Character Uncommon
U14 Hair of the Worm Event Uncommon
C10 Hardboiled Detective Character Common
R121 Hastur, The King in Yellow * Character Rare
U174 Haunted Graveyard Support Uncommon
U95 Haunter of the Dark Character Uncommon
C107 Helpless, Hopeless, and Doomed Event Common
R125 High Priest of Hastur Character Rare
R157 High Priest of the Key Character Rare
C11 Hired Muscle Character Common
R65 Hired Mystic Character Rare
U89 Hit List Support Uncommon
U66 Hit Squad Character Uncommon
U201 Horns of the Black Goat Event Uncommon
C202 Horrid Mutation Event Common
R158 Hound of Tindalos Character Rare
C187 Hungry Dark Young Character Common
C227 Independence Square Support Common
U228 Infested Cemetary Support Uncommon
C212 Inside Information Event Common
C80 Intimidate Event Common
U67 Investigative Reporter Character Uncommon
F11 Investigator Domain 1 Domain F
F12 Investigator Domain 2 Domain F
F13 Investigator Domain 3 Domain F
U96 Keeper of the Golden Path Character Uncommon
C126 Keeper of the Yellow Sign Character Common
C175 Key of Tawil At-Umr Support Common
C97 Knight of the Void Character Common
C37 Laboratory Assistant Character Common
C90 Lucky Cigarette Case Support Common
R98 Lurking Star Spawn Character Rare
C57 M.U. Administration Building Support Common
U58 M.U. Science Building Support Uncommon
C127 Mad Artist Character Common
R38 Mad Genius Character Rare
R115 Marked by the Ancients Support Rare
R138 Mass Hysteria Event Rare
U99 Mature Deep One Character Uncommon
R27 Mayor's Office Support Rare
U188 Mi-Go Commander Character Uncommon
R189 Mi-Go Scientist Character Rare
U190 Mi-Go Warrior Character Uncommon
C191 Mi-Go Worker Character Common
U229 Miskatonic Antiquities Collection Support Uncommon
R59 Miskatonic Commons Support Rare
U60 Miskatonic Library Support Uncommon
U68 Mob Lieutenant Character Uncommon
R39 Mysterious Benefactor Character Rare
R168 Mystic Backlash Event Rare
C15 Mystic Courage Event Common
F14 Mythos Domain 1 Domain F
F15 Mythos Domain 2 Domain F
F16 Mythos Domain 3 Domain F
C159 Nightgaunt Sentry Character Common
R230 Nightmare Hours Support Rare
R231 North Church Support Rare
C69 O'Bannion Enforcer Character Common
C70 O'Bannion Gunsels Character Common
C232 Packard Support Common
C146 Pallid Mask Support Common
U28 Patrol Wagon Support Uncommon
C81 Persuasive Friends Event Common
U16 Playing with Fire Event Uncommon
U176 Pnakotic Manuscripts, Book of Unknown Origin Support Uncommon
C17 Police Raid Event Common
C29 Police Station Support Common
C49 Powder of Ibn-Ghazi Event Common
U139 Power Drain Event Uncommon
U18 Preemptive Strike Event Uncommon
U129 Priestess of the Yellow Sign Character Uncommon
C108 Primal Fear Event Common
U31 Professor Armitage * Character Uncommon
R100 Proto-Shoggoth Character Rare
U116 R'lyeh, City of Dreams Support Uncommon
C50 Radical Therapy Event Common
R192 Rampaging Dark Young Character Rare
C40 Rare Book Researcher Character Common
U177 Red Gate Mound Support Uncommon
C203 Regeneration Event Common
C160 Render of Veils Character Common
U169 Rending the Veil Event Uncommon
C206 Rite of Rebirth Support Common
C170 Rite of the Broken Stone Event Common
R109 Ritual Sacrifice Event Rare
C171 Sacrificial Gate Event Common
R19 Search Warrant Event Rare
U161 Servant of the Key Character Uncommon
U117 Shadowed Reef Support Uncommon
U207 Shadowed Woods Support Uncommon
C233 Shadows Fall Support Common
C234 Shadows Melt Away Support Common
R20 Shakedown! Event Rare
C163 Shambling Zombie Character Common
C101 Shoggoth Unbound Character Common
R21 Short Fuse Event Rare
C22 Shotgun Blast Event Common
R181 Shub-Niggurath, The Black Goat of the Woods * Character Rare
C118 Silver Twilight Lodge Support Common
R32 Sir William Brinton * Character Rare
R193 Slavering Gug Character Rare
U194 Slithering Formless Spawn Character Uncommon
C102 Son of the Sleeper Character Common
C140 Song of Hastur Event Common
R12 Special Operative Character Rare
C213 Startling Discovery Event Common
C41 Strange Librarian Character Common
C130 Street Scholar Character Common
U236 Sword of Ramasekva Support Uncommon
R71 Syndicate Agent Character Rare
U72 Syndicate Troubleshooter Character Uncommon
U13 Task Force Character Uncommon
R178 Temple of Ramasekva Support Rare
C179 Temple of Yog-Sothoth Support Common
U237 Terrors in the Dark Support Uncommon
C54 Thaumaturgical Prodigies, Rev. Phillip's Expose * Support Common
F03 The Arkham Willows Story F
R208 The Chamel Gate Support Rare
F10 The Crooked Manse Story F
F01 The Dreams of Kingsport Story F
F04 The Forgotten Sepulchre Story F
U110 The Great Old One Rises! Event Uncommon
F02 The Horror of the Past Story F
C119 The Innsmouth Look Support Common
F07 The Innsmouth Threat Story F
U147 The King in Yellow, The Notorious Play Support Uncommon
R55 The Necronomicon, The Book of the Mad Arab * Support Rare
U238 The Orient Express Support Uncommon
R82 The Rip'Off Event Rare
F06 The Secret of the North Woods Story F
R214 The Stars Are Right Event Rare
F08 The Terror out of Dunwich Story F
F05 The Thing at the Gate Story F
R148 The Unnamable House Support Rare
F09 The Well Story F
C209 The Witch House Support Common
U1 Thomas F. Malone * Character Uncommon
C131 Thrill Killer Character Common
R239 To See Another Day Support Rare
R215 To the Last Breath Event Rare
C30 Tommygun Support Common
U111 Touched by the Sleeper Event Uncommon
U204 Trapped in the Labyrinth Event Uncommon
U240 True Magick, Theophilus Wren's Taxonomy Support U
C42 Two-fisted Archeologist Character Common
R149 Unaussprechliche Kulten, Von Juntz's Dark Masterpieces Support Rare
R120 Undersea Treasures Support Rare
U52 Undocumented Expedition Event Uncommon
U51 Unearthing the Ancients Event Uncommon
C216 Unhealthy Curiosity Event Common
C112 Unnatural Stealth Event Common
C172 Unspeakable Resurrection Event Common
R141 Unspeakable Revelations Event Rare
U162 Vampire Stalker Character Uncommon
U150 Victoria's Loft Support Uncommon
U43 Visiting Professor Character Uncommon
R180 Warded Flesh Support Rare
U132 Werewolf Character Uncommon
R210 Witch-Mark Support Rare
C142 Xanthophobia Event Common
R133 Yellow Muse Character Rare
R151 Yog-Sothoth, The Key and the Gate * Character Rare
C103 Young Deep One Character Common