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Checklist of cards from Unspeakable Tales (Call of Cthulhu, the Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
C135 A Higher Purpose Support Common
C116 A Time to Reap Event Common
R117 A Time to Sow Event Rare
C74 Academy Prodigy Character Common
R1 Agent Jerry Holland, Undercover Fed * Character Rare
U110 Albino Goat-spawn Character Uncommon
R86 Aldebaran Ascendant Support Rare
C50 Alhazred Lamp Support Common
R118 Alien Excavation Event Rare
C20 Antiquities Consultant Character Common
R62 Aquatic Ambush Event Rare
C92 Arcane Initiate Character Common
C26 Arcane Insight Event Common
C63 Arise, Children of Dagon! Event Common
U136 Arkham Historical Society Support Uncommon
R137 Arkham Library Support Rare
C75 Artist in Residence Character Common
U32 Atwood Science Hall Support Uncommon
R3 Back Alley Sawbones Character Rare
R8 Backup Event Rare
C37 Bag Man Character Common
R14 Beneath the Burning Sun Support Rare
U104 Beyond the Gates Support Uncommon
R15 Blackwood Safehouse Support Rare
C138 Blind Spots Support Common
C122 Boarding House Support Common
C76 Bound Byakhee Character Common
U27 Breakthrough! Event Uncommon
U119 Bred to Survive Event Uncommon
R105 Cabala of Saboth, Book of Angels * Support Rare
C98 Calling down the Ancients Event Common
U9 Calling in the Feds Event Uncommon
R21 Campus Security Character Rare
C38 Clover Club Torch Singer Character Common
U123 Consecrated Lands Support Uncommon
C22 Cryptozoologist Character Common
R55 Cthulhu, High Priest of R'lyeh * Character Rare
C120 Curiosity's Price Event Common
R127 Dabbler in the Unknown Character Rare
R56 Dagon, Father of the Deep * Character Rare
R44 Double-Cross Event Rare
U68 Dreams of the Sleeping Priest Support Uncommon
U33 Dusty Manuscripts Support Uncommon
C80 Embracing the Abyss Event Common
C10 Fear of God Event Common
C16 Field Office Support Common
C132 Fighting Blind Event Common
U106 Forbidden Shrine Support Uncommon
C11 Forced Entry Event Common
C111 Forest Sister Character Common
U69 Forgotten Isle Support Uncommon
R45 Framed! Event Rare
U128 Freelance Agent Character Uncommon
R39 Freelance Photographer Character Rare
C107 Gate Box Support Common
U124 Ghoulish Growth Support Uncommon
C34 Government Grant Support Common
C57 Guardian Shoggoth Character Common
R73 Hastur, the Unspeakable * Character Rare
U2 Inspector John Legrasse, Cop in the Know * Character Uncommon
R70 Lair of the Deep Ones Support Rare
C46 Like a Moth Event Common
U23 Local Historian Character Uncommon
U58 Lord of Y'ha-nthlei Character Uncommon
R129 Lore Keeper Character Rare
U77 Lunatic Shade Character Uncommon
C81 Madness Takes Its Toll Event Common
U17 Martial Law Support Uncommon
C59 Master of Silver Twilight Character Common
U141 Master Plans Support Uncommon
R112 Mi-Go Scout Character Rare
U130 Military Advisor Character Uncommon
U82 Mindblast Event Uncommon
U142 Motorcycle Support Uncommon
C93 Nightgaunt Servant Character Common
C40 Nosy Columnist Character Common
U41 O'Bannion Thug Character Uncommon
U51 O'Bannion Warehouse Support Uncommon
R139 Occult Shop Support Rare
C4 Off-Duty Patrolman Character Common
R83 On Byakhee Wings Event Rare
R12 On Ice Event Rare
R28 Open Gate Event Rare
R99 Opening the Limbo Gate Event Rare
C100 Opening the Third Eye Event Common
U47 Panic Event Uncommon
U5 Paranormal Specialist Character Uncommon
U101 Peer Into the Future Event Uncommon
U87 Plague of Madness Support Uncommon
U13 Pray for Dawn Event Uncommon
U143 Private Charter Support Uncommon
R88 Private Studio Support Rare
U24 Professor of Metaphysics Character Uncommon
R133 Prophecies Fulfilled Event Rare
C64 Prophecies Revealed Event Common
U84 Psychotic Break Event Uncommon
C29 Purification Event Common
C61 Ravager from the Deep Character Common
U35 Realms Beyond Reason Support Uncommon
C25 Reclusive Researcher Character Common
R30 Research Expedition Event Rare
R31 Restless and Wary Event Rare
U65 Rite of the Chosen One Event Uncommon
U66 Sacrificial Offerings Event Uncommon
R131 Scurrying Rat-Thing Character Rare
U102 Seal of Isis Event Uncommon
C89 Sedated Support Common
R94 Servant from Out of Time Character Rare
U121 Shocking Transformation Event Uncommon
U18 Shotgun Support Uncommon
R109 Shub-Niggurath, The All-Mother * Character Rare
U52 Slander and Libel Support Uncommon
R42 Sneak Thief Character Rare
U144 Sniper Rifle Support Uncommon
R78 Spawn of Hastur Character Rare
C6 Special Operations Team Character Common
U95 Spell-bound Shoggoth Character Uncommon
U48 Spinning the Story Event Uncommon
U60 Star Spawn Priest Character Uncommon
R19 Steve Clarney, Soldier of Fortune * Character Rare
R134 Strange Inheritance Support Rare
C7 Street-Smart Rookie Character Common
R67 Swallowed by the Sea Event Rare
U43 Syndicate Liaison Character Uncommon
R53 Syndicate Support Support Rare
R71 Temple of Dagon Support Rare
U140 The Darkness Recedes Support Uncommon
R108 The Doors of Time Support Rare
R36 The Light of Reason Support Rare
C113 The Mother's Messenger Character Common
R125 The Mother's Womb Support Rare
C72 Thrall of Cthulhu Support Common
R145 Train Station Support Rare
R126 Under the Cloak of Darkness Support Rare
C49 Underworld Contacts Event Common
R85 Unspeakable Oath Event Rare
C96 Unstoppable Hound Character Common
R54 Velma's Restaurant Support Rare
U79 Vessel of Hastur Character Uncommon
U90 Victoria's Ballroom Support Uncommon
R103 Warping of Time Event Rare
U114 Watcher of the Woods Character Uncommon
C115 Wily Goat-spawn Character Common
U97 Wizard of Yog-Sothoth Character Uncommon
R91 Yog-Sothoth, In Whom the Spheres Meet * Character Rare