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Checklist of cards from Forbidden Relics (Call of Cthulhu, the Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
R62 A Grand Aquatic Destiny Event Rare
U32 Academic Conference Support Uncommon
R109 Alien Researcher Character Rare
U110 Ancient Guardian Character Uncommon
C25 Back to the Vaults Event Common
C73 Bearer of the Yellow Sign Character Common
R115 Beneath the Harvest Moon Event Rare
C2 Blackwood Occultist Character Common
U55 Blasphemous Hybrid Character Uncommon
R85 Bone Pipes of Madness, The True Music of the Spheres * Support Rare
R31 Brazier of Nodens * Support Rare
U50 Breaking and Entering Support Uncommon
U74 Broken Vessels Character Uncommon
U8 Burning Away the Darkness Event Uncommon
R63 Calling the Great Priest Event Rare
U20 Campus Gumshoe Character Uncommon
U51 Cathouse Support Uncommon
R98 Chant of Thoth Event Rare
C86 Chime of Tezchapt Support Common
R9 Cleaning House Event Rare
C99 Cloak of Tawil At-Umr Event Common
U26 Cloud Memory Event Uncommon
C56 Color from the Stars Character Common
U10 Comprehending the Horror Event Uncommon
U87 Condemned Theater Support Uncommon
C38 Continental Agent Character Common
C11 Cover Fire Event Common
U15 Crime Lab Support Uncommon
R127 Curiousity Collector Character Rare
C43 Cut the Power Event Common
U100 Dampen Light Event Uncommon
R105 Dark Texts Support Rare
R137 Decrepit Mausoleum Support Rare
R69 Deep One Outpost Support Rare
U116 Deflect Harm Event Uncommon
U79 Dissolve Event Uncommon
C27 Dr. Carson's Treatment Event Common
R138 Draught of Phan Support Rare
R91 Elder Thing Scientist Character Rare
U106 Enchanted Cane Support Uncommon
U139 Enchanted Silver Blade Support Uncommon
U128 Eternal Serpent Character Uncommon
R37 Etienne-Laurent de Marigny * Character Rare
R121 Everlasting Chalice * Support Rare
C39 Extortionist Character Common
U3 Femme Fatale Character Uncommon
C140 Fetch Stick Support Common
R14 Fire of Asshurbanipal * Support Rare
R28 Frenzied Research Event Rare
C21 Fringe Researcher Character Common
R117 From the Womb Reborn Event Rare
U118 Gathering Influence Event Uncommon
C44 Get On Yer Feet! Event Common
U70 Giving Thanks Support Uncommon
C107 Glass of Leng Support Common
C33 Glass of Mortlan Support Common
R45 Going to Ground Event Rare
C22 Graduate Assistant Character Common
U129 Grim Avenger Character Uncommon
R130 Guru of the Forgotten Way Character Rare
C119 Hands of Colubra Event Common
R4 Hired Gun Character Rare
C92 Humble Supplicant Character Common
R49 Icon of the Nameless Pharaoh * Support Rare
C71 Idol from R'lyeh Support Common
U80 Implant Fear Event Uncommon
R141 Incomprehensible Machine Support Rare
C81 Infected by Madness Event Common
U72 Inner Sanctum Support Uncommon
C57 Innsmouth Troublemaker Character Common
C101 Journey to the Other Side Event Common
R58 Keeper of the Ancient Ways Character Rare
C88 Life of the Mind Support Common
C16 Lightning Gun Support Common
C131 Mad Zealot Character Common
R93 Master of Key Character Rare
R75 Messenger from Hali Character Rare
C122 Mi-Go Brain Case Support Common
R135 Mi-Go Web Armor * Support Rare
U29 Mist of Releh Event Uncommon
U111 Mrs. Watkin's Boarder Character Uncommon
R76 Mysterious Mentor Character Rare
R17 Neighborhood Gin Joint Support Rare
R1 Norman Blackwood, Sr. The Old Man * Character Rare
U18 On the Mean Streets Support Uncommon
U64 Overwhelmed by Nightmares Event Uncommon
R23 Parapsychologist Character Rare
U46 Payback Event Uncommon
C77 Performance Artist Character Common
C52 Plutonian Drug Support Common
U123 Poisonous Fog Support Uncommon
C5 Police Detective Character Common
U59 Priest of Dagon Character Uncommon
U142 Private Research Facility Support Uncommon
U19 Professor William Dyer * Character Uncommon
U132 Ravenous Hunting Horror Character Uncommon
C94 Restless Dead Character Common
U65 Rubbed Out Event Uncommon
U40 Rum Runner Character Uncommon
R68 Sacrificial Altar * Support Rare
U102 Sanctify the Stone Event Uncommon
C34 Sarcenic Rituals Support Common
R35 Secret File Support Rare
C95 Servant of Nodens Character Common
U78 Servant of the Oath Character Uncommon
U108 Shadows and Reflections Support Uncommon
R104 Shining Trapezohedron * Support Rare
C66 Silver Twilight Indoctrination Event Common
R41 Society Page Editor Character Rare
R112 Spawn from K'n-Yan Character Rare
R60 Spawn of Cthulhu Character Rare
U96 Star Vampire Minion Character Uncommon
C113 Star-Summoned Dhole Character Common
U89 Still Life Exhibition Support Uncommon
R24 Strange Visitors Character Rare
R12 Strike the Shepherd Event Rare
C53 Stuck in the Slammer Support Common
R136 Sword of St. Jerome * Support Rare
R54 Syndicate Intelligent Report Support Rare
R30 Tapping the Shadow Fund Event Rare
U6 Task Force Captain Character Uncommon
C61 Tcho-Tcho Emissary Character Common
U143 Tcho-Tcho Talisman Support Uncommon
U47 The Best Bias Money Can Buy Event Uncommon
C67 The Great Summoning Event Common
R90 The Hidden Gallery Support Rare
C114 The Mother's Hand Character Common
C124 The Mother's Kiss Support Common
C120 The Reaping Event Common
R144 Time for Discretion Support Rare
C133 Treasure Hunter Character Common
C7 Treasury Agent Character Common
U42 Triggerman Character Uncommon
R103 Turning the Silver Key Event Rare
R82 Unsettling Visions Event Rare
U36 Vaughn's Diary Support Uncommon
R83 Voice of Ra Event Rare
U97 Wandering Dimensional Shambler Character Uncommon
R125 Watkins Family Plot Support Rare
U126 Watkins Root Cellar Support Uncommon
C13 Working a Hunch Event Common
U134 Worlds Torn Asunder Event Uncommon
R48 Worse For The Wear Event Rare
C84 Wrack Event Common
U145 Zanthu Tablet Support Uncommon