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Checklist of cards from Legend of Dragon Heroes (Battle Spirits TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
109 Altar Mirage Spell Common
51 Arcanabeastqueen Spirit Common
99 Arms Shock Magic/Burst Common
92 Blaze Slash Magic/Burst Uncommon
18 Both-Hands Spirit Common
41 Buster-Fenrircannon Spirit Common
56 Chacopecca Spirit Common
94 Critical Burst Magic/Burst Rare
103 Crystallize Illusion Magic/Burst Uncommon
63 Cuelebrei Spirit Common
96 Curse of Hades Magic/Burst Rare
98 Dark Reborn Spell Common
57 Deepfisher Spirit Common
110 Disaster Wind Magic/Burst Rare
70 Diyadokari Brave Common
91 Double Blaster Magic/Burst Common
107 Dream Prayer Magic/Burst Uncommon
104 Dream Spiral Spell Common
113 Exclusion Horn Magic/Burst Uncommon
111 Execution Destroy Spell Common
37 Ezono-Owl Spirit Common
105 Glacial Slash Magic/Burst Rare
45 Goristal Spirit Common
30 Grant-Benkei Spirit/Burst Master Rare
72 Gurangatch Brave Common
5 Hinoshishi Spirit Uncommon
36 Icemaiden Mk-II Spirit Common
97 Instantaneous Shoot Magic/Burst Common
23 Kacchumushi Spirit Common
7 Kagutsuchidragoon Spirit Common
2 Kakyuso Spirit Common
6 King-Goradon Spirit Common
65 Kurofune-Golem Spirit Uncommon
14 Labolas Spirit Common
67 Lagian Brave Common
101 Last Stand Magic/Burst Common
4 Lesser-Dragsaurus Spirit Common
108 Magical Light Spell Common
47 Martiusagi Spirit Common
39 Mibrock-Soldier Spirit Rare
27 Monshiroran Spirit Common
31 Musha-Apewhip Spirit Rare
29 Musha-Geo Spirit Common
25 Mushamega Spirit Common
55 Mystic-Himiko Spirit/Burst Master Rare
20 Nasuno-Archer Spirit/Burst Rare
46 Pam Spirit Common
8 Pentaceratop Spirit Common
35 Raccoonguard Spirit Common
106 Recovered Core Spell Common
59 Repairing-Ceros Spirit Common
93 Revelation Aura Spell Common
64 Revoluting-Zeyon Spirit/Burst Rare
62 Rock-Golem-Custom Spirit Common
28 Ruriruri Spirit Common
1 Ryzard Spirit Common
3 Scartooth Spirit Common
112 Sealing Maelstrom Magic/Burst Common
16 Shikitsuru Spirit Common
19 Shuten-Doga Spirit Uncommon
68 Stolast Brave Common
100 Storm Attack Spell Rare
12 Straw-Puppet Spirit Common
52 Tamamonoin Spirit Rare
26 Tamamush Spirit Common
69 Taranty Brave Common
85 The Admiring Pipe Organ Nexus Common
80 The Ancient Forest Nexus Common
53 The Angelia of Olimpics Hagith Spirit Uncommon
58 The BattledogBeast Siderope Spirit Common
40 The BraveArtifact Ryudroid Spirit Uncommon
49 The Butler Pentan Spirit Common
X02 The CurseHero Chaotic-Seimei Spirit/Burst X Rare
86 The Destiny Roulette Nexus Uncommon
x01 The DragonHero Sieg-Yamato-Fried Spirit/Burst X Rare
87 The Empire of Pentan:the Capital Empereur Nexus Common
89 The Exploding Submarine Volcano Nexus Common
10 The FangBeastEmperor Kintarogue-Bear Spirit/Burst Rare
90 The Fearless City on the Ship Nexus Common
66 The FistMaster Tiga Spirit Master Rare
11 The FlameDragonDevil Ma-Gwo Spirit Master Rare
75 The Fortified City of Flame Dragon Nexus Uncommon
83 The Freezing WaterFalls Nexus Common
44 The GlacialDragon Glaceus Spirit Rare
54 The GreatAngelia Angu Spirit Master Rare
33 The GreatTreeGuardian Blanboar Spirit Rare
79 The Green Gojo Bridge Nexus Common
x04 The IceHero Mibrock-Baragan Spirit/Burst X Rare
42 The IronArtifact Modi Spirit Common
77 The Leaning Tower of Corpse Nexus Uncommon
X06 The MalevolentDeity Nyarla-Trap Spirit X Rare
43 The MoonLightPrincess Mani Spirit Master Rare
82 The Pentagon Stronghold Nexus Common
76 The Pentagram Castle Nexus Common
84 The Permafrost Capital Nexus Common
73 The Red Keyhole-Shaped Tumulus Nexus Common
13 The Rogue Sha-Zoo Spirit Common
X05 The SacredBird An-Zur Spirit X Rare
88 The Sapphire Huge Labyrinth Nexus Uncommon
38 The Shooter Vali Spirit Common
17 The SmokeWolf Noroshi Spirit Common
81 The Stumpcity of God Tree Nexus Uncommon
48 The SwallowtailFairy Nami Spirit Common
74 The Thousand Knowledge Canyon Nexus Common
22 The TwinPhantomDragon Sheyron Spirit Master Rare
21 The VioletPhoenix Fognix Spirit Master Rare
x03 The WindHero Dorcus-Ushiwaka Spirit/Burst X Rare
78 The Wraith's Ruins Nexus Common
34 Three-Legger Spirit Common
114 Thunder Burst Magic/Burst Rare
60 Tindalo-Hound Spirit Common
15 Todar Spirit Common
102 Tornade Burst Magic/Burst Rare
71 Trumpn Brave Common
24 Tsuchipig Spirit Common
95 Violet Funeral Magic/Burst Uncommon
9 Warrior-Dragon Spirit Uncommon
61 Yagyurd-Jubel Spirit/Burst Rare
50 Yaley Spirit Common
32 Yatsunokanzo Spirit Uncommon