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Checklist of cards from King of the Starlit Sky (Battle Spirits TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
25 Ammoknights Spirit Common
17 Anaguma-Kosuke Spirit Common
84 Argo Attack Spell Uncommon
76 Assassinate Spell Uncommon
77 Breeze Ride Spell Common
73 Burning Sun Spell Common
20 Bushbabe Spirit Common
3 Chamaeleopus Spirit Common
58 Chihyu Brave Rare
41 Chootah Spirit Common
19 Corocorn Spirit Uncommon
80 Crescent Howling Spell Common
81 Dream Seal Spell Uncommon
52 Evilglider Brave Master Rare
59 Forbbid-Vulture Brave Common
83 Galaxy Eternal Requiem Spell Common
56 Hawk-Breaker Brave Master Rare
1 Hiquick Spirit Common
54 Hyo-Katchu Brave Rare
49 Irritaban Brave Common
12 Jainagant Spirit Common
9 Kemurisu Spirit Common
26 Kigna-Swan MK-II Spirit Common
33 Knockmole Spirit Common
30 Lethalweapondragon Spirit Rare
34 Minogamen Spirit Common
18 Modzu Spirit Common
53 Mokubaoh Brave Common
27 Moonshouuo Spirit Common
23 Mountain-Seikai Spirit Rare
78 Never Give Up Spell Common
42 Night-Gaun Spirit Common
82 Pegasus Flap Spell Common
4 Phobos-Dragon Spirit Common
57 Poppor Brave Common
37 Princepentan Spirit Common
21 Saizorong Spirit Uncommon
46 Shantarg Spirit Uncommon
13 Skullion Spirit Uncommon
10 Skullzard Spirit Common
75 Snake Slave Spell Common
48 The AncientBattleship Argo-Golem Spirit Master Rare
35 The Angelia of Olimpics Och Spirit Uncommon
2 The ArmoredDinoman Ankylong Spirit Common
11 The Assassin Dragonaga Spirit Common
43 The Birdman Ikarosh Spirit Common
63 The Bloody Artifact Nexus Common
24 The BushinBeast Deerl-Yukimura Spirit Master Rare
70 The Constellation Barrier Nexus Common
61 The Coronation Volcano Nexus Common
16 The CurseKing Dragonaga Spirit Master Rare
14 The DarkKnight Agravain Spirit Common
8 The DinomanKing Megalo-Saur Spirit Master Rare
68 The Faraway Satellite Cannon Nexus Uncommon
6 The Flame Beast Fioryx Spirit Common
X6 The GiantBraver Perseus Spirit X Rare
45 The GiantCaptain Iason Spirit Common
66 The Great Tree of Life Nexus Common
47 The GreatDeepSea Norg-Dens Spirit Master Rare
55 The HeavyArmoredBrave Shield-Dragon Mk-II Brave Uncommon
15 The HellGovernor Hagen Spirit Rare
X5 The KylinStarBeast Rean Spirit X Rare
67 The Light Guiding Tower Nexus Common
32 The LightSpeedKnight Hermod Spirit Master Rare
X4 The MachineLionDeity Strikewurm-Leo Spirit Zodiac X Rare
X4a The MachineLionDeity Strikewurm-Leo Spirit Zodiac X Rare
44 The Minstrel Orphe Spirit Rare
28 The OathGoddess Var Spirit Uncommon
65 The Octant Small Shrine Nexus Uncommon
64 The Palace of Snake Believers Nexus Uncommon
7 The PantherDragon Pandolancer Spirit Uncommon
71 The Port of Giants Nexus Common
31 The RainbowDragon Auroria Spirit Rare
5 The RudeSaurus Dirano-Rex Spirit Rare
39 The SacredBeast Barrong Spirit Rare
X3 The SephirothicSheepDeity Sephiro-Aries Spirit Zodiac X Rare
X1 The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon Spirit Zodiac X Rare
X1a The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon Spirit Zodiac X Rare
X1b The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon Spirit Zodiac X Rare
X1c The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon Spirit Zodiac X Rare
X1d The ShineCentaurusDeity Sagitto-Apollodragon Spirit Zodiac X Rare
50 The ShineDragon Shine-Blazer Brave Uncommon
62 The Shining Galaxy Nexus Uncommon
X2 The SnakeMasterDeity Asklepiooze Spirit X Rare
36 The StarBird Kuhja Spirit Uncommon
69 The Starry Sky Concert Hall Nexus Common
29 The SwordHorse Granim Spirit Common
72 The Unfinished Ancient Battleship:Compass Nexus Uncommon
40 The VenusDragonDeity Venu-Feather Spirit Master Rare
38 The Witch Tarangda Spirit Common
60 Tres-Beluga Brave Rare
79 Vanishing Day Spell Uncommon
22 Yang-Ogre Spirit Common
74 Zodiac Conduct Spell Rare
51 Zuganake Brave Common