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Checklist of cards from Limited (Battletech CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Accurate Intelligence Mission C
2 Aerospace Fighter Mission Command C
3 Alex Mallory Command R
4 Ambush! Command C
5 Ammo Explosion Mission U
6 Arms Reduction Command R
7 Arrow IV Battery Command U
8 Assassin (ASN-21) Mech U
9 Atlas (AS7-D) Mech C
10 Atlas (AS7-K) Mech R
11 Awesome (AWS-8Q) Mech C
12 Awesome (AWS-9M) Mech C
13 Axman (AXM-1N) Mech R
14 Banshee (BNC-3E) Mech U
15 Banshee (BNC-5S) Mech C
16 Battalion Support Command U
17 Bearer of McKennsy Hammer Command R
18 Bjorn Jorgensson Command R
19 Black Hawk (A Nova) Mech C
20 Black Hawk (B Nova) Mech C
21 Black Hawk (D Nova) Mech C
22 Black Hawk (Prime Nova) Mech C
23 Black Knight (BL6-KNT) Mech U
24 Blackjack (BJ2) Mech C
25 Caesar (CES-3R) Mech C
26 Candace Liao Command R
27 Cataphract (CTF-3D) Mech U
28 Catapult (CPLT-C3) Mech C
29 Caught in Hangar Command C
30 Centurion (CN9-A) Mech C
31 Centurion (CN9-D) Mech U
32 Chaparral Missile Tank Command U
33 Charger (CGR-1A1) Mech U
34 Cicada (CDA-2A) Mech C
35 Cicada (CDA-3M) Mech C
36 Clint (CLNT-2-3T) Mech U
37 Clint (CLNT-2-3U) Mech U
38 Combat Engineers Command U
39 Commando (COM-2D) Mech C
40 Communications Blackout Command U
41 Communications Failure Mission R
42 Comstar Bank Account Command U
43 Contract with Gray Death Legion Command R
44 Contract with Wolf's Dragoons Command R
45 Coventry Metal Works Command V
46 Critical Hit Mission C
47 Crockett (CRK-5003-1) Mech U
48 Culling Command R
49 Cyclops (CP11A) Mech C
50 Daishi A (Dire Wolf) Mech R
51 Dasher C (Firemoth) Mech U
52 Dasher D (Firemoth) Mech C
53 Dasher Prime (Firemoth) Mech C
54 Death Commando Strike Command R
55 Death From Above Mission U
56 Dervish (DV-6M) Mech C
57 Dervish (DV-7D) Mech C
58 DEST Pilot Command R
59 Dragon (DRG-1N) Mech C
60 Dragonfly A (Viper) Mech R
61 Dragonfly B (Viper) Mech U
62 Dragonfly C (Viper) Mech U
63 Dragonfly D (Viper) Mech U
64 Dragonfly Prime (Viper) Mech U
65 Dropship Site Command U
66 Effective Groundwork Command U
67 Elemental Point Command U
68 Elias Crichell Command R
69 Elite Infantry Command R
70 Elite MechWarrior Command U
71 Enforcer (ENF-4R) Mech C
72 Enforcer (ENF-5D) Mech C
73 Evantha Fetladral Command R
74 Expert 'Mech Technicians Command C
75 Exterminator (EXT-4D) Mech U
76 Extra Armor Plating Command C
77 Falcon (FLC-4P) Mech U
78 Feint Mission C
79 Fenris A (Ice Ferret) Mech U
80 Fenris C (Ice Ferret) Mech C
81 Fenris D (Ice Ferret) Mech C
82 Fenris Prime (Ice Ferret) Mech C
83 Ferro-Fibrous Armor Command C
84 Firestarter (FS9-H) Mech C
85 Firestarter (FS9-S) Mech R
86 Flashman (FLS-8K) Mech R
87 Flea (FLE-17) Mech U
88 Forged Mission Orders Mission C
89 Galen Cox Command R
90 Gladiator A (Executioner) Mech U
91 Gladiator B (Executioner) Mech R
92 Gladiator C (Executioner) Mech U
93 Gladiator Prime (Executioner) Mech C
94 Good Shooting! Mission C
95 Grand Dragon (DRG-5K) Mech C
96 Grasshopper (GHR-5H) Mech C
97 Gray Death Pilot Command U
98 Grayson Death Carlyle Command R
99 Guerrilla Support Command R
100 Guillotine (GLT-5M) Mech R
101 Hanse Davion "The Fox" Command R
102 Hatamoto-Chi (HTM-27T) Mech U
103 Hatchetman (HCT-3F) Mech C
104 Hatchetman (HCT-5S) Mech U
105 Head Shot Mission U
106 Heavy Fog Mission U
107 Heavy Industry Command V
108 Helicopter Support Command C
109 Heroic Sacrifice Mission C
110 Highlander (HGN-732) Mech R
111 Holographic Decoy Command C
112 Hoplite (HOP-4D) Mech R
113 Hornet (HNT-171) Mech U
114 Hovertank Detachment Command C
115 Hunchback (HBK-4G) Mech C
116 Hussar (HSR 200-D) Mech U
117 Imp (IMP-3E) Mech U
118 Improvised Weapon Mission U
119 Inexorable Advance Mission C
120 Infantry Platoon Command U
121 Inside Job Command C
122 ISF Counterespionage Command R
123 JagerMech (JM6-DD) Mech C
124 JagerMech (JM6-S) Mech C
125 Jaime Wolf Command R
126 Javelin (JVN-10N) Mech C
127 Jenner (JR7-D) Mech C
128 Jump into Cover Mission U
129 Justin Xiang Allard Command R
130 Kai Allard-Liao Command R
131 Kamikaze MechWarrior Command U
132 Katana (CRK5003-2) Mech C
133 Kell Hound Pilot Command U
134 Koshi A (Mist Lynx) Mech R
135 Koshi B (Mist Lynx) Mech C
136 Koshi C Mist Lynx Mech R
137 Koshi D (Mist Lynx) Mech U
138 Koshi Prime (Mist Lynx) Mech C
139 Lance Commander Command U
140 Lancelot (LNC25-01) Mech R
141 Leap Before You Look Mission U
142 Leo Showers Command R
143 Loki A (Hellbringer) Mech U
144 Loki B (Hellbringer) Mech U
145 Loki Prime (Hellbringer) Mech U
146 Long Range Targeting System Command C
147 Long Tom Battery Command U
148 Luck of the Fox Mission R
149 Lured into Bog Mission U
150 Mad Cat A (Timber Wolf) Mech U
151 Mad Cat B (Timber Wolf) Mech U
152 Mad Cat C (Timber Wolf) Mech R
153 Mad Cat D (Timber Wolf) Mech U
154 Mad Cat Prime (Timber Wolf) Mech C
155 Man O' War A (Gargoyle) Mech R
156 Man O' War B (Gargoyle) Mech R
157 Man O' War C (Gargoyle) Mech R
158 Man O' War Prime (Gargoyle) Mech C
159 Maneuvering Ace Command U
160 Manipulation of Romano Command R
161 Marik Arms Trade Command V
162 Marissa Morgan Command R
163 Masakari A (Warhawk) Mech C
164 Masakari B (Warhawk) Mech U
165 Masakari C (Warhawk) Mech R
166 Masakari Prime (Warhawk) Mech R
167 MASC Command U
168 Maskirovka Operatives Command R
169 Master Spy Command C
170 Mauler (MAL-1R) Mech R
171 Maverick Mechjock Command U
172 Melissa Steiner Davion Command R
173 Mercury (MCY-97) Mech U
174 Mislabeled Drop Boxes Command U
175 Misrouted Command Command C
176 Missile Spotter Mission U
177 Mobile HQ Command C
178 Mongoose (MON-66) Mech U
179 Morgan Hasek Davion Command R
180 Morgan Kell Command R
181 Move to Partial Cover Mission C
182 NAIS Command V
183 Natasha Kerensky Command R
184 Navigation Computer Command U
185 Open Supply Lines Command R
186 Operation Advisory Council Command U
187 Orion (ON1-K) Mech U
188 Orion (ON1-M) Mech R
189 Overwhelm Mission U
190 Panther (PNT-9R) Mech C
191 Perimeter Alarm Command R
192 Phantom Signal Command U
193 Phelan Command R
194 Point Defense System Command C
195 Pryde's Pride Mission R
196 Puma A (Adder) Mech C
197 Puma C (Adder) Mech U
198 Puma Prime (Adder) Mech C
199 Pushing the Envelope Mission U
200 Quickdraw (QKD-4G) Mech C
201 Quickdraw (QKD-5M) Mech C
202 Rampage! Mission R
203 Rapid Cool-Down Mission U
204 Raven (RVN-3L) Mech U
205 Reassigned Pilot Mission R
206 Report from the Watch Command R
207 Retrieve Lost 'Mech Command U
208 Retrofitted Laser System Command U
209 Retrofitted Missile Rack Command U
210 Romano Liao Command R
211 Rookie Pilot Command R
212 Running Battle Mission U
213 Ryoken A (Storm Crow) Mech U
214 Ryoken D (Storm Crow) Mech U
215 Ryoken Prime (Storm Crow) Mech C
216 Sabotage 'Mech Command C
217 Sabotaged Heat Sinks Command R
218 Sabotaged Missiles Command R
219 Sacrifice for the Dragon! Mission R
220 SAFE Report Command R
221 Salvage Strike Crew Command U
222 Satchel Charges Mission R
223 Saturation Bombing Command C
224 Scrounger Crew Command V
225 Sentinel (STN-3M) Mech U
226 Shady Business Command U
227 Shogun (SHG-2F) Mech R
228 Silver Sunburst Pilot Command R
229 Special Forces Op Mission U
230 Specialized Project Team Command C
231 Spider (SDR-5V) Mech U
232 Stalker (STK-3F) Mech C
233 Stalker (STK-5M) Mech U
234 Steal 'Mech Command R
235 Strength of the Pillar of Steel Mission C
236 Studied Move Mission U
237 Subhash Indrahar Command R
238 Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy Command V
239 Support: Assembly 1 Command V
240 Support: Assembly 2 Command V
241 Support: Assembly 3 Command V
242 Support: Logistics 1 Command V
243 Support: Logistics 2 Command V
244 Support: Logistics 3 Command V
245 Support: Munitions 1 Command V
246 Support: Munitions 2 Command V
247 Support: Munitions 3 Command V
248 Support: Politics 1 Command V
249 Support: Politics 2 Command V
250 Support: Politics 3 Command V
251 Support: Tactics 1 Command V
252 Support: Tactics 2 Command V
253 Support: Tactics 3 Command V
254 Takashi Kurita Command R
255 Teachings of the Unfinished Book Command R
256 Temporary Cease-Fire Mission U
257 Theodore Kurita Command R
258 Think Tank Command V
259 Thomas Marik Command R
260 Thor A (Summoner) Mech C
261 Thor B (Summoner) Mech R
262 Thor C (Summoner) Mech C
263 Thor D (Summoner) Mech U
264 Thor Prime (Summoner) Mech C
265 Thug (THG-11E) Mech U
266 Topple Mission C
267 Treachery! Command C
268 Trebuchet (TBT-5N) Mech C
269 Trebuchet (TBT-7M) Mech U
270 Tsen Shang Command R
271 Uller B (Kit Fox) Mech C
272 Uller C (Kit Fox) Mech R
273 Uller D (Kit Fox) Mech U
274 Uller Prime (Kit Fox) Mech C
275 UrbanMech (UM-R60) Mech C
276 Veteran MechWarrior Command C
277 Victor (VTR-9B) Mech C
278 Victor (VTR-9K) Mech C
279 Victor Steiner Davion Command R
280 Vindicator (VND-1R) Mech C
281 Vulcan (VT-5M) Mech C
282 Vulture A (Mad Dog) Mech C
283 Vulture B (Mad Dog) Mech R
284 Vulture C (Mad Dog) Mech C
285 Vulture Prime (Mad Dog) Mech C
286 Whitworth (WTH-1) Mech C
287 Whitworth (WTH-2) Mech C
288 Wolf Trap (WFT-1) Mech C
289 Wolf's Dragoons Pilot Command U
290 Wolfhound (WLF-2) Mech C
291 Wyvern (WVE-5N) Mech R
292 Zeus (ZEU-6S) Mech C
293 Zeus (ZEU-9S) Mech C