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Checklist of cards from v2.1 Proteus (Netrunner)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 AI Board Member Agenda Rare
2 Airport Locker Resource Rare
3 All-Hands Prep Common
4 Armageddon Program Rare
5 Back Door to Netwatch Resource Rare
6 Back Door to Rivals Resource Common
7 Bargain with Viacox Resource Rare
8 Bel-Digmo Antibody Node Uncommon
9 Big Frackin' Gun Program Common
10 Black Widow Program Uncommon
11 Blackmail Prep Rare
12 Bolt-Hole Resource Common
13 Boring Bit Program Common
14 Brain Wash Ice Common
15 Bug Zapper Ice Uncommon
16 Bulldozer Program Uncommon
17 Caryatid Ice Uncommon
18 Charity Takeover Agenda Common
19 Chiba Bank Account Resource Common
20 Chihuahua Ice Common
21 Colonel Failure Ice Rare
22 Corporate Guard(R) Temps Operation Uncommon
23 Corporate Headhunters Agenda Common
24 Corrosion Program Common
25 Cortical Cybermodem Hardware Common
26 Cortical Stimulators Hardware Common
27 Coyote Ice Common
28 Credit Blocks Ice Common
29 Credit Consolidation Operation Common
30 Credit Subversion Resource Uncommon
31 Cruising for Netwatch Prep Common
32 Crumble Program Uncommon
33 Cybertech Think Tank Node Rare
34 Data Sifters Operation Common
35 Datacomb Ice Common
36 Death from Above Resource Rare
37 Death Yo-Yo Ice Common
38 Decoy Signal Prep Common
39 Demolition Run Prep Uncommon
40 Department of Misinformation Node Rare
41 Digiconda Ice Uncommon
42 Disgruntled Ice Technician Prep Uncommon
43 Disintegrator Program Uncommon
44 Dog Pile Ice Uncommon
45 Doppelganger Antibody Node Common
46 Drone for a Day Prep Common
47 Emergency Rig Operation Uncommon
48 Enterprise, Inc., Shields Program Common
49 Eurocorpse (TM) Spin Chip Hardware Uncommon
50 Executive Boot Camp Node Rare
51 Expendable Family Member Resource Common
52 Faked Hit Prep Uncommon
53 Fetal AI Agenda Rare
54 Food Fight Ice Common
55 Forward's Legacy Program Uncommon
56 Frame-Up Prep Rare
57 Fubar Program Uncommon
58 Galatea Ice Common
59 Garbage In Program Uncommon
60 Gatekeeper Ice Common
61 Get Ready to Rumble Resource Uncommon
62 Government Contract Node Common
63 Herman Revista Upgrade Uncommon
64 Highlighter Program Uncommon
65 Hijack Prep Rare
66 Homing Missile Ice Uncommon
67 HQ Mole Resource Common
68 Hunting Pack Ice Uncommon
69 Ice and Data Special Report Prep Common
70 Iceberg Ice Rare
71 Identity Donor Prep Rare
72 LDL Traffic Analyzers Node Rare
73 Lesley Major Upgrade Rare
74 Lesser Arcana Ice Common
75 Liberated Savings Account Resource Common
76 Lisa Blight Upgrade Rare
77 Live News Feed Prep Rare
78 Lockjaw Program Common
79 Lucidrine (TM) Drip Feed Hardware Rare
80 Manhunt Operation Common
81 Marcel DeSoleil Upgrade Rare
82 Marionette Ice Common
83 Marked Accounts Agenda Common
84 Mastermind Ice Uncommon
85 Mercenary Subcontract Resource Uncommon
86 Minotaur Ice Uncommon
87 Misleading Access Menus Ice Common
88 Mobile Barricade Ice Rare
89 Morphing Tool Program Uncommon
90 Networked Center Upgrade Rare
91 Obfuscated Fortress Upgrade Rare
92 On the Fast Track Prep Uncommon
93 Panic Button Upgrade Uncommon
94 Pattel Antibody Node Uncommon
95 Pavit Bharat Upgrade Rare
96 Pirate Broadcast Prep Rare
97 Please Don't Choke Anyone Agenda Rare
98 Poisoned Water Supply Prep Rare
99 Prearranged Drop Prep Rare
100 Precision Bribery Resource Uncommon
101 Project Venice Agenda Common
102 Project Zurich Agenda Common
103 Promises, Promises Prep Rare
104 R&D Mole Resource Common
105 Rasmin Bridger Upgrade Uncommon
106 Raymond Ellison Upgrade Uncommon
107 Reconnaissance Prep Common
108 Redecorator Program Common
109 Remote Detonator Prep Uncommon
110 Rent-to-Own Contract Operation Uncommon
111 Research Bunker Upgrade Rare
112 Riddler Ice Common
113 Roadblock Ice Rare
114 Runner Sensei Resource Common
115 Rush Hour Prep Common
116 Sandstorm Ice Common
117 Scaffolding Ice Common
118 Scaldan Program Rare
119 Schlaghund Pointers Operation Uncommon
120 Senatorial Field Trip Prep Rare
121 Simon Francisco Upgrade Uncommon
122 Simulacrum Resource Rare
123 Siren Node Uncommon
124 Skeleton Passkeys Program Common
125 Skullcap Program Common
126 Snowbank Ice Common
127 Sphinx 2006 Ice Uncommon
128 Stakeout Prep Common
129 Stereogram Antibody Node Rare
130 Streetware Distributor Resource Common
131 Subliminal Corruption Prep Uncommon
132 Sumo 2008 Ice Uncommon
133 Sunburst Cranial Interface Hardware Common
134 Swiss Bank Account Resource Common
135 Syd Meyer Superstores Node Common
136 Taxman Program Uncommon
137 Test Spin Prep Rare
138 The Deck Hardware Rare
139 The Personal Touch Prep Common
140 Time to Collect Resource Rare
141 Toughonium(TM) Wall Ice Rare
142 Tumblers Ice Common
143 Twisty Passages Ice Common
144 Underworld Mole Operation Common
145 Vienna 22 Program Uncommon
146 Viral Breeding Ground Agenda Common
147 Viral Pipeline Program Rare
148 Walking Wall Ice Common
149 Washed-Up Solo Construct Ice Common
150 Weapons Depot Upgrade Rare
151 Weefle Initiation Prep Common
152 Wired Switchboard Resource Common
153 World Domination Agenda Rare
154 Wrecking Ball Program Common