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Checklist of cards from Core Set (Warhammer Invasion)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
17 A Glorious Death Quest F
126 Alliance - Chaos and Dark Elf Support F
125 Alliance - Chaos and Orc Support F
122 Alliance - Dwarf and Empire Support F
124 Alliance - Dwarf and High Elf Support F
123 Alliance - Empire and High Elf Support F
127 Alliance - Orc and Dark Elf Support F
52 Archmage of Saphery Unit F
114 Armoury Support F
71 Banna of Da Red Sunz Support F
67 Big 'Uns Unit F
60 Black Orc Squad Unit F
53 Blessing of Isha Support F
103 Blood for the Blood God Tactic F
92 Bloodthirster Unit F
61 Boar Boyz Unit F
28 Bright Wizard Apprentice Unit F
118 Burn It Down Tactic F
19 Burying the Grudge Tactic F
CB3 Capital Board - Chaos Capital Board F
CB2 Capital Board - Dwarf Capital Board F
CB1 Capital Board - Empire Capital Board F
CB4 Capital Board - Orc Capital Board F
109 Cauldron of Blood Support F
85 Chaos Knights Unit F
69 Choppa Support F
39 Church of Sigmar Support F
40 City Gates Support F
93 Cloud of Flies Support F
108 Cold One Riders Unit F
112 Contested Fortress Support F
113 Contested Stronghold Support F
111 Contested Village Support F
56 Crooked Teef Goblins Unit F
104 Culling the Weak Tactic F
86 Cultist of Slaanesh Unit F
91 Dark Zealot Unit F
43 Defend the Border Quest F
1 Defender of the Hold Unit F
23 Demolition! Tactic F
46 Demoralise Tactic F
106 Disciple of Khaine Unit F
65 Doom Divers Unit F
6 Durgnar the Bold Unit F
8 Dwarf Cannon Crew Unit F
9 Dwarf Masons Unit F
10 Dwarf Ranger Unit F
77 Favour of Mork Tactic F
83 Festering Nurglings Unit F
102 Flames of Tzeentch Tactic F
89 Fledgling Chaos Spawn Unit F
59 Followers of Mork Unit F
48 Forced March Tactic F
115 Forgotten Cemetery Support F
47 Franz's Decree Tactic F
35 Free Company Unit F
55 Greater Heal Tactic F
63 Grimgor Ironhide Unit F
73 Grimgor's Camp Support F
18 Grudge Thrower Support F
22 Grudge Thrower Assault Tactic F
3 Hammerer of Karak Azul Unit F
110 Hate Tactic F
94 Horrific Mutation Support F
33 Huntsmen Unit F
120 Infiltrate! Quest F
119 Innovation Tactic F
12 Ironbreakers of Ankhor Unit F
58 Ironclaw's Horde Unit F
37 Johannes Broheim Unit F
97 Journey to the Gate Quest F
49 Judgement of Verena Tactic F
14 Keystone Forge Support F
7 King Kazador Unit F
38 Knight Training Support F
66 Lobber Crew Unit F
16 Master Rune of Dismay Support F
25 Master Rune of Valaya Tactic F
88 Melekh the Changer Unit F
11 Mountain Brigade Unit F
64 Night Goblins Unit F
29 Nuln Tinkerers Unit F
84 Nurgle Sorcerer Unit F
101 Nurgle's Pestilence Tactic F
15 Organ Gun Support F
26 Peasant Militia Unit F
117 Pilgrimage Tactic F
78 Pillage Tactic F
36 Pistoliers Unit F
121 Prepare for War! Quest F
54 Radiant Gaze Tactic F
27 Reiksguard Knights Unit F
75 Rip Dere 'eads Off! Tactic F
68 Rock Lobber Support F
13 Rune of Fortitude Support F
5 Runesmith Unit F
95 Sadistic Mutation Support F
90 Savage Gors Unit F
82 Savage Marauders Unit F
99 Seduced by Darkness Tactic F
81 Servants of Khorne Unit F
98 Shrine to Nurgle Support F
41 Shrine to Taal Support F
31 Sigmar's Blessed Unit F
50 Sigmar's Intervention Tactic F
51 Silver Helm Brigade Unit F
105 Slaanesh's Domination Tactic F
72 Smash 'Em All! Quest F
74 Smash-Go-Boom! Tactic F
57 Squig Herders Unit F
21 Striking the Grudge Tactic F
20 Stubborn Refusal Tactic F
42 Temple of Shallya Support F
30 The Greatswords Unit F
32 Thyrus Gorman Unit F
70 Totem of Gork Support F
4 Troll Slayers Unit F
80 Troll Vomit Tactic F
45 Twin-Tailed Comet Tactic F
62 Urguck Unit F
87 Valkia the Bloody Unit F
107 Vile Sorceress Unit F
79 Waaagh! Tactic F
24 Wake the Mountain Tactic F
116 Warpstone Excavation Support F
96 Warpstone Meteor Support F
34 Warrior Priests Unit F
76 We'z Bigga! Tactic F
44 Will of the Electors Tactic F
100 Will of Tzeentch Tactic F
2 Zhufbar Engineers Unit F