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Checklist of cards from Assault on Ulthuan (Warhammer Invasion)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
36 Altar of Khaine Support F
56 Ancient Map Tactic F
19 Asuryan's Cleansing Tactic F
40 Bathe in Blood Tactic F
47 Battle Standard Support F
53 Blood Frenzy Support F
58 Boar Attack Tactic F
CB6 Capital Board - Dark Elf Capital Board F
CB5 Capital Board - High Elf Capital Board F
5 Caradryan Unit F
39 Chillwind Tactic F
26 Cold One Knight Unit F
29 Corsairs of Ghrond Unit F
22 Dark Initiate Unit F
28 Dark Sorceress Unit F
38 Dark Visions Tactic F
11 Defend Tor Aendris Quest F
12 Dragon Mage Wakening Support F
9 Dragon Prince Unit F
1 Envoy from Averlorn Unit F
17 Flames of the Phoenix Tactic F
51 Foot of Gork Tactic F
18 For Ulthuan! Tactic F
20 Gift of Life Tactic F
46 Gold Wizard Acolyte Unit F
35 Har Ganeth Support F
24 Harpies Unit F
4 High Elf Spearmen Unit F
21 High Elf's Disdain Tactic F
8 Illyriel Unit F
6 Initiate of Saphery Unit F
57 Innovation Tactic F
42 Invoke Khaine's Wrath Tactic F
37 Lash the Prisoner! Tactic F
30 Lokhir Fellheart Unit F
7 Loremaster of Hoeth Unit F
45 Lure Them Out Tactic F
52 Maledictor of Tzeentch Unit F
33 Mind Killer Support F
27 Mortella Unit F
44 Mountain Barracks Support F
31 Night Raids Quest F
32 Sack Tor Aendris Quest F
50 Scrap Heap Support F
25 Shades Unit F
2 Shadow Warrior Unit F
14 Shrine of Asuryan Support F
43 Slayers of Karak Kadrin Unit F
48 Surrender! Tactic F
3 Sword Masters of Hoeth Unit F
41 Take Captive! Tactic F
16 Tear of Isha Tactic F
15 Temple of Vaul Support F
13 The Glittering Tower Support F
55 Treasure Vaults Support F
54 Tzeentch's Firestorm Tactic F
10 Wake the Dragons Quest F
23 Walking Sacrifice Unit F
34 Word of Pain Support F
49 Wyvern Rider Unit F