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Checklist of cards from Legends (Warhammer Invasion)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
29 Archaon Legend F
14 Armed to Da Teef Tactic F
9 Azhag the Slaughterer Legend F
18 Battle Wizard Unit F
41 Black Horror Tactic F
42 Bladewind Tactic F
7 Blasting Charge Tactic F
20 Blessed Hammer Support F
10 Blind River Goblin Unit F
53 Blood Dragon Knight Unit F
31 Bloodletter Unit F
13 Boar Chariot Support F
21 Call for Reserves Tactic F
54 Curse of Years Support F
39 Dark Elf Assassin Unit F
5 Dwarf Thunderer Unit F
24 Ellyrian Knight Unit F
27 Elven Steed Support F
12 Frenzied Big 'Un Unit F
8 Grom the Paunch Legend F
1 Grombrindal Legend F
26 Judgement of Loec Support F
30 Kairos Fateweaver Legend F
15 Karl Franz Legend F
44 Kroxigor Unit F
36 Malekith Legend F
33 Marauder Chieftain Unit F
28 Master of the Earth Tactic F
40 Monster of the Deep Unit F
37 Morathi Legend F
34 Oozing Eye Support F
25 Peerless Swordmistress Unit F
19 Priest of Verena Unit F
51 Protective Spites Support F
11 Red 'Ead Boyz Unit F
6 Rune of Cleaving Support F
47 Screaming Bell Support F
35 Seductive Delusion Tactic F
49 Shadow Sentinel Unit F
46 Stormvermin Unit F
52 Swarm of Bats Unit F
23 Teclis Legend F
43 Terradon Rider Unit F
17 The Black Guard Unit F
38 Thief of Essence Unit F
2 Thorgrim Grudgebearer Legend F
45 Track the Prey Tactic F
22 Tyrion Legend F
4 Veteran Quarreler Unit F
3 Veteran Slayer Unit F
16 Volkmar the Grim Legend F
32 Warhounds Unit F
48 Warpstone Experiments Tactic F
55 Watchtower Support F
50 Wild Rider Unit F