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Checklist of cards from The Fourth Waystone (Warhammer Invasion)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
98 A Noble Quest Tactic F
95 Barbed Whip Support F
93 Bloodburn Poison Tactic F
83 Bright Wizard Acolyte Unit F
99 Corruption of Purity Tactic F
90 Dis Stuff Burns Gud Tactic F
94 Disciple of Malekith Unit F
84 Douse the Flames Tactic F
81 Duregan Thorgrimson Unit F
96 Eye for Cruelty Tactic F
89 High Mountain Troll Unit F
88 Lion Chariot of Chrace Unit F
100 Mountain Brigands Unit F
82 My Life for the Hold! Tactic F
97 Offering to Hekarti Quest F
85 Scion of the Everqueen Unit F
86 Spearhost of Asuryan Unit F
92 Tainted Well Support F
91 Vicious Marauder Unit F
87 White Tower Aspirant Unit F