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Checklist of cards from Cultist's Storyline (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Cultist's .44 Magnum Equipment F
2 Cultist's Aire of Elation Action Modifier F
3 Cultist's Arms Dealer Ally F
4 Cultist's Assault Rifle Equipment F
5 Cultist's Atonement Action F
6 Cultist's Awe Action Modifier F
7 Cultist's Blood Feast Action F
8 Cultist's Bomb Equipment F
9 Cultist's Combat Shotgun Equipment F
10 Cultist's Creation Rite Action F
11 Cultist's Enchant Kindred Action F
12 Cultist's Enhanced Senses Reaction F
13 Cultist's Entrancement Action F
14 Cultist's Esgrima Master F
22 Cultist's Flamethrower Equipment F
15 Cultist's Guardian Angel Master F
16 Cultist's Mind Rape Action F
17 Cultist's Precognition Reaction F
18 Cultist's Protracted Investment Master F
19 Cultist's Revelations Action F
20 Cultist's Survivalist Ally F
21 Cultist's Tribute to the Master Master F
23 Reverend Adams, Millennium Cultist Vampire F