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Checklist of cards from Collision (BeyBlade TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
71 Adoring Fans Action S
101 Adrenaline Surge Action C
11 All In It Together Action R
72 Awesome Power Action R
67 Back From the Brink Event R
12 Bad Company Action C
13 Bat Attack Action C
1 Batranzer, Swooping Beyblade Blade U
41 Battle Record Action C
14 Blading Team Action X
42 Bounce Back Action U
102 Breaking Free Action R
43 Busting Out Action R
15 Caged Action R
73 Careful Focus Action C
32 Chameleon, Tricky Enemy Character R
103 Cheering You On Action C
104 Chilling Roar Action R
44 Circling the Stadium Action R
105 Clever Tactic Action C
45 Coming Back for More Action S
106 Coming In Fast Action S
46 Controlled Defense Action C
47 Controlled Response Action C
74 Cutting Deep Action R
91 Daryl, Trash Talker Character C
3 Darylanzer, Hydro Beyblade Blade U
107 Defense of the Turtle Action U
16 Determined to Win Action U
108 Digging In Action U
121 Dizzi, Problem Solver Character X
4 Draciel, Max's Beyblade Blade R
5 Dragoon, Tyson's Beyblade Blade S
6 Dranzer, Kai's Beyblade Blade S
7 Driger, Ray's Beyblade Blade R
92 Dunga, Hothead Character U
97 Electric Shock Event U
109 Energy Unleashed Action X
17 Evenly Matched Action U
98 Exhausted Event U
75 Facing Off Action R
68 Faking Sick Event C
93 Figel, Tough Challenger Character S
8 Figelanzer, Swirling Beyblade Blade U
48 Fighting the Tide Action R
76 Fond Memories Action X
110 Force of the Dragon Action U
127 Gathering Information Event C
49 Gathering Steam Action U
111 Going Over the Data Action C
122 Grandpa, Martial Arts Master Character S
9 Guppie, Rookie Beyblade Blade U
77 Helpful Advice Action X
50 High-Speed Chase Action R
69 Hilary's Barbeque Event U
123 Hilary, Tag-Along Character R
18 In Danger Action C
112 Is That All You Got? Action R
61 Joseph, Shadowy Sneak Character R
51 Jump Out of Harm's Way Action C
78 Just Leave Me Alone, Okay? Action C
33 Kai, Focused Fighter Character X
62 Kenny, Resident Genius Character S
19 Kicking Up Dust Action R
37 Kidnapping Event R
79 Knocked Away Action C
113 Knockout Blow Action U
20 Late As Usual Action C
21 Let Him Go Action C
52 Loop Back Around Action C
70 Lunch Event U
128 Making Repairs Event U
34 Mariam, Wild Spirit Character S
63 Max, Team Player Character R
38 Microphone Feedback Event U
53 Might of the Phoenix Action U
64 Mr. Dickenson, Head of the BBA Character X
35 Ms. Kincaid, School Teacher Character C
80 Near Miss Action C
129 New Recruit Event R
22 No Way! Action U
81 Not Getting Along Action C
99 Operation Rock-fall Event R
100 Outclassed Event C
124 Ozuma, Leader of the Saint Shields Character C
65 Patrick, Announcer Character U
23 Picking Up Speed Action U
54 Power of the Tiger Action U
114 Practice Makes Perfect Action X
115 Pumping Iron Action U
82 Pushed to the Edge Action U
55 Race Down the Rail Action R
24 Raspberry Action S
125 Ray, Skilled Athlete Character R
56 Record It for Later Action C
39 Reflect On Your Loss Event C
116 Removing Obstacles Action C
126 Ronnie, Annoying Announcer Character U
10 Sabel Cobra, Magtram Beyblade Blade R
40 Sandwiches Event U
26 Sharp Turn Action R
117 Slammed Into the Wall Action C
27 Slide Out of Danger Action C
95 Snakey, Mean Opponent Character R
83 Solid Game Plan Action C
84 Sprained Ankle Action U
130 Study Your Opponent Event U
85 Surprise Attack Action U
28 Swimming Upstream Action R
118 Take-Charge Strategy Action C
57 Taking Out the Trash Action C
58 Team Spirit Action X
59 Tearing It Up Action U
31 The Bat, Dark Attacker Character U
2 The Chameleon, Invisible Beyblade Blade R
94 The Men in Black, Gideon's Thugs Character X
25 The Roar of the Crowd Action C
86 This Isn't Over Yet, Pal Action R
60 Tied Up Action X
66 Timmy, Young Blader Character C
87 Total Destruction Action C
88 Training Regimen Action U
96 Tyson, Eager Champion Character R
119 Watching from the Trees Action R
120 Well-Rounded Training Action R
89 Whirlwind Defense Action U
36 Wyatt, Young Student Character R
29 You Make the First Move Action X
90 Your Team is Behind You Action R
30 Zigzag Move Action U